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  1. That sounds like the most challenging part of your entire counter-suggestion, @TheTrickster. Darnok has yet to show a talent for that aspect of interaction. I'm not sure it's fair to expect him to succeed.
  2. Depends on your definition of reward. There is plenty of reward in not cutting down a certain tree, or culling a certain foal, regardless of what would be logically justifiable. Besides, have you never just repaired something, JUST because it was there, and you felt like doing it? It's a sandbox. Not everything has to be justified by min-maxing. Sometimes it's worth the time, just to stand still and watch the Solset.
  3. How about adding a line to examine, that tells you when the owner last logged in? Not precisely - within the last fortnight, within the last month, within the last 3/6/9/12 months.
  4. With a rod, dear Henry, a rod. Edit: Song reference: Harry Belafonte - There's a Hole in the Bucket - YouTube Hubris. It's not merely coding skill you lack. ANYONE with ALL the required skills for absolute success, could fix the entire world tomorrow. NONE of us have them all.
  5. More thoughts, (making this up as I go along) based on what I know of Wurm religion now, community mechanics, and what I think I would be willing to sacrifice, if I were in their position - which I am not and likely will never be. A 'demi-god' could be a priest, follower of a Valrei deity, or of 'Jackal'. They are NOT banned from the game - I don't want them gone or bouncing between accounts to avoid a nerf. As a demi-god, they act as a middle-man, boosting, not replacing, the existing deity mechanics/rifts. Those who become their subscribers - avoiding the word follower, as you can only simplistically follow an NPC - enter into a skill/stat-gain relationship with the account that has become a demi-god. Their influence is limited by cluster - you cannot subscribe to a Southern demi-god from Northern, or an Epic demi-god from Chaos, for example. With one exception: accounts owned by the same player can be cross-cluster associated - meaning you can subscribe to your demi-god account with your own alts, boosting both accounts. Any player can subscribe to a cross-server subscriber, but the boost is much less. If your cross-cluster subscriber also becomes a demi-god, you can choose to evolve them into an independent demi-god for that cluster, or form a pantheon. A pantheon gets their own Valrei-like board and their oversized avatars may appear on any cluster except the one on which the demi-god account exists - finding and approaching one of these NPC avatars allows you to subscribe to them directly on your cluster. A pantheon player must set missions for their subscribers, and provide the rewards for completing them. Obviously with some decent administrative tools to facilitate such trades. Okay, that's a bit raw and ready, but it's a start.
  6. To be honest I cannot find any still-existing reference to what demi-gods were before. They weren't relevant to my gameplay back when I first read about them, and my recollection is extremely fuzzy because I didn't understand what the wiki was trying to explain. Thus, if your post has anything to do with that, it would explain why it reads like utter gibberish to me. All I want at this point is to reclaim the "demi-god" phrase for a Wurm mechanic, not how it worked before, however it worked. I agree this OP was more emotional and rushed than usual. Not quite sure what was going through my head other than feeling that I am thoroughly unequal to rising to the challenge facing me/us without community assistance. I'm not sure that what I feel is needed can even BE coded, but I'll try to expand a little on what the thinking behind the suggestion is/was. There are players who are to all intents and purposes, equivalent to demi-gods in Wurm - in the RL mythological meaning of the word. The game mechanics can be used in such a way that IF there were psychopaths and sociopaths in the playerbase, they could become extremely successful. Most people have met psychopaths and sociopaths - the clinical definition, not the horror movie version - IRL, and misunderstood what and why they are. Perfectly normal players can and do use tactics utilised by such individuals IRL, to gain in-game success, but for different reasons than those with these clinical conditions employ them. These tactics tend to trigger players into reacting as if meeting such a personality, which can and does cause a lot of people to quit at least the server, if not the game. These players who have fairly earnt their status as successful, not only risk earning a negative reputation with the community for reasons that are not their fault, but they run out of obvious challenges and are themselves at increased risk of being lost from the community, to the long-term detriment of the entire WO community. Thus, I wish there were a way to raise such individual into an earned elitist class, regardless of whether such earnings are viewed in a positive or negative light by the community. A class which would challenge them to broaden their gameplay, and rise to completely new challenges in the community. And I agree that I shouldn't technically be suggesting anything yet, as I haven't thought of a solution that would work to everyone's mutual benefit. Posting was merely a reaction to feeling that I couldn't work out how this could be done, all on my lonesome.
  7. To be perfectly honest Darnok, though I have never been in your shoes, I've been in a pair none too dissimilar from my personal perspective. There are plenty of things that I see others say that I judge will have zero impact, or will have the opposite effect of what they intend. I doubt you'll take up this offer, as I would not have all those years ago - for various reasons - but you aren't me so I'll make the offer: Feel free to spam my forum inbox with your thoughts and suggestions for as long as you like. Not because I'm in a position to implement your changes, but because I'll listen, try to give you targeted feedback, catch the most obvious errors, and because in private conversation I can say things which I doubt you'll take the wrong way, but which would almost certainly wind-up other readers. Think of it as an opportunity simply to have a beta reader before posting publicly. This does not in any way replace or diminish your right to post in the suggestions forum, the same as everyone else. Nor does it guarantee that your ideas will become popular, even with me. Nor that we will become friends. I am okay with you continuing posting as you have done, or wandering off to another community. But if you want my time and attention, the offer is there. Joining the Wurm community was the best decision I ever made, and it has and continues to dramatically change my life for the better. It has never become any less challenging for me than the first week of play, but the challenge for me has evolved over time as I have evolved. I never knew what I stood to gain before I gained it, but I have zero regrets in investing the countless hours into this game that I have.
  8. It's truly not things that interest me in this game. It's certainly not things that I worry about. If everything I had created/sandboxed/grinded/paid-for was perma-deleted tomorrow, it wouldn't make the slightest impact on whether or not I want-to/can continue to play Wurm. The game-generated records I personally value, are not stored merely in the server database, but also client-side.
  9. Replace with the word "spawn"? In Wurm we spawn and respawn. Even bred mobs truly spawn trait-offspring, not children.
  10. Something needs to be provided, for players (as opposed to accounts) that get too-good at the game to not become a person no-one can challenge anymore in their area of expertise. In a culture of respawn, this HAS to be ascension to some form of semi-deity status, because the natural balance of mortal lifespan and loss of faculty through aging is not in play. This does not have to include any of the previous mechanics, except the concept of ascension to a new level of being. It must require radical adaptation to a different playstyle to address completely new challenges, and be an inevitable, unavoidable outcome of rising too high above the average-player success-rate of any server. Personally I envision this happening as a result of being 'struck by lightning' (not normal lightning) with near-strikes happening as each requirement is met, forewarning of the impending blessing/curse if this trend continues. Edit: For random example, one requirement might be player votes.
  11. Create a WU mod and test if shorter action timers lead to greater player retention. Or alternatively provide multiple player testimony to support your theory, by hosting a standard WU server and inviting players to play it and review it for you, or plain just invite a large number of people to play WO and review it at 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month. Spend a research budget on it if you have to. This wild theorising of yours supported by truly weak evidence that @Oblivionnreavershredded to make a point, would never make it past the accountants at ANY software company.
  12. You prefer items to simply cease to exist through decay? PvP shenanigans is lockpicking EVERYTHING you see offdeed, whether you want it or not, just to look inside. It's a skill I still haven't bothered to level. And yeah, simply picking up a small magical chest on someone else's deed and examining it, and thus becoming the owner of it, is REALLY dumb. Are you 100% certain that someone isn't repairing these for skillgain on a regular basis?
  13. Oh GG. Let's solve everyone's problems at the same time, by getting rid of magic/religion from the game. While we're at it, let's get rid of dragons, uniques, hellhorses, unicorns, trolls, goblins, oversized insects, rifts, Valrei, meditation, alchemy, sorcery, affinities, and also, yeah, just close all PvP servers because everyone there is not worth the time or consideration of the devs, compared to REAL problems. @platinumteefcome home and troll us instead. It's been simply ages since you swore at Enemy-Kingdomers for being nice to you instead of wanting you dead and gone like 'proper' PvPers. No new videos to learn from you how to shotcall decently from, too little too late. No more dying to excellent tactics nobody could hope to defend against. No more logging-in wondering if today is the day we are wiped off the map completely for failing to provide suitable challenge to an OP Kingdom. JK slowly losing it's reputation for total wipes if anyone is spotted in their local, and killing all enemy morale. New players quitting Wurm before they have even heard your name, let alone your rep. Defiance just isn't the same without you.