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  1. This looks like the end of BL road to hota on old elevation Did I win anything?
  2. If this is a problem with the OS not using Oracle's Java by default, then google update-alternatives. You will want to choose an alternative with it for javaws (and possibly java).
  3. Disabling VBO fixed the issue for me.
  4. I think I fixed it by disabling VBO (got a hint from the error message). This should be looked at though.
  5. Wurm online. The client stopped working today. Keeps crashing after like 10 seconds ingame. It was just fine yesterday. I think the client version changed so it might be related.
  6. best enchanted items

    saddle, leather 71ql WOA77 - 1s COD to Twinsen
  7. Like a beautiful flower
  8. Shovel, Iron 85.04ql Wind of Ages - 81 0.83s 2/3/2016 Pickaxe, Iron 80.42ql Wind of Ages - 74 0.60s 2/4/2016 COD to Twinsen
  9. Mountain lion pelt, QL97 Enchants c68 Price 25c COD to Twinsen
  10. Hammer, Iron 80.07ql Circle of Cunning - 71 0.54s 11/25/2015 Whetstone, Stone 90.38ql Circle of Cunning - 74 0.50s 2/1/2016 Hatchet, Steel 4.69ql Circle of Cunning - 75 0.62s 2/9/2016 COD to Twinsen
  11. Bump. Skynet has become self aware.
  12. MR >
  13. I came back from the rainy Netherlands to the sunny Poland. That sounds wrong.
  14. Not sure if someone posted this before but it should be looked at. Get devs to catapult a 5 story building with unfinished fences on each floor.
  15. I would like to notice that this is not a notice.
  16. Explain yourself Capi.
  17. Lamps, Signs, etc take ridiculous amounts of effort to be bashed. Please allow them to be stolen, or bashed 100x faster, as with any plantable item. It's silly doing .2dmg per hit to a Lamp, when you can plant 50 per tile. +1 to this. Draining deeds should not be capped at 5x. I feel that people on a PvP server completely understand the risks associated with deed building, and that the only deeds that will ever get close to a 5x are those deeds planted simply to block influence. The only way to remove a deed from existence is to continuously drain it, but that's impossible when someone doesn't care about the silver cost, so gladly dumps in 3s/day to keep a deed alive. 3E isn't a lot of money. Perhaps at 5x, it could auto-disband? Please no auto-disband at 5x. Increase the amount drained instead. Unfinished fences and house walls should not block a Structure from being removed. Upon destruction of a fence, replace it with an "Incomplete" wall, thus needing to be bashed first instead of being rebuilt. Incomplete walls should not block terraforming, though. This already existed on challenge. The incomplete fences disappeared after some time. Don't remember if you could bash them. +1 Incomplete walls on houses should not block a structure's removal. Instead, when all walls are down on a house, minus a handful of 'Unfinished' walls, allow the structure to be removed. Also, house plans, etc, should not block terraforming or fence building either. Fences and floors apart of a house plan should not hold the structure together either. Incomplete walls should act like house plans. I think house plans blocking terraforming is ok. That forces you to remove the whole house to terraform. Insane pits can still be created in excess of 200+ slope via tunneling. Either allow us to surface mine 200+ again, or cap tunnel entrances at max skill as well. Something should be done about strongwall mining. +1 Walls, etc, can be finished through a Mine Door. I think this is a bug. +1 Fences can still be built in excess of 40+ slope on the edges of tunnel entrances. I think this is left over code from when Wurm was 2D, and should be addressed. +1 Twitter is a touchy subject, but I feel it's not neccesary on PvP servers. Every Kingdom has a form of "alert" system associated with it, and I feel it completely removes any edges a raiding party would have on a normally empty local. I would even go to the lengths of suggesting that any form of "log reader" should not be allowed, but that's not really easy to police. I don't like log readers. Twitter should stay IMO. -1 There should be a time limit to teleport to your deed via Recall Home and Karma. The original idea behind them was to allow people to "Recall Home," or in other words, return home, not teleport to a deed being raided. I feel that if you want to get to a deed without any risks associated, you should spend the 5s for a Twig or Stone. I would personally set this limit to 24hrs upon joining a new village. BTW, this is coming from a person with over 80 Meditation and 20k Karma, so I know the effort required for both. This or disallow karma or teleport home when enemies are in local of the deed.
  18. It sure looks like a bone
  19. Pve pmks won't work because of t.erritory like others have pointed out. Also you can't really rely on people self regulating in terms of 'dethroning' without actual pvp elements. Customizable tabards and stuff for villages/alliances is a nice idea however with the current way of adding pmk graphics it would be impossible to manage. Even if the system was changed the number of new textures for things would probably be the source of other problems. Instead maybe add a few preset features (like in character customization) for the coat of arms of village/alliance and replace the freedom coat of arms with it.
  20. Lol that's pretty funny. Inb4 PURE PVE SERVER
  21. It's a spyglass bug
  22. I don't like JK controlling the WL, but there's always gonna be someone controlling the lights, and if it lands in the middle of HOTA I'm pretty sure it's gonna be rome in control of it for some time, thus this suggestion is in your favor only. I really don't think anything constructive is going to come out of this thread and it should be locked.