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  1. In response to pvp map dumps. Allow players to found a deed underground with no warnings or privileges aboveground that you are in a deeded area, unless you are same-Kingdom trying to plant a deed. Maybe minehops wouldn't work anymore, templars wouldn't come aboveground, and obviously you'd still need to maintain Kingdom influence, but at least your location wouldn't be advertised by building aboveground token defences.
  2. ROFLMAO; I'm sorry, but have you never been part of any 'public consultation' IRL? That's so cute.
  3. Let's try to stay on topic guys. Leave the general pvp drama for other convos where it's in-context. 1. spawn as 99ql as opposed to 40ql for both LMC and SMC; pros and cons please. 2. disabling or nerfing fast-PLACE on the LMC - smelter has slow-PLACE for comparison; pros and cons please. 3. disabling TAKE on a locked SMC; pros and cons please. Bear in mind these mechanics also apply to new players, and to players who quit the game without changing their permissions settings, and do not just affect the core players raiding the deeds of other core players in mainstream pvp (what little there is of it atm).
  4. He didn't say disable move, he said disable Place if you don't have management perms. Place didn't even EXIST the last time I played Wurm.
  5. Made a set of test beers for discovering recipes on the 16th of December. All completed fermenting. All added to my cookbook. Except Pilsner.
  6. So my proposed alternative was to JUST ASSUME everyone on Defiance is POK on Freedom anyway - could even lock it to that, that using the PvP portal forces you to be POK on Freedom. But to allow people to play on Defiance full-time on whatever Meditation Path of the other 4 they please, without forcing them to play on multiple servers. HOWEVER A better way to do it might be to say you simply can't be the same meditation path on pve as pvp, and you get the passive abilities of your pve path when on Defiance. (And passives from pvp path when on Freedom, if it doesn't unbalance it) That way, primarily-Defiance alt accounts still have some choices of functionality on Freedom. Anyone playing on Defiance isn't forced to play both servers to function as part of the community. And Freedom players don't threaten to quit WO en masse because their PoK bonus got nerfed.
  7. Yes. Right now, if you want to play Defiance, you are FORCED to play Freedom on PoK, or be unable to PvP. And I'll just about accept that my game is totally ruined by this, as long as I accept that it's my choice to ruin my ability to compete on Defiance, by refusing to touch Freedom Isles with a bargepole. At least I get to be a different meditation path than Knowledge on Defiance, with its truncated path abilities. But if the suggestion by the Devs is that nobody can be anything but PoK... then there's no point in having multiple paths to choose from in the first place. Everyone has to be PoK unless they are an alt-account. And that sucks worse than the illusion of choice to ruin your own game by being a full-time Defiance player, that we have now.
  8. I have an equally radical but ideology-preserving alternative to propose: Vynora as a Kingdom Deity is disabled on Defiance. A fact that skews Valrei as a game-board and regularly tries to destabilise the code for it. So why not make PoK benefits - a totally Vynora-centric ideology path - a passive benefit on Defiance linked to meditation level, and keep the ability to have a separate meditation path on Defiance regardless of Freedom meditation choices, whilst disabling the standard mechanics for PoK itself on Defiance? (To balance the fact that we cannot have PMKs that can make use of Vynora. Or highways. Or merchants. Or any kind of fiscal economy etc. etc. etc..)
  9. So now if I play on Defiance as a combatant, I have to grind meditation to lvl 11, and I have to be PoK. Great. That's just PoI all over again. In fact it's worse as they are to be merged across all Northern servers. If you were proposing to remove all meditation paths from Defiance except PoK and saying that unless you change your meditation path in the next month, you will have to start from Path Level 0 again if you want to play PvP as a main on Northern Cluster, you would be proposing the same thing, except that you are still allowed to have an alt to cast enchanted grass etc. So if your vision is to achieve having every serious player on Northern go PoK, regardless of whether they play pve or pvp, congratulations. You have your solution in massively nerfing choice, to preserve the integrity of each path's unique ideology. 1 main's path, and 4 alt's paths to choose from. Because it's such FUN to grind meditation on alt accounts to perform vital deed development and maintenance tasks. None of which accounts will ever have any use for the 'combat' bonuses of that path. At the very least, code the timer to change meditation path from a month from the first time you next log in on Defiance, whether that be log into game on Defiance, or use the pvp portal. I don't want to lose all possibility of players from Freedom choosing to play here, and established players not wanting to play here again, into the bargain.
  10. And here I thought Wurm Online was about so much more than being a mere non-macroing macroer. Thank you for clarifying that anything other than what a bot would do for maximum mindless efficacy in competing for a top spot on the 3rd-party software leader-board, is an unacceptable gameplay style unworthy of development consideration.
  11. I dunno. I don't write the bots, only read what they report. And as long as it appears in WO Discord written by Wrath of Magranon, any bot can source the same tweet.
  12. Just something that can be tweeted, and therefore announce by doing so, that a server has come back online. Fancy graphics, or any actual npc spawn, totally optional: It never bothered me when the avatars of the gods were old-model humanoids, but it might be a cool art project for someone, to make a unique avatar for every map at some future date. If someone has a trader on their deed, the bot can announce this via twitter and a Discord-alliance will know the server is back up. Why not make something centralised that any bot subscribed to WoM can pick up on?
  13. It would be so nice if 4 non-horse farm animals could be led at the same time on Defiance (and I assume Elevation). Chickens, sheep, pigs, cattle, foals, bison... Could you make the leading restriction code apply only to horses? (And Hellhorses. And mules and donkeys now I guess.) "You would get nowhere if you tried to lead more horses." Taming and leading single creatures for missions is bad enough, without having to abandon your backup horse to do it. At worst, this would mean allowing a combat pet as well as a backup horse, in planned pvp. And while the leading code is being looked into, maybe make the halter rope a bit more special: If you've tamed a non-aggro animal like a seal and led it with a halter-rope, it stays led for taming time-out if you tame another seal. I can live with rat, wild cat and crab missions being a pain, but running around with no backup horse, leading only one pheasant at a time, is a bit soul destroying. But being caught leading only a hen, is really embarrassing. And being able to lead 4 seals whilst steering a boat would be SO COOL.