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  1. Ok... wiped it all again... did just let the agressive mobs live where I can be sure they were not touched by the race mod... all others (agressives of race mod included like wild cat) were sent to the butcher block... ^^ Sadly no change... getting the exact same log events... always just those 2 IDs... I wonder what they actually are, cause I also can not find them in the creature.db or item.db... so I guess something else is the problem. I am really open for help, as I am not experienced enough to even know what that template ID exactly is, or were it is stored exactly...
  2. Yeah I did really delete all of the races mentioned in the mod... had the mod description open to see exactly which races I had to delete and did of course also delete the races that are not named different in the db, but have a race mod skin for example the horses were like this I think... I did just let the black dragon hatchling live and the trolls and some other stuff... nothing that was touched by the race mod of course ;-) I did also look up another topic on the forums were people had problems getting hell creatures to spawn... for me they spawn slowly now, but might it be something like that? by the way... I might just re-do the db clean-up in case I might have forgot one animal somewhere or something like that... I will report, if it helped ^^
  3. Hello fellow WU enthusiasts, I have the following problem... A while ago I had the creatures mod installed and since its just inofficially patched I thought I might get rid of it rather sooner than later (maybe no one will fix it at some point in the future and then I have tamed animals in the db and its a lot more difficult to get rid of it). Yeah so I deleted the mod and the properties file. I went into my items.db and deleted all the eggs (cause of the creature mod hens and roosters) and I went into the creature.db to delete all the ocelots, horses and roosters and pandas and what not... I thought I got all of them, but suddenly I felt some lag on my server (never had any before) and I looked into the log and found this over and over! [02:04:50 PM] WARNUNG com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: No Creature template with id 2147483647 com.wurmonline.server.creatures.NoSuchCreatureTemplateException: No Creature template with id 2147483647 at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.CreatureTemplateFactory.getTemplate(CreatureTemplateFactory.java:79) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone.spawnCreature(Zone.java:1136) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone.poll(Zone.java:751) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zones.pollNextZones(Zones.java:1812) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:1812) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source) [02:04:50 PM] WARNUNG com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone: No Creature template with id 2147483645 com.wurmonline.server.creatures.NoSuchCreatureTemplateException: No Creature template with id 2147483645 at com.wurmonline.server.creatures.CreatureTemplateFactory.getTemplate(CreatureTemplateFactory.java:79) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone.spawnCreature(Zone.java:1136) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zone.poll(Zone.java:751) at com.wurmonline.server.zones.Zones.pollNextZones(Zones.java:1812) at com.wurmonline.server.Server.run(Server.java:1812) at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source) at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source) Sadly I have problems finding the solution for this... so if anyone could point me into the direction I have to look into... or tell me if I missed something in the db files I would be grateful, as I am really far away from being a java pro and the log does not show me enough info for my small knowledge to find out what to do... thank you.
  4. I did use your version before this one... I appreciate that fast update really much and will put it onto my server as soon as I restart (tomorrow). Were there any numbers changed for the containers? Some bigger/smaller than in the version before? Also what I did experience in the last version... I could add the small fishes to the FSB, but not the catfish... is that behavior wanted? EDIT: Did just see that my BSBs are overflowing with stuff and I can not put something new in them... sooo... I did stop my server and will install the new version of your mod right now. I keep in touch, if there are any bugs at all. Sadly I can not test most ship stuff, cause I just have a rowing boat right now... I am a while away from something bigger, as I play WU with WO skillgain 1:1... so everything needs a while longer for me, than for most other people that play faster skillgain and of cause faster action timer than I do ^^ EDIT2 - Mod Function: So far works great, but I did not test a lot... BSBs and FSBs are accessible again now.
  5. I can also confirm, that BSBs and FSBs are not openable anymore with this mod + WU update. Hangs at "refreshing". I hope for an update soon, if its not oo big of a hassle. Also... can you exclude the "fish and stuff go to FSB" stuff from the "huge containers" stuff, please? As I primarily use that mod for the fish into the FSB and I guess that one is easy to make and maintain anyway?
  6. King's Quest

    Cool... did not know about this in the slightest. Thank You ^^
  7. King's Quest

    Hello, Is it possible or maybe even planned or in production by a modder to have a mod that adds some kind of Quest System? The goals I would like to have achieved by such a system is the distribution of currency and maybe special items (limited number of shaker orbs for example). For example the mod is started on a server and fires a given number x of Quests that are similiar to the deities missions, but have nothing to do with the gods as such, so even players without a deity can take part easily. Those Quests stay open for lets say 2-3 days and after that period new Quests pop up and the old ones are deleted. Quests could be something like. Craft x Toolbelts with at least ql x and deliver it to location x (which could be a NPC?). Or slay wild cats and bring x wild cat pelts.... or craft x long swords and so on and so on. To match every servers setting it might be a good idea to put those variables how much delivered for how much reward into a properties file so it can be easily edited by server admins. I also know that there are many other ways to get currency... but this is another way to do so. I would have liked to see such a feature in WO for ages, but since I did wander off to WU and its moddable... I wonder is it possible, even planned by someone already maybe? Also keep in mind the examples that I gave are just lame and easy examples for easy understanding, the system could end up much more complex, but that is not in my hands, as I cant code java that well ^^
  8. I would pm you, but the info you might be supplying might be also interesting for other people, so here it goes: You did write, there WAS someone working on something similiar. Is there something written about it somewhere? Can you provide a link maybe? Is the person still working on it, or is it abandoned? Poor Webba... I am already using some of your work and enjoy it a lot... I will soon get your carpentry skill multiplier so I can build bigger houses (or in my case a real castle wall) ^^ Don't put any haste into anything... as far as I did see you produce quality and thats much more important than rushed efforts that crash and burn. Thank you for all your work you did put into WU modding and thanks for all the information provided ^^
  9. You dont like the idea... thats really fine... but then step out of this topic, please... and put up your own idea as a request. Thats really just what I am humbly asking for... it would be really polite, as I also dont hijack other peoples "wurm unlimited modding request idea" Thread to field my propaghanda there. It does not matter for me if its different or which is better... I have my idea, you have yours... thats totally fine, but please stop hijacking this to propagate your idea of how it should be. This is not meant as discussion topic about how it should be or anything... its a topic where I asked if its possible for my idea to work someday, and that question was going out to actual java modders and not people that wanna propagate their own oppinion and own ideas, as THIS CAN BE DONE IN THEIR OWN REQUEST THREADS.
  10. Yes, but its not about a taming system... its about what the title says. Sry if that sounds rude, but what I did request or ask for is something different than your idea. Why dont you open up another topic about the taming system, please... as its 2 totally different things. Also saying "An expansion of the taming system would be better IMO and more in line with the idea behind Wurm...everything made by the player" shows that you did not understand anything about what I did write (at least it seems like that). The NPC Soldiers as such WOULD be fully player made as you have to buy or get them somehow and then train and equip them... thats not so much different than having a tamed pet, its just more complex and they resemble human beings. That system can go hand in hand with any animal taming system in my oppinion. And also about "An expansion of the taming system would be better IMO and more in line with the idea behind Wurm"... yes thats your oppinion... thats why its requested as a mod for WURM UNLIMITED exclusive and so anybody could install it OR NOT... you are not pushed to play with it. Sry to be so direct, but sometimes some people from the Wurm community get on my nerves... someone says something and there are those that always hold Wurm back with "But thats not how Wurm should be"... honestly thats the reason I play on an own server in unlimited, because mods open a whole new door. So the conservative people can play their Wurm Online and people that would like more fleshed out systems and a more complex experience can have mods in unlimited.
  11. Is it possible to make it so, that there are NPCs that can be hired and equiped like the tower guards and that they follow you as a group or army and you can attack another group of NPC soldiers with them? It would help quite some with low player numbers in general, if someone could build up a group or army of NPCs that help with sieges (well I doubt they will use the siege weapons? but helping to kill the other NPCs and feel more epic in general ^^). Or make it possible to guard your settlement and stuff like that... like spirit templars, but you have to equip them and such. The mechnism of getting such a NPC soldier could be like... you have to pay food and textiles and such for one of them... to simulate them being born and raised till you get them into your army, then you have to train them and equip them. Training them could play also a role, does a Java Wizard think it would be possible to let those soldiers start with skills in the 20s and then maybe craft scrolls or something to so to say raise those skills of that NPC, scroll is used in the process. Or what would be even cooler... people have to build training equipment (like the training doll for the player, but for the NPC) that they can use to raise their skills ^^ I dont know if anything like that is even remote possible... but how cool would that be? ^^ Personally I would really like to have something like that... so if anyone might be able to do this.... big love... ^^
  12. Hello, One thing bothers me since the beginning of Wurm Unlimited. Not all available animals that COULD spawn on one map do so. For example the whole range of home servers animals (example: Gorillas, Hyenas) dont spawn on my pvp Map without epic stuff. Also creatures that are in the game, but were never meant to spawn under normal circumstances, could be implemented like this... for example the zombies from the Halloween events and such... I would really like them to spawn in my world naturally without my doing. That also includes stuff like epic god sends this and that mobs... would like to have them naturally spawned. Also it would be great to have the uniques respawn set to 2 days or something like that, if someone does know how. Its not that I gank them every day ^^ Its just it takes forever for them to all spawn naturally and I really much prefer natural spawning and not placing them myself, thats too controlled for my taste. So... could it be made so, that all the creatures (or most) available do spawn naturally?
  13. Well it works so far... skill curve is gone, server is still pvp. Problem is that stats gain is still really really slow... I did install the stat gain mod which basically makes it so that you get 10x the amount of stat gain. Important thing is it just works with skill gain settings of 1.0 or greater, NOT 0.9 and lower (there it will make the stat gain even lower than if you didnt change anything). For the moment I am ok with those changes, but I think it will not satisfy me for a long time ^^
  14. So... I did fiddle around with the creature spawn limit and a cap of 30.000 gives me around 17.000 creatures. Also Unicorns did spawn now... still no boars... I think I will not get around trying my luck with java in the future and add all those creatures to the spawn settings of my ruleset.
  15. Thank You for those numbers, those help me a lot ^^ Yes, you are right I have a 4096x4096 map ^^ I will later this evening maybe put down my server and empty the creature database one more time and see how it will spawn my map then... I hope I get some unis and boars and such... Yeah I remember that... I also remember it was sometimes more and sometimes less a constant struggle with those spawn numbers. I can also remember the time when there was nearly no passive creatures in the wilderness and some other stuff that did show up over time. I think for full control I have no choice and delve into the Java numbers some day or wait till those numbers are going into the GUI Server Settings. Still, as I said I will keep you all updated about what I get when I respawn my map ^^