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  1. Some creatures do not have there own specific model, the closed cage is just there as a generic model in those cases.
  2. I have added a message to the person loading, if the creature is Venerable, it will display a warning about crossing with said creature.
  3. Moved to Community Assistance : Those are mission items with a randomly generated name depending on the mission. If you sacrifice them when there is a mission active you will gain karma and help progress said mission.
  4. Played G1 for about a week, stopped, then came back @ ~start of epic, think i have been on Wurm every day since.
  5. Discord : PvP server designed for open field combat. Custom spells for construction items so as to make deed building easier. Custom landmark item that must be conquered, similar to a depot. (can only be conquered 1 time per hour). Gives 4 Horseshoes and a saddle 80-100ql (random rarity normal - fantastic) with 80-100woa. Full quiver of 80-100ql maple arrows with 80-100 fb random tome with 1 charge. 10 random fully vesselled gems 80-100ql. HoTA is every 3 hours. Stats are capped at 50. There are no champion players. There are no meditation perks (-enchant grass which all med paths get at level 1). All karma ability's are disabled (Town Portal and such). Money is made from hunting and lots of game-changing items like drake / scale / and other items can be purchased by right clicking coins which can be withdrawn directly by right clicking your body. Hell Horses spawn throughout the map with 5 speeds, these have special names based off the Greek alphabet to distinguish then from there normal counterparts. Locate soul has been removed. Libila is deity.warrior = true; deity.deathProtector = true; deity.itemProtector = true; deity.befriendCreature = true; Fo is deity.warrior = true; deity.deathProtector = true; deity.itemProtector = true; Basically the only difference between these 2 gods is there name. They both have all spells. Most Misc. mods are just the ones normally added by every server host like no priest restrictions and no crop wilting and such. Onward to the map : Map is Old Elevation, The ore distribution has been regenerated to differ from the public version. Spawn points match the old server exactly. Connect to Accolade [PVP] I most likely forgot to add stuff to this post so ill do that as i remember.
  6. Wouldn't be possible, sorry.
  7. For those of us that miss our old stomping grounds, without further ado I present you with the map files for the Old Elevation, the old central pvp map for Wurm Online's Epic Cluster. Some Notes : The mine systems are not included I regenerated those fresh. Any mine door, I converted to rock. Any diagonal roads, I replaced with dirt, there data values were changed at some point in the past so couldn't salvage those. No database data was brought over, just the maps.
  8. Yea its currently broke ATM, will get around to fixing it soon(ish).
  9. "Read random inscription" on one of the 2 altars, it wont have its own slot.
  10. The crown of might included in this mod cannot be used to dominate with.
  11. You can wait till they go out or snuff them when you get the "Clean" option (with a shovel activated) after ~30 min. You will need to do the action, the ash will not be in the furnace. Its forge, oven, kiln, and smelter that you can do this with. When completing the action you may get some firemaking skill. QL is based off your skill and the QL of the furnace (random QL based on both).
  12. Biggest map I have made to date. Probably best to have a decent server to run this beast. If not expect lag, much lag. Comparing with Xanadu superimposed Download
  13. Add Crazy Eights X5, Y23
  14. If you do not want the sleep powders use the command #addmoney <accountname> 0 0 <ammount in silver> reason example: #addmoney Ausimus 0 0 50 Ausimus The above command will give Ausimus 50 silver and 0 sleep powder. 0 50 50 would give 50 sleep powder and 50 silver. 0 50 0 would give 50 sleep powder and 0 silver.
  15. Update: Auto-Alerts, Fixed an issue that was causing errors with village mayor login checks.
  16. They do, rare is +100 supreme +200 fantastic +300. or 1,2,3ql.
  17. If you ever find yourself in a situation without an ebony wand just type "#give 176" in local without quotes. Edit: just saw that you keep giving yourself the wand, guess i should read more than half the post before replying .
  18. Try disabling the deed alert system in the properties and see if that helps, i do believe i screwed that up and haven't had time to fix it.
  19. Turning glsl to disabled from core, in the compatibility tab of the settings will disable the rarity glow.