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  1. me2, pm djuktheballer :>maybe a little reward waiting ^^
  2. Looking for People pm me for further information
  3. well male horses are no problem, female ones are the problem.... if you want male ones though pm me and you will save male horses from being butchered(trade for like "some cotton/some silver ore" etc.)
  4. Incentive to raid

    err faction based so new players get those bonuses aswell ! and then u could even tweak, like smaller factions get more bonus per relic, certanly better then to just give the bonus to deeds with lots of money ...
  5. why should priests not lose their items when pvp'ing ? sound more like ppl who play priest want buffs while with other people o.O Why not make Chest, Pants and Armguards not lootable since they are dfficult to remove from the body, so you wont lose everything, thats how most Ultima Online Roleplay Freeshards do it So you would "just" lose gauntlets, boots, helmet, sword, shield.
  6. Incentive to raid

    why not make certain shrines that give bonuses to the kingdom that controls it? like relics in daoc Like many many(so you cant fortify all of them) and you have to pay like certain amounts of money to "control" it and then of course you can drain it to switch control. then we only need something against all those high FS guys with the ubergear! ^^
  7. meal just decays outside of a frying pan outside of a oven (or just very slowly), just leave it in there and meat + water in a barrel is quite slow decay as well ^^ and it is easier to get more meat than getting salt i suppose
  8. in my little community someone found salt as well in a rock but remember salt ist just a herb replacement it is not tooo important for cooking
  9. 10 planks 10 random herbs -> which kind of quality pelt ? ^^