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  1. Yea deleting the creatures is super laggy and only intended as a last ditch thing in case of messed up config, and can take a long time to do depending on the map size and creature count. it checks all creatures and deletes the ones specified in the for loop. Edit: also working on the issue with autoAlerts
  2. Try increasing the poll time its default is 5 seconds.
  3. There is no easy way to do it without modding the way the server sends statistics to steam which may cause unwanted issues with the server(s).
  4. Updated Poll Spawner: Added all Rift Creatures to be able to spawn, these share the item spawn settings for amount spawned. Added Purge Items, and Creatures action to allow for removal of creatures and Items that are spawned with Poll Spawner, activate a Ebony Wand as power 5 and right click it to see the actions. Fixed an issue that was causing the mod to not load if other action manipulation mods were present. Fixed some errors I made in the count checks for Item spawning.
  5. Fixing now, as well as some other issues.
  6. Update: New mod Poll Spawner Poll Spawner This WU server side mod allows the server to randomly spawn items (currently only Rift Items) around the map. They will not spawn on deed, below water, mine entrances, rock, lava, or on slopes > 20. Mostly anything can be configured with it, if i missed a wanted configuration post it here and ill add it to the next version.
  7. I'll take a look at it, I most likely borked something iirc correctly I had this issue on my server, was an issue with the mod searching for starter deeds, which was fixed and I most likely didn't bring the fix over.
  8. September 18 2017: You can now rename creatures that you have tamed by activating a granite wand and right clicking the creature. Fixed Guide The Hunt spell to not show tokened uniques, or uniques on deed. September 19 2017: Worgs can now be Dominated and ridden, you cannot put gear on them yet, but you can breed them. You can now care for any creature with a granite wand "ForeverMore" option when right clicking the creature, this method of caring for has no limit of how many you can care for. September 26 2017: Added new feature to creature right click when granite wand is active, "Tame Creature", this obviously allows you to tame creatures that you were previously unable to. Creatures that can be tamed with the granite wand are, SPIDER, LAVA_SPIDER, ANACONDA, BLUE_WHALE, DEATHCRAWLER_MINION, DOLPHIN, SHARK_HUGE, TOWER_GUARD, SPIRIT_TEMPLAR, GORILLA, OCTOPUS, HYENA, SEA_SERPENT, SEAL, SEAL_CUB, SKELETON, DEMON_SOL, SON_OF_NOGUMP, SPAWN_UTTACHA, BOAR, WORG, WRAITH, ZOMBIE. 'If an above stated creature does not normally spawn on the server, they can be purchased by right clicking a 20s coin, in either male or female sex. Ridden and hitched worgs now go exponentially faster.
  9. If its freezing (frame lag, memory leaking) increase the heap size right click WU in steam > properties > set launch options and paste in -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m depending on how much ram you have, recommend setting 1/4 of your total ram, also post your PC specs. (processor, ram amount, graphics card).
  10. its milliseconds, 1800000 is 30 min in milliseconds.
  11. should be steam@vps455235:~/wu$ ./WurmServerLauncher Start=Creative iirc the "S" in Start is case sensitive.
  12. September 17 2017: Crown of might now has a chance to spawn as treasure loot from map. Snowballs are now a bulk item and can be put into a fsb. The Crown of Might and any future artifact added will no longer drop on the ground at logout.
  13. September 1 2017: Added vehicle claiming system, only works off deed, and if the owner has not logged in for 60 days. September 3 2017: Added Ash spell. Added Sand spell. September 6 2017: You now have a 1/1000 chance to get a Treasure Map when right clicking corpses and clicking Check Corpse. Only corpses with no damage can be checked. If the corpse is of uniques type there is no random roll and you are automatically given a map when checking. Right click the map and click Read Map to search for the treasure. When you are at the location of the treasure a new option will be available on the map to Dig Treasure. Treasure will never be under water or on deed. When treasure is dug up, a small magical chest will appear in your inventory with the treasure inside, destroying the map. September 7 2017: Changed Treasure Map change to 1/100 from 1/1000. Dig Treasure action will now spawn a random unique on the players position. Can be all dragons minus Red, all Drakes, or the goblin leader. They have special names to distinguish them from normal uniques. September 9 2017: Added Crown of Might to the Recharge Item spell.
  14. all good, i can add a robust system too allow for which players you would like to be able to tp to your or your deed, thanks for the suggestion. sorry missed your other question, the Teleporter is a no drop item in your inventory that acts as a portable portal.
  15. Players can only teleport to you or your deed if you have opted in, otherwise they cannot. You have the ability to opt out well, which turns off the ability to port to you or your deed.
  16. Update: August 30 2017: Added sculpting wand to rechargeable items. Use the Recharge Item spell on it to recharge. Fixed an issue that was causing rift resource foliage / rocks to spawn on roads. August 31 2017: Added a new item called a teleporter, this item cannot be crafted and can only be purchased by right clicking a 1g coin. It has charges(100 initially), and uses 10 per use, and is rechargeable with a spell. To allow people to teleport to you or your deed you must first opt yourself or your deed in by right clicking the Teleporter, you can forbid players from teleporting to you or your deed, by right clicking and Opting yourself or your deed out. Only mayors can opt in / out there deed.
  17. yea, needed a easy way for players to get the rift materials other than paying 5g for them, on the plus side they don't spawn on paved tiles, and they do spawn on tree tiles so they should be somewhat hidden unless you are looking for them.
  18. It only counts the rift object on the ground like Rift Tree not the rift wood. And the server is experiencing some network issues atm so it may be difficult to connect if at all till its fixed.
  19. Update: July 29 2017: Fixed timers on sacrifice and pray for Porta Preacher and Pocket Preacher. August 26 2017: Added Rift Crystal spawning, these only spawn in deep water and are called Sea Crystals. They will not spawn on deed. Added Rift Stone, they are called Mysterious Stone, These will spawn on all tiles, minus rock. < 21 slope, and off deed. They do no spawn in water. Added Rift Plant, they are called Mysterious Plant. These will spawn on all tiles, minus rock. < 21 slope, and off deed. They do no spawn in water. There will be MapSizeX / 25 (164 for Calysto) of each type at all times.
  20. Auto-Alerts update: Added system to send alerts when a mayor has not logged in for a specified time, default is 30 days (set the throw alert every 3 hours by default). Also added auto disband feature that will disband the deed when the alert is thrown, disabled by default. (handy for deed pruning). Its suggested to use the new .properties if updating the mod as there are quite few internal changes to the code that reflect the new one. As well as the mod name its self changed (AutoAlert ==> AutoAlerts).
  21. Strange I'm not getting this error when testing it, are you using the latest .properties? If not, make sure to, as there was some changes to it compared to the old one. If you are let me know what mods your running on your server.