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  1. The GM recommends the use of password generation and storage software and provides a link. Many of us like myself already use this. We are not told the maximum length the password may be or what characters may be used. The software uses these settings in making passwords. So what are the password parameters?
  2. This is the attack where Nosefirebird and Ampenclave used a catapult to hole our walls and kill about 25 village animals including horses. We drove them off and we continue to endlessly build our defenses. It is very likely that they continue to look for targets in our Kingdom.
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can breed hornet nests then catapult them at our enemies!!!!!!!!
  4. Im stuck at the Freedom docks. I have no boat. I tried to find my way twice witout a compass and just the map and failed. Without transportation from the docks I wont be attending the tournament. I will have to suicide back to the spawn and return to my server.
  5. Why haven't you added me to the list? Am I that poorly skilled? Who did upset (again)?