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  1. We've had to talk to a lot of newcomers about how they've been treated when they come into the game for the first time, and it takes a lot to convince them that it's worth sticking around in. A lot of members in Ashuria are quite jaded because of the horrible "welcome" they recieved. We had a young boy crying because he said he just wanted to play with us, but people kept telling him to leave, decieving him by leading him places where he could be trapped, and then murdered over and over again just because he was with me. It's quite disturbing how many people there are that have been doing this, it's not just a select few. These were real tears this kid was crying because of the actions of those who wish to ruin a good time for others.
  2. Melons.

    I tweeted about it, might have been someone who saw it.
  3. Melons.

    Okay. Melons, that you can plant, grow, and then eat. It helps your hunger not go down. Maybe even fills up your thirst a tiny bit? I made the post to make the suggestion, then people below discuss what it could do, or how it would function mechanic wise. I thought the general idea of what a melon is would be enough to kinda' get the general idea of what I was suggesting.
  4. I agree. It's a stupid way of knowing if a raiding party is on the way. It's not in the game for that reason, it's to see how many people are online right now, not detection of raiding parties which is what it's mostly used for now. +1
  5. Add melons to the game. All kinds of melons, but mostly Watermelon.
  6. Awesome! Can't wait to see some sweet art!! EDIT: What we do on the bethesda forums is have a single thread where everyone submits their art. When it fills up we make a new one linking back to the old, etc. Maybe that could work? Expanding the forums just for fanart seem cluttery doesn't it? Just my opinion.
  7. Desertion Crashed

    I don't know if this is my fault or not. If it is, I apologize. If it isn't ... well... this sucks because I wana' play too!
  8. It's true. I was very inspired *wipes away tear*
  9. That is not CaptainSparklez. I know Jordan and it's not him, he's not playing WURM.
  10. > I don't understand this community, at all. I paid $800 for a character that was very well skilled so I can help my friends who are coming in with building, setting up deeds, all that fun stuff. I asked for help, and only one person came to me to help, and that was Nosfirebird while everyone else was telling me to leave. So I started trusting him, and this happened. Literally right when I log in. The -only- person who knew where I was was him. $800 freaking dollars. Within minutes, killed, on the spot of log-in. I just don't understand how this is allowed? I could understand if it was done in game, but this is beyond messed up. I just.. I can't believe the amount of crap I've had to deal with since I've gotten back. My mind is blown. Completely. I was trying to meet my friend to convert to MR so we could start on our city, so I can lay out the plans.
  11. Can you show me that PM? Nosfirebird has been helping us quite a bit and has been extremely nice.
  12. > We already have the copyright. This is the trailer we shot a week before Minecon for only 12k as a POC. So if you're smelling BS, it's probably your upper lip. We film in November.
  13. I actually work everyday, without a day off, for about 14 hours a day. I'm also in the middle of getting ready for conventions, traveling to Europe, then Canada, then I have to go to Florida, then Georgia to start the shoot of our movie Heart Land. Then I have to move to LA which will lead to even more work. I have to do sponsorships on top of ad rev campaigns. I hardly have any time off other then when I'm traveling and only when I'm in the middle of the moving part. I have to come out with content daily, edit that content, and upload that content within a certain time frame or I don't get paid. If you think it's so easy, I invite you to do one recording with me. You have a few hours after the recording to edit, render, and upload the video or it's completely null. If you're entertaining and engaging enough, you'll instantly grow a huge audience and then you can quit your "normal" job and have an oh so easy job like mine. Give me your skype, and we'll record tomorrow. I wake up at 6am everyday, I record at 8am. Make sure you're ready.