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  1. What's In A Wurm?

    What is inside a Wurm? Simple. ISSUES.
  2. What To Do When Wurm Is Down

    Question. Why does that video say no more semen...??
  3. Note To Rolf

    My opinion on this might be............................................................................................ Potatoez. L:)
  4. New Deed, Need Settlers!

    What server are you on?
  5. Rare Pinewood Longbow

    Very weird. My friend on Epic says someone stole his 21ql pinewood longbow.
  6. Gum In Need Of Work!

    I'm on independence at the moment, and have 2 days left of premium. I need to make some money, I will do mos jobs if I think it is at a reasonable prices.
  7. Connection Timed Out? (Help Needed)

    I clicked play and once I did that it loaded halfway and said my connection timed out. Any ideas on how to fix this. I kept trying too but it still doesn't work. -Thank You
  8. Client Crash! (Need Help)

    Thank you.
  9. Client Crash! (Need Help)

    I click play on Wurmonline.com and then once it downloads and runs it, it says something about a client mis-match. -Any help would be appreciated.
  10. What do you look like

    Nice teeth up in der homeh. -WHEEEEEEW HotS Chicks I saved that picture of you Khloey. <3
  11. Make Pelts Able To Fit In Altars

    Certainly to my dog. Oh my cat might be interested too.
  12. Network Error: Connection Refused: Connect?

    When I feel like it. Mwuahahahahahaha Swegg
  13. Motivation To Play Wurm More

    Luck. Time. Patience.
  14. My in-game name is FlavoredGum, I have a main account on Independence, but I am on this account most of the time. I'm looking for a settlement within an 1 1/2 hours walking distance from Tapdance. -Sam
  15. Willing To Do Hard Jobs. ( Deli + Indy )

    What server are you on? I'll come and do it.