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  1. Your fine on Desertion, its a home server. You can play on it without premium.
  2. Epic is a cluster of servers, whereas Elevation is a server in the cluster of Epic. You can still play on any of the home servers on the Epic cluster and not have premium, but premium is required to play on Elevation.
  3. Make disintegrate cause damage to reinforcement beams in your own kingdom influence. As there has been multiple threads in regards to reinforcement beams I'm sure ill get some flame, but I'm sure there are people that agree there should be a way of destroying and infinity strong "force field", instead of dropping a deed. Also of not implemented have it use the mining deed permission to lessen the possibility of a griefer alt abusing the feature Suggestion isn't really related to pvp, mostly just grief prevention, and a means of redesigning a reinforced mine that is off deed.
  4. Slow Connection

    If a hosts only option is to block paying customers from accessing there services as a means of defense from a ddos attack, i would take this bit of advice and find a new host that will offer actual protection, instead of a lightswitch attached to an ethernet cable. Thanks for everything you have done so far thou Rolf.
  5. Well until Rolf finds a means of actually mitigating the issue at hand, this will continue to be an issue. It wont magicly disapear.
  6. Concrete on cave floors does not change its looks, just changes the slope of the floor. As far as a drop shaft, it does not change the slope of the floor adjacent to the tile your mining but rather the floor of the tile your about to remove.
  7. Really informative, I love your explanation as to why. On a sidenote, +1. Map is old, and scared. Most of the large mountains are swiss cheese and makes it damn near impossible to make a mine system threw them. Plus HOTA area being 400x400 as well as the battle camps, WhiteLight/BlackLight makes making deeds a difficult task. I would recommend making the map 4096x4096, instead of the current 2048x2048.
  8. posted in the wrong thread, delete plz.
  9. +1 Would add a lot motivation for pvp, which at this time the game lacks.
  10. hmmm, also if i keep GLSL set to core it does not crash, if i disable it, it crashes at startup with the error above.
  11. Had the same issue, was able to resolve it by deleting the config files.
  12. I would say make them minable but stronger then normal rock tiles (1000 hits). As well as not giving shards.
  13. Just dont target the creature that your atacking, if you dont automatically get fight window, it's usally attacking your mount.
  14. +1 would be useful to add exeptions.