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  1. I don't like making it. So I want to buy some. 500 mortar is what I'm looking for. 1.5s seems to be the going price but I may flex on that. Pm me or post an offer here. I can pick up anywhere on celeb. Also prefer to stick to Celeb, unless your willing to deliver for free. Thanks (Fulfilled, Closed)
  2. Are you still open? I'd like 500 mortar if you are. Let me know.
  3. OK. I can understand that. But I also agree with others about the excess of abandoned boats and them being left on others deeds. Its takes quite a long time for a 80ql boat to decay and kinda sucks for the person/people who want to use the space. Yes, I know you can use support for removing unwanted boats. But honestly, I have used support 5 times and at times waited 3 hrs. Have never gotten a response. Still, the abandoned boats problem is not mine at the moment, as I don't live near the water right now. Also I have seen a whole lot less forgotten boats on the server I have moved too. I moved to a new server away from Exodus to avoid the house bug. Happy I can plan now without the fear of a "growing" house. Thanks for the concise response Hordern.
  4. Yea Yea. All this. But no explanation on why to remove Salvaging??? Was one of the best things about the game to me. Next.... we wont be able to loot decaying houses....There goes all the treasure hunting. So many changes to the game at once. And I am feeling "not for the better". We now will have to pay more for a uncompleted/slightly broken game. Then they start removing some of the best parts of it. Not to mention the inability to fix bugs. - I left Exodus do to the house bug there, it started about a month ago - If I didnt know better I'd say that they were trying to KILL the game. -Price hike- Bad unfixed bugs- removal of fun game mechanics- WHAT NEXT??? I hope the higher up know that they are starting to drive people away.... Ok, Glad I got that out.
  5. OK. Thanks for that Aetherwalker.
  6. Start deed as in "Tap Dance" for Celeb?
  7. So... I recently sold my settlement form so I could be safe buying a deed I was interested in. It was gonna be my first deed but was bought out from under me. So now I am without a form or a deed.. My first question is: Where is there a public trader to buy a new form on Celeb? Second: I'd like to settle on the open water. I know this is very desirable. Thereby making it more difficult to find. But not impossible. So can anyone suggest a spot in southern Celeb to me. Preferably in a pm so its not grabbed up by someone else. lol ( oh yea. its just for me. so it doesn't need to be big. ) Third: (not as much a question) If at all possible. I would buy a deed from someone else. But I would be looking for the same price, that the one I was interested in was. 15s maybe a bit more. So if anyone has an interesting offer. I'd be into checking it out. Thanks for your time.
  8. Very thankful for your offer Aether. Someone pm-ed me with coc-78 saw. They cod'd it to me. So I'm all good now. Thanks much.
  9. I dont know why I'd need to lower it? People usually have to travel to get one. That would take time they may not want to use. So I'm offering it at default price with free delivery on Celeb and southern Exo. Seems fair to me. I just want the money I so I can afford a deed for sale. I traveled to buy the form. So I've already paid my time for it. But still willing to travel to save someone else their time.
  10. Depends on the cost. I was thinkin 60 or 70.
  11. Want a iron saw with coc cast on it. Pm me your offers please. [Edit] Got one. Thanks for the help everyone.