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  1. Plan for a Plan

    If you want people to play WO instead of WU, then you have to add stuff to WO that's not available to WU. Adding features that will change the code for both communities is a great way to move forward as a general thing, but it's not going to tip the balance of one-off payment versus subscription. WO needs to have things in it that makes it worth paying premium. Now this is a sandbox game by definition - what goes on in the world is player created. Unless the devs and GMs step in and make WO a unique experience that you can't get by playing WU, why wouldn't people continue to go experience the novelty the WU offers with it's ability to be modded - the promise that anything is possible (for better or worse). WO lacks that novelty, and adding new code will just add more to the whole Wurm code, not WO alone. What you have to market WO as, is something that has what you can't get in WU, and right now, all WO has that WU doesn't, is the people still in it, devs and players alike. If you want people to play WO, YOU, the community, has to make it happen, not think it's about code. You have to make people want to come and play in Your Sandbox, because your sandbox experience is better than what they can get in WU. Stop thinking about code and start thinking about participation, people. Wurm is Wurm, Online or Unlimited. If you want people to PAY to play in your portion of the sandbox, you have to offer a superior COMMUNITY experience. Dev and player alike must step up to this challenge and actually BUILD a better world, not just tools to build it WITH.
  2. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/d2V4N
  3. Only one complaint. There's no snow up on this ridge-line, even though your map showed snow at this height. Any chance of an updated map file ? Other than that, totally awesome !! So pleased that getting my Mountain Goat Achievement felt so realistic. Will sort screenshots tomorrow, got some truly epic pics even if my render distance doesn't do the view full justice.
  4. Awesome map ! The huge scale allows for decent terrain, rather than everything feeling cramped in together. Trying to create a landscape that feels immersive on a small map is limited to tiny little islands, or everything feels unrealistic. I love the cliff-side beaches, the dry water-courses and the feel of real erosion at work that this creates. The use of moss, gravel and sand is awesome, as is finding clay in dry-deltas where you might expect to find clay ! I don't find that it being mostly birch is immersion-breaking at this point. It's a nice tree-type; light and airy, and it doesn't blot everything out. If there could only be one tree-type on the map, that would be the one I would go for. I was especially impressed with the dry rapids / waterfalls, and the general cliff-shaping. These immense hills are mostly climbable without difficulty, making exploring on horseback extremely fun, and the sheer distances involved make traveling on horseback meaningful ! Looking forward to exploring further.
  5. If it is indeed that this is how it is supposed to work, would it be unreasonable to desire some further guidelines in the wiki on what to expect ? Both as a player seeking advancement on the path, and as a path leader who may be requested to perform an enlightenment ? After getting an enlightenment on first try before, I didn't feel uncomfortable about seeking a player I didn't know to perform the next advancement, and I had no idea that I would be asking for more than 10-15 minutes of their time allowing for bad rolls.
  6. Marsh still on tiles with all 4 corners at rock.
  7. I've changed to PoL and I am trying to use enlightenment to cut down the wait period for next question. Over a week ago I first used enlightenment to progress from level 4 (req. 15 meditating) to level 5 (req. 15 meditating) having over 30 meditating at the time. I first tried it 3 hours too early and got the appropriate message that I would have to wait to advance. 3 hours+ later, I was enlightened on the first attempt. Yesterday I attempted the next enlightenment, having made sure I was past the 7 days cooldown, though I'm not postive by how many hours. This was for level 6 (req. 20 meditating) my skill is now 34.5. After 50 failed attempts with 1 minute+ cooldown each, we gave up. The only thing I can think of in hindsight was that I typed /invitations after the first enlightenment attempt had been queued. We tried different rugs, a supreme rug, being mounted and being unmounted, anything we could think of. It just wouldn't stop failing. I do not think it is unreasonable to suspect a bug in this. I believe other players have also been having difficulty very recently.
  8. Sleigh-bells ringing out for Christmas. A bridle with bells on to equip on your riding horse. The bells sound when the horse moves.
  9. You mean, like we have subskills for spinning and weaving and sewing and ... oh, no we don't. But I'd still like to see a pair of yarn needles or a yarn hook in game, for a little variety on crafting methods.
  10. Now suggested separately: http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/113428-mannequin-display-doll/
  11. No pumpkin head for this one. Equip as you would a character. For shop displays or suits of armour to decorate your castle.
  12. To go with the new wardrobe, to hold all the new hat models.
  13. +1 to OP Was just about to suggest this myself, thankfully search worked properly this time. My examples are spinning and cloth squares (cotton or wool)
  14. This seems the most fair to all.