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  1. This looks like the end of BL road to hota on old elevation Did I win anything?
  2. If this is a problem with the OS not using Oracle's Java by default, then google update-alternatives. You will want to choose an alternative with it for javaws (and possibly java).
  3. Disabling VBO fixed the issue for me.
  4. I think I fixed it by disabling VBO (got a hint from the error message). This should be looked at though.
  5. Wurm online. The client stopped working today. Keeps crashing after like 10 seconds ingame. It was just fine yesterday. I think the client version changed so it might be related.
  6. best enchanted items

    saddle, leather 71ql WOA77 - 1s COD to Twinsen
  7. Like a beautiful flower
  8. Shovel, Iron 85.04ql Wind of Ages - 81 0.83s 2/3/2016 Pickaxe, Iron 80.42ql Wind of Ages - 74 0.60s 2/4/2016 COD to Twinsen
  9. Mountain lion pelt, QL97 Enchants c68 Price 25c COD to Twinsen
  10. Hammer, Iron 80.07ql Circle of Cunning - 71 0.54s 11/25/2015 Whetstone, Stone 90.38ql Circle of Cunning - 74 0.50s 2/1/2016 Hatchet, Steel 4.69ql Circle of Cunning - 75 0.62s 2/9/2016 COD to Twinsen
  11. Bump. Skynet has become self aware.
  12. MR >
  13. I came back from the rainy Netherlands to the sunny Poland. That sounds wrong.
  14. Not sure if someone posted this before but it should be looked at. Get devs to catapult a 5 story building with unfinished fences on each floor.