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  1. Huh? Did I miss some inside joke with the way that PvP map is zoned? This is a joke, right??
  2. I'm not casting a vote either way, as I have no idea what it would actually look like if implemented, and I'm not signing up for a pig in a poke that everyone ends up complaining about not being what they thought it would be. Let me know when this is actually on Test Server and we can go look at how the mechanics would work and what it would mean for us personally, and can officially give feedback on these PROPOSED changes. Why are we voting for or against the live server being randomly changed to a completely different political system, without knowing what that would actually mean for us?
  3. Will Path Leaders be removed from Defiance, as they are now redundant functionality?
  4. 8-damage bruise to the legs. Was trying to see if there was a caved-in tunnel behind an open mine entrance. (There wasn't) Fell/climbed in at the NW corner of a mine entrance with an east-facing exit.
  5. Currently ongoing mission on Melody - 84% at time of writing. Blundered into the traitor whilst searching for a champ brown bear to kill, and the traitor also had the champ trait. Got credit for completing the traitor mission, but also bugged open the 'slay 23 champion brown bears' mission at 1% on the HUD. 2022-08-15 [22:07:49] The aged champion Brown bear (traitor) is dead. R.I.P. 2022-08-18 [21:19:44] You target a mature champion brown bear. [21:20:12] A mature champion brown bear is dead. R.I.P. Finally found a champ brown bear for participation, but I was in a boat and it aggroed another player and was attacked by a third, but according to combat logs I got the kill shot. My mission participation is still at 1% on the HUD. Edited: 21st August [05:01:50] Fos followers now have the attention of the forest spirits. Credited 27 mins SB for participation, and for some reason, 195 karma. So it's mostly a HUD bug.
  6. In response to pvp map dumps. Allow players to found a deed underground with no warnings or privileges aboveground that you are in a deeded area, unless you are same-Kingdom trying to plant a deed. Maybe minehops wouldn't work anymore, templars wouldn't come aboveground, and obviously you'd still need to maintain Kingdom influence, but at least your location wouldn't be advertised by building aboveground token defences.
  7. ROFLMAO; I'm sorry, but have you never been part of any 'public consultation' IRL? That's so cute.
  8. Let's try to stay on topic guys. Leave the general pvp drama for other convos where it's in-context. 1. spawn as 99ql as opposed to 40ql for both LMC and SMC; pros and cons please. 2. disabling or nerfing fast-PLACE on the LMC - smelter has slow-PLACE for comparison; pros and cons please. 3. disabling TAKE on a locked SMC; pros and cons please. Bear in mind these mechanics also apply to new players, and to players who quit the game without changing their permissions settings, and do not just affect the core players raiding the deeds of other core players in mainstream pvp (what little there is of it atm).
  9. He didn't say disable move, he said disable Place if you don't have management perms. Place didn't even EXIST the last time I played Wurm.
  10. Made a set of test beers for discovering recipes on the 16th of December. All completed fermenting. All added to my cookbook. Except Pilsner.
  11. So my proposed alternative was to JUST ASSUME everyone on Defiance is POK on Freedom anyway - could even lock it to that, that using the PvP portal forces you to be POK on Freedom. But to allow people to play on Defiance full-time on whatever Meditation Path of the other 4 they please, without forcing them to play on multiple servers. HOWEVER A better way to do it might be to say you simply can't be the same meditation path on pve as pvp, and you get the passive abilities of your pve path when on Defiance. (And passives from pvp path when on Freedom, if it doesn't unbalance it) That way, primarily-Defiance alt accounts still have some choices of functionality on Freedom. Anyone playing on Defiance isn't forced to play both servers to function as part of the community. And Freedom players don't threaten to quit WO en masse because their PoK bonus got nerfed.