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    there will be a bridge there chill guys dayum below picture is not to scale. we are doing a 6 span bridge 2 wide bridge. there will be no more length wise terraforing done so there is a 4 space wide deep water for boats to travel through. I will be working on widening it to 2 width and 20 height so the bridge is high enough for ships to travel through without player clipping becoming an issue.
  2. If you have not played in a few months does your skill level reduce over time? (I was told it does)
  3. order filled still have about 13k of each left to sell!
  4. I have 15k corn and 15k potatoes I want to sell. 1s per 1K On Exodus can deliver for free or deliver to boat in exodus for off server. Can do custom orders for other things. currently at 69 farming skill. Pm in game or leave a message here
  5. Looking for a villager or 2 to live in my deed with. New Caprica is on this map in the golden woods http://mashupforge.com/map/exodus/#m=12505&x=-17.72775861&y=83.14453125&z=4 Want someone who wants to play reguarly to join and may want to get into farming/animal husbandry aswell as other things. Currently it is just me and my alt character but in an alliance with a few regular players. I have some land set aside for more farms and some area for more pens to hold animals. I have a guard tower with 4 guards and 1 spirit templar for protection. New caprica is mainly right now a massive farm with some animal pens and a mine underneath the town (has iron, copper and lead currently). Access to tar is on the perimeter, clay on southern coast and an alliance vilalge on southern coast to park boat/s. If you would like to join message me in game or a message on the forum (in game be best).
  6. New Caprica -> x38 y29 replacing terokkar forest