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  1. Farewell

    a) those who didn't like me stating why I quit, weren't able to follow my advice in the first sentence - masochists? Or only people who like to to complain about everything? this is no ragequit - I just lost fun playing and found it tedious to repair and replant and re-enchant, so I was consequent to stop - gaming should stay fun c) this post is mostly directed to ingame friends and the devs and those who might had contact to me and wonder where I went d) I don't like PvP in any form, so playing on epic or on chaos I never even considered I'm glad you feel better now - must have tormented you for more than a year. I've reported all the bugs I found, but more often than not a "Thank you we will be looking into this" was the only consequence. When they charge like a big company, they should handle the game like a big company. They didn't and I'm not supporting it any longer. So which "social consequences" should I have faced in your opinion? Letting run out premium and get killed by the local mobs? Sure sounds fun. But thank you for your wishes, and same to you. Cu Rose, best of dragons. And /waves to Jenks Good luck to your HoA and getting more sl... people who need help - maybe Xanadu will bring in some more of them, you only need to start a new location there.
  2. Farewell

    Another farewell post, those who don't like it, should stop reading. I've left Wurm and my lovely host Schiann at Oak Harbour and just wanted to say goodbye and state my reasons. So Farewell my fellow Wurmians, it was fun most of the time and I found helpful people mostly and helped some myself with word and wares and horses. Schiann, check on the ship transporterwith the knarr from time to time, QL21 damages easily. And this is one of the reasons I'm leaving: decay on payed-for deeds, I was always running around repairing here and there. Another reason is the change in fighting: before I was able to survive a troll attack with QL 65+ equipment (which is not bad in my opinion, 2/3 to max possible) with around 1/2 of my health, now I have to run 1-2 times to heal up. And there are a lot of trolls all around, they seem to breed like rabbits. And the equipment damages way too fast. And one big reason is the bug handling: pumping out new features one after the other might be nice, but if you don't fix long time existing bugs, it turns a bit dull, like "Oh some more bugs incoming". I was still waiting for the LW creation bug to get fixed or the bug with adding tiles to an existing house. And then the ratio: for me as breeder I found it discriminating, I can have trees or fields on every tile, but not animals. And changing enchanted grass to being able to get trampled (and enchanted trees to get hacked down - so why bother with trees? No protection, no harvest, no sprout?) And the farming changes from garantueed to action+luck based harvest, though that was a rather minor point for me. And new features: releasing Xanadu without first finishing some stuff like bridges, rivers, sheep and 3D mining to add there, when the existing servers are loosing more and more people, makes no sense to me. Except for making money on new people. All in all and with the year I bought for my chars just before the massive price increase going to an end I decided that, though Wurm has nice features, I'm not willing to support it any longer. It was the most costly game I've ever played, a game payed per char with no option for more than one char without multiboxing - multiboxing is nice when mining, but the price is too high. 16€ per month and char + deed - I pay less for games with professional bug handling. So Liari has gone to sleep and Boa, Cirrus and Maglia went to friends together with deed and trader. Farewell then, have fun, I'm currently playing Diablo3 and FFXIV - A Realm Reborn. /hugs and /waves to my friends
  3. I was making rivets and had small barrels in inv to store rivets and left over lumps individually. Using crafting menu. 1st small barrel was filled with 100 rivets, 2nd then only took 46... Alectrys said, I should try again after BSBing them, worked with 100 again, smithed more, only 43 fit into small barrel. Only thing that may have been different: first 10kg iron was seperate 1kg lumps, later I combined in either backpack orcrafting menu, not sure.
  4. I'd like the Snakey 80c hatchet COD to Liari please if possible only, else sry no
  5. Greenborough just east of Festival Cove was disbanded by new owner.
  6. Not as much as I hoped for, but I'll sell to RockyBalboa. Grats to you, Rocky
  7. 3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market YOU are looking to settle near the center of the biggest Freedom server Independance? YOU are looking for deeds to serve your versatile needs? YOU want to grow a large herd? YOU want a place to build your ships? YOU want to farm veggies and also reed? YOU need wood for your ships and tools? YOU want to have a source of income to pay for those deeds? YOU want a safe working space? Then I have what you need: Hillside Refuge, Greenborough and Seeview Harbour - all close by close only few riding minutes from Freedom Market right next to Festival Cove. On map: Hillside Refuge: Hillside Refuge has: - a well-treated trader, - a spirit templar, - a mine with different QL iron veins + lead (for mooring anchors) + marble, - lots of fruit and lumber trees, - a manor with forges and oven and beds, lots of space for storage and loom - pens and farm areas (only partly offdeed in legal enclosure connected to deed and so far under Magranon influence for repairs) - an almost finished small stronghold (incl. practice dolls and archery target) - 2 wells (+1 in mine) for your water-supply. - and a Guard Tower close to west border (covering highway). - [edit] silver/gold altars of all 3 Freedom gods Here some pictures of Hillside Refuge: Greenborough: Greenborough has: - more farming/breeding space - House with forge, bed, oven, storage, loom and sightseeing tower - Guard Tower in perimeter covering most of the deed - additional legal enclosure for farming (Mag influence) - oaks and willows Picture: Seaview Harbour Seaview Harbour has: - not much to be honest - some ground raised from the sea - offdeed legal enclosures for reed and ships up to knarr-size - ondeed clay Pictures: The deal would of course include all house-writs and gate-keys, the deeds, several BSBs and FSBs (few things still in there) and a breeding pair of 5-speed horses (if wanted and delivered for free when deal is complete, colour as you like). Starting bid: 60s No reserve No buyout No snipe protection Minimum increments: 1s
  8. If hide is combined to more than 4.5kg / piece (e.g. combining leftovers from failures) it uses 4.5kg hide and 0.2kg lye, instead of 3kg hide and 0.1kg lye. No matter if manually combined or by crafting menu.
  9. Yes, thank you, it's working without house, tested it yesterday and contrary to the info someone gave me before, the statue was safe.
  10. Oh yes, it's on the "roof" of one now, cause that deed has pickup for all enabled (for taming) and I was told that anyone could then pick up the statue.