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  1. I still would really like a hatstand for my house.
  2. I've personally seen this happen both on Cadence and Defiance. It's most obvious when it happens at Solrise/Solset because the skybox will reset to an earlier Soltime According to previous posts, Xanadu was having a similar issue in 2015-16. This was affecting guard respawn times among other issues, and is therefore a potentially exploitable bug.
  3. Work-overall set, that can take CoC and WoA casts; preferably dyable, zero armour value. Give the players a reason to clothe their alts and young villagers well. Also, standard and fine priest hoods, to give appropriate increase in casting difficulty. (Because it's ridiculous to see people wandering around wearing one armoured glove.)
  4. Definitely pro craftable brass instruments, across the board. I'd collect the whole set, just to display them in my personal space. Being able to use them as functional instruments, would be a bonus.
  5. For Village and Alliance, set by mayor(s). Reward options to include tick(s) in random skill. For Kingdom, set by X Kingdom title. Reward options dependent on Kingdom (Freedom, MR, JK, HotS)
  6. You see a the corpse of aged horse. Who was this horse, and why did it die? Was it male, or female, pregnant? Was it branded, or tamed, or cared for? Was it killed by a spell, a weapon, by wildlife, or disease? Enquiring minds want to know.
  7. My point is that our accounts and our time, is what is valuable. A piece of computer code no-one uses, has no intrinsic value. The Developers 'affinities' are in creating Java and associated code, and graphics. They are bartering this, to us, as an abstract product, to pay their living expenses, pay the overheads of providing this service, and continuing to provide this service on an on-going basis. But what are we here to buy? Let's say, that every Wurmian had everything they wanted in RL. Such people could hand over money for nothing to the development team, simply because being human would be enough to merit a living wage. Like some donate money to charity. The servers wouldn't need to even exist, just an account number one could deposit a gratuity into, in the same way we put money away for our children's college fund. But we don't have everything we want in RL. And we can't just hand out money as if it's water from an untainted well, free to all and constantly refilling itself through no effort on our behalf. So what are we here to buy? I thought long and hard about this before returning to Wurm, after several years of not playing, knowing that Wurm, like every other computer game, wasn't selling what I needed to buy for myself. About what it means to be a Wurmian, and a full-time member of this Player/Developer community for the long haul, instead of short-term gratification. Not just for myself, but for everyone who plays computer games. I know what I'm buying. I'm bartering with the Development Team for the opportunity to be part of this community, that cannot exist without them, or the players they cater to, to everyone's mutual long-term best-interests, as humans, who are capable and motivated to play computer games. That's not a huge segment of humanity as a whole. Also, the people who are motivated to play Wurm specifically, in it's current stage of development, are a very limited demographic. Bearing in mind the number of alts that skew the statistics, that's not even that many individuals. Not more than one person could take into account, all at the same time. We may have a small development team, though admittedly not as small as it was, but we also have a small playerbase, not as big as it could be. And it's not on just the developers, whether this game succeeds or fails in the coming years. It's on us. All of us. What I can suggest on this forum, to the developers, with the active players acting as their conservative guard-dogs, is merely tweaks to help the playerbase to help the game to succeed. We all need to pull our own weight, as a community, for Wurm to succeed. Players who free2play this game are not 'deadwood', no matter what simplistic accounting implies. I do not want the database filled with hundreds of abandoned accounts for reasons that took a simple tweak of the code. There is a healthy level of challenge, and then there's like-it-or-lump-it mechanics that are counter-productive to the community's best-interests in the long-term, as a whole. I'm suggesting that we CONSERVE the Heritage, random starting affinity, but that provision is made to trade affinities between premium accounts, as something to aspire to, once single-account players, by RL money or Wurm silver, have had chance to experience the shape of the game. Affinity doesn't count for much at a low level, but it does for high-level titles. Once someone has settled on an 'addiction' in this game, they SHOULD be able to attempt to negotiate a trade with someone with an equally unfitting affinity. By a mechanic that doesn't break the game for other players. It's a basic principle of good garbage collection, in programming terms. THAT's why the Developers should code it in. Because that's how good computer code should be written. Good garbage collection, and good catch-exceptions. You have to reason why they coded in random affinities in the first place - what they were attempting to achieve - and work with that, not against it. They're coders. And just like authors of books, you can learn to hear their 'voice of authorship' in the sheer wogic of these mechanics. IF, you meditate on it. Or don't you remember their attempt to introduce 'children' to Wurm? Think about it.
  8. If the goal is for the Developers to price themselves out of the market, catering only to the super-rich, then why doesn't someone propose that WO simply say 'pay us a month's-worth of subscription everyday, to play for 5 minutes, and we'll close the servers except for a 5 minute window per day, and release no new updates ever again'. The point of the proposal is to take into account the law of diminishing returns, to the long-term best-interests of both Developers and Playerbase, and suggest a mechanic that might tangibly and significantly contribute to that goal.
  9. I am VERY aware of how many people have multiple alts. I'm more interested in WHY they feel the need to have so many, than the fact that they have them. But that's beside the point. And if the main objection is that players use mechanics and money to build the character they want to play as their main, then why are we allowed to skillgain in anything past 20? Why don't we all stay as free2play characters, because that would stop all these nasty people from 'frankensteining' a character by addictive and obsessive gaming, instead of being satisfied with whatever they were given for free, and on a diceroll. That would be 'fair'. Change is part of life. I would like it to be available to ALL who can afford to premium even a single account, via in-game money or credit card. Not just to those who can afford the sheer time and effort to farm alts until they get what they wanted in the first place. Sometimes it's better to make it easier for people to have their heart's desire, than to extol the virtues of privation.
  10. I'd like a non-tradable, 1-use item I can purchase, and/or redeem as a premium bonus for X number of months paid, from the trader, that would allow me to swap nominated affinities between two premium accounts with that item, of the same Kingdom. I don't want a item that would allow the theft of affinities, or the commercial extraction of affinities from accounts, so that one account could end up with hundreds of affinities, or players specialising in playing middle-man broker of affinities. I would accept that an account has to have at least X months of premium time played, before being able to engage in such a transaction, to prevent affinity-farming equivalent to organ trafficking. Would anyone else like such an item to be available under those or similar conditions?
  11. Plan for a Plan

    If you want people to play WO instead of WU, then you have to add stuff to WO that's not available to WU. Adding features that will change the code for both communities is a great way to move forward as a general thing, but it's not going to tip the balance of one-off payment versus subscription. WO needs to have things in it that makes it worth paying premium. Now this is a sandbox game by definition - what goes on in the world is player created. Unless the devs and GMs step in and make WO a unique experience that you can't get by playing WU, why wouldn't people continue to go experience the novelty the WU offers with it's ability to be modded - the promise that anything is possible (for better or worse). WO lacks that novelty, and adding new code will just add more to the whole Wurm code, not WO alone. What you have to market WO as, is something that has what you can't get in WU, and right now, all WO has that WU doesn't, is the people still in it, devs and players alike. If you want people to play WO, YOU, the community, has to make it happen, not think it's about code. You have to make people want to come and play in Your Sandbox, because your sandbox experience is better than what they can get in WU. Stop thinking about code and start thinking about participation, people. Wurm is Wurm, Online or Unlimited. If you want people to PAY to play in your portion of the sandbox, you have to offer a superior COMMUNITY experience. Dev and player alike must step up to this challenge and actually BUILD a better world, not just tools to build it WITH.
  12. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/d2V4N
  13. Only one complaint. There's no snow up on this ridge-line, even though your map showed snow at this height. Any chance of an updated map file ? Other than that, totally awesome !! So pleased that getting my Mountain Goat Achievement felt so realistic. Will sort screenshots tomorrow, got some truly epic pics even if my render distance doesn't do the view full justice.
  14. Awesome map ! The huge scale allows for decent terrain, rather than everything feeling cramped in together. Trying to create a landscape that feels immersive on a small map is limited to tiny little islands, or everything feels unrealistic. I love the cliff-side beaches, the dry water-courses and the feel of real erosion at work that this creates. The use of moss, gravel and sand is awesome, as is finding clay in dry-deltas where you might expect to find clay ! I don't find that it being mostly birch is immersion-breaking at this point. It's a nice tree-type; light and airy, and it doesn't blot everything out. If there could only be one tree-type on the map, that would be the one I would go for. I was especially impressed with the dry rapids / waterfalls, and the general cliff-shaping. These immense hills are mostly climbable without difficulty, making exploring on horseback extremely fun, and the sheer distances involved make traveling on horseback meaningful ! Looking forward to exploring further.