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  1. A bit like switching on sleep bonus, but it should load the diceroll at the cost of increased fatigue. Increases action time length. Use to get a more predictable outcome on important actions. For most-simple example, when mining the last few hits on a tile-column, slow-down to get a flatter tile as the wall breaks.
  2. Could I just point out that if deed development has to be halted because of bugs, the time for the Development Team to address those issues should be factored into consideration when calculating a reasonable time-delay on map dumps. That is, assuming the Devs still want and require us to report exploits we find, as opposed to putting PvP-survival considerations first. No-one's going to be happy if they are still waiting on a ticket to be answered/closed, when enemy are handed your exact deed location and general layout. Or we could all logout/portal in Starter Town until Wurm is guaranteed bug-free.
  3. Maybe it's not about incentivising specific people to 'clear up after themselves', but about having others see it as a fleeting opportunity for themselves to gain from, instead of seeing only loss and destruction. That gives more scope for programming, than trying to force skill-gainers to change their habits of playstyle. You will lose that battle.
  4. Selecting Sacrifice All on any item dropped in an altar, would trigger the same action as selecting Sacrifice on the altar itself. Would be easier than having to be careful not to click anything else 3d, to preserve altar on the quickbar. Especially when spamming tons of low-quality, unimpable small items for creation skillgains. Or when saccing for favor for casting. I'm running out of screen to even see the altar to click on it.
  5. If it were possible to see how the map looked, each month, a year ago, from server-release onward, I'd love that. A this-day-in-history, kinda thing that we can show newbies and query veterans about; really knit the generations together. Personally, I love the whole discovery aspect in the now. You can get truly lost and out-of-date. And you can surprise people with something totally oddball that took months of planning to bring to fruition. Wurm Online is a long-haul sandbox game. There's fast content, and there's slow content. Misinformation and uncertainty. Cunning plans that COULD only ever work, if they have time to be properly carried out. And personally, I don't want to have to scrap my 10-year plan for a second time this year, just for some 'cool pictures' in the name of fast content. PvP isn't dead, it's just beginning.
  6. Have you ever struggled to retain non-fighters when your Kingdom is losing every fight? It's a very different challenge to retaining strong accounts who want to fight everything that moves, from retiring to PvE to grind even higher skills because of the PvE bonuses.
  7. No items transfer from PvE to PvP on Defiance. This isn't Chaos.
  8. As I've never seen a PvP map dump, I don't know precisely what it would compromise to have accurate satellite footage of the entire map, even 30 days out of date. Trying to be fair here, so let's pretend I could actually be a threat to my enemies: If people feared me, I'm sure none of them would want me knowing where their base was. Certainly not its location, size and layout pixel-perfect. What's the point of all the mechanics to keep people at a distance where they can't get a good look at what they're up against, if the Devs supply that information to everyone? A lot of deeds are abandoned soon after they are discovered, because nothing can actually stop an enemy from razing a deed, except the idea that doing so is more boring than destroying every enemy tower on the map just for the sake of something to do. That said, if people actually behaved as they accused each other of behaving, there wouldn't be anyone playing on any PvP server - which a lot of veterans who no longer play the game do claim is true, because compared to the numbers there used to be, there aren't any players on PvP servers. I do know that to build something that would actually be a challenge to veteran PvPers to raid, let alone worthwhile for them to do so, and not just an empty shell, takes a damn sight longer than 30 days with current population, since I was working on a major deed for months and it still wasn't even half complete when it was raided. So if the development team want to limit future PvP by anyone but the dominant Kingdom on a server, to knocking over pathetic sandcastles that can be built and must be abandoned in less than 30 days - bearing in mind that Wurm is VERY SLOW to terraform and develop without being able to buy tons of resources from other players who want to earn silver as their gamestyle - go ahead with PvP map-dumps with a 30 day delay. Guarantees that I'll never be leaving starter island even to build a tower in the next 2-3 years though. Half the point of a large map is how hard it is for enemy to find you. Starter Island will become as crowded as PvE, before there will be enough wannabe-PvPers to guard a construction site on mainland from the dominant-Kingdom. [Edit: Personally, I'd say if you want to do PvP map-dumps, allow us to drop deed tokens underground, and not have it show up above-ground to enemy when they blunder onto deed. ] Not my decision though.
  9. Does the horse have to be tame to eat out of its own saddlebags?
  10. Would an animal feed from a backpack if I wore one? If not, that's not really relevant.
  11. I'm always leading my horse around in caves or over places with no grass, and I never wear a backpack. It would be cool to have an equipable animal feeder that my led animals can help themselves from.
  12. The chat system could generally do with an upgrade and bug-hunt. But I don't feel a major overhaul is necessary for language-support. My Kingdom specifically had a historic need, and still has an (albeit reduced, due to players quitting) current need, for multiple, permanent, in-game group-chat channels, that are not locked to Village-respawn mechanics, in order to support and encourage non-English speakers to feel that they were not being discriminated against or forced into apartheid living. It's very difficult to retain players when they cannot simply relax and talk amongst themselves as a language group, to coordinate their gameplay. I'm merely asking that the Devs look into it, as a 'selling point' for Wurm in the future, that we have the core mechanics available to support players who are not strong English speakers. If it's as simple as having a 3-letter language tag after Alliance and Village, (including ENG for non-English biased Alliances) that creates another chat channel on the same tier, then in my amateur opinion that would be fairly easy to implement without any major code alteration. Bear in mind that these are two are Private Channels. Kingdom, Global and Help are Public channels which require around-the-clock staff moderation oversight. * That said, I think we are long overdue a mechanic that assigns an alt-status to an account, and alters the amount of HUD that is default for such an account. Especially as we now have a written game-rule that assumes all multi-account players have 1, official main-account per player. Basically just greying-out or hiding the name in group chat, setting Chat Options to (hide is default) and incoming PMs to Disallow. Changing any of these settings would cancel Alt Account status, and make the name normal-colours again. Local would be unaffected. Visual AFK indicators could be integrated at the same time. Again not affecting Local. But these are merely same-code-area requests. I don't believe that I'm asking for a particularly major code change, in suggesting language sub-channels as-standard for Wurm.
  13. Team chat is great, but it is temporary. Diversity is great, but it can be challenging to support at times. It would be nice to have more chat-channel options, especially for language-groups split over multiple deeds, without having to schism into Villages & Alliances based on primary language spoken. I think if sub-channel functionality was added, it would end-up being used primarily to separate mains from alts in most Wurm communities.
  14. Seems appropriate to have the ability to give friends/citizens/allies/kingdom permission to view secure contents without the ability to interact with those items, as trade window already does this in a way.
  15. A Column must be started underground and finished aboveground. Graphic mid-section stretches between Cave-layer and Surface-layer. The point of this is to have a very simple, functioning and bug-fixed piece of code that links an interactive, 3D-rendered object over the 2 navigable layers, so that more ambitious structures can be code-extended in future. As a mission structure, a Ritual must be performed both underground and aboveground, at the same time.