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  1. I see some good mileage in filter options, though as I'm not a solo-fighter most of the time, but a support unit, I do need to know what happens to players who are not me. Being able to filter combat notifications by Friends and by Team would definitely be extremely useful, for specific situations. And selecting Team-filter when you have no Team formed, could potentially give you notifications only about attacks on you, your mount, pet and led animals. What really would be a real game-changer (and I'm expecting cries of "OP" here, because it would potentially change a lot) would be an option to see health-status in the logs next to the creature - Healthy, Wounded, Bleeding, Dying. Limit to own-Kingdom players/pets if it's truly too OP/spam-heavy without that limit. Another mechanic that would change a LOT, would be if name-colour in local reflected degrees of range from self. If you share a Kingdom, I personally don't think it would be OP. It would be extremely powerful, for example, to be able to see, with a statuette activated, which names are within AoE spell-range. I'm sure that would make it very popular to carry Fo statuettes to Rift events, even if you're a low-skill account and not a Fo priest, to see if you're within range of a name that is casting LoF. Because trying to spot anyone specific at a Freedom Rift Event is almost impossible. But one bit of wogic I really don't understand is, if I can hear an creature's dying scream, why I am not allowed to see, at minimum, an event message saying 'x is dead, RIP.' Not who or what killed it, or is attacking it, or where it is, just the death notification itself. Especially with starvation screams.
  2. Thanks for refreshing my memory. It didn't specifically answer my question, but useful to other readers I'm sure.
  3. Does that mean there's no risk of a foal developing an unwanted trait, as long as the number of traits in the parents exceeds player breeding skill?
  4. Context: Breeding abandoned breeding stock on Defiance. Datamining AH Animal Husbandry 26.590633 after breeding Foals; all colours, all traits; unless otherwise stated, all parents have 5 visible traits. (1x) 2 traits: Fancywind(4t parent). (15x) 3 traits: Nanookwalking, Fleavanilla, Warnorth, Ebendance, Pearleast, Maxrage, Jadechaser, Cloudpanda, Pickebony, Tammyeast (6t parents), Dompie, Hardflash, Hardpick(4t parent), Eckerdream(4t parent), Ebonytess(4t parents). (21x) 4 traits: Greyhard, Edpick, Ironpick, Greydream, Irontear, Nafacloud, Osionafa, Babenorth, Dogchaser, Flashmountain, Fastfabiola(4t parent), Maintainyahya, Kalilhappy, Pearlunity, Honeysage, Dreamkin(6t parents), Copperstrong, Balletosio, Northpearl, Warhappy, Hopcoffee. (12x) 5 traits: Ochobrisk, Rolfecker, Tessrock, Dreambouncer, Pearllightning, Dreamdream, Swiftwalking, Piehappy, Kiahappy, Umbrahop, Tomraid, Raidfast.
  5. I would argue they do have value besides butchering. They eat almost anything. That's particularly useful if you're rush-skilling HFC or Gardening, in that you get something back - pork - as opposed to nothing, with the trash-heap. Yet I like the idea that pigs could feed themselves from tree-tiles. And that they would have intrinsic Foraging skill. No objections to more cooking ingredients. (Can we have roe too?)
  6. I like this idea because, when I was running out of ideas of what to do on my (southern) freedom main, I looked into raising new land and discovered it wasn't really plausible as a player. I would like to see the old servers being used again by old and new players. It seems such a waste to have those servers sitting there dormant and underused.
  7. Correct I'm taking it as a positive sign, that you merely can't see an application for it as yet.
  8. Cause tower guards to move to gather around the speaker.
  9. The amount of times I have too many animals clustered near the fences when trying to replant pens... Why do I need a rope when I should be able to just shoo them off the tile I'm on? P.S. Animals that have fight-fiercely trait should have the option to nip animals that are overcrowding them to disease-risk levels, with the same result of triggering movement. Does not need to cause damage, just trigger movement.
  10. I like the idea of a frying pan for parry, bash and shield. Makes me think twice about annoying our cook!
  11. Throw, for snowballs. Or make double-click action with ranged selected, work, with snowball activated, instead of outputting examine out-of-range error message. Please. Right-click -> Throw, for every snowball, is immersion breaking for a snowball fight.
  12. I still would really like a hatstand for my house.
  13. I've personally seen this happen both on Cadence and Defiance. It's most obvious when it happens at Solrise/Solset because the skybox will reset to an earlier Soltime According to previous posts, Xanadu was having a similar issue in 2015-16. This was affecting guard respawn times among other issues, and is therefore a potentially exploitable bug.
  14. Work-overall set, that can take CoC and WoA casts; preferably dyable, zero armour value. Give the players a reason to clothe their alts and young villagers well. Also, standard and fine priest hoods, to give appropriate increase in casting difficulty. (Because it's ridiculous to see people wandering around wearing one armoured glove.)
  15. Definitely pro craftable brass instruments, across the board. I'd collect the whole set, just to display them in my personal space. Being able to use them as functional instruments, would be a bonus.