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  1. Because destroying a vehicle can try to drop too many items on one tile? Or because vehicles can be stolen by enemies?
  2. Looking through List of Buildings, I have the option to Demolish a building I built. It is purely wogical that I can delete a building I own, without even needing to see it, with 1 click. I don't have that same option on my cart. Why not?
  3. If being premium once is enough to make all your creations immune from deletion, then maybe these items could be 'logged off' with you in some way, after a certain amount of time? It wouldn't declutter the database, but it would declutter the server.
  4. Lol, the few that try to login again after a few weeks to find their never-premiumed free-to-play account has been deleted are confused and upset too. That hasn't stopped free-to-play accounts from being deleted for inactivity.
  5. This is why I asked for suggestions for a mechanic that would work well enough to be introduced to the game.
  6. "Freedom/HotS/JK/MR *name* *number* has been destroyed."
  7. Obviously quality of the vehicle would have a big impact on how much damage would be sustained.
  8. Yes, this is my thinking. If an account has been non-premium for enough time for a never-premiumed account to despawn, maybe vehicles owned by them should take higher decay?
  9. Of course it works. But I don't have Erupt/Freeze meditation ability, and nor do most newbies who create their first carts/boats and then quit the game.
  10. I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest an adaptation or 2nd iteration of the crafting window for enchanting. Add target item to left-space, add statuette to right-space, get list of possible enchants, difficulty to cast, and favor required to cast, with wiki shortcuts to lookup spell usage. Also for adding runes to items. (I've never seen a rune, so I don't know if this already is available in the crafting window.)
  11. Mechanic suggestions welcomed. I can't think of one that is fit for purpose.
  12. Basic premise is to have an NPC to enable for village/alliance/kingdom, that can act as a public record-keeper and manager. Registrar has awareness of all animals, buildings, carts and wagons, gates, minedoors and ships on-deed or owned by citizens of the deed he/she is placed on. Anyone with mayor permissions can (within reason; animals and vehicles being differently classified to static structures) manage any on-deed entity via interacting with this NPC. Off-deed entities such as vehicles, minedoors, gates, and house-structures (for example, bridge buildings) can be voluntarily registered at any Registar under village/alliance/kingdom Starter Towns should always have this NPC. Kingdom towers are automatically recorded as Kingdom property. Please discuss obvious applications, pros and cons, and potential mechanics in more depth, below.
  13. Would allow easy sorting of food buffs by name / duration. HUD icons are hard to search through. There's no obvious intrinsic order.