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  1. That's a bug, will be fixed on the next server restart. For now, yes secure them to get the movement options.
  2. That is intended / foreseen behavior and over time those will eventually cease to exist.
  3. They will still graze if they have no food in there trough. If there not hitched to a hitching post they act as normal.
  4. Between 1-2 hours from the initial onset of the rollback.
  5. Same as carts, cannot be targeted and killed.
  6. Make sure the account that is trying to do these actions has the permissions to do so on deed, (pickup planted iirc).
  7. I just tested this, and it seems to work fine, make sure the hitching post is not inside a wall, or there is not something blocking your access to it. Also make sure you are the owner of the hitching post. They have permissions.
  8. No, You can use a shovel or rake to convert the tile to dirt.
  9. Yes if there is no food in the trough.
  10. You receive your reward on the cluster of completion, in this case Jackal. You will not receive said reward on another so make sure to complete the Journal entry on the cluster you wish to receive the reward on (Jackal, Freedom or Epic).
  11. The borders were shut down to limit what items could cross over to elevation. This was done to facilitate a "fresh start". For now just use the portal at any starter deed, just note, you can not take anything. Currently there is no scheduled time when the borders will be re-opened.
  12. The white light and the black light is not something stored in the map file, but rather a setting in the database / server launcher, enable Endgame Items under the server settings in the launcher, and make sure you have the server set as home-server, less you want artifacts.
  13. COD #12 (Rare Sickle) to Ausimus.
  14. Server is experiencing some issues, looking into it.
  15. Its been that way on epic for a very long time.
  16. Would have been hilarious if the Willow doppelganger just wizkilled prawn when he did the action instead of the other way around.
  17. Pretty well sure there are no structure limitations on Colossi, think the only things in the game with those are epic portals (sortof) Guard Towers (they will nuke a building) and settlement tokens.
  18. Not quite as much as they used to, E.g. stealing actual bulk items from bsb's leaving a gnome with a single bulk item in its pocket called "Rock Shards (700x)" weighing in at 14,000kg. Or stealing the condenser or boiler from stills.
  19. LOL, yea ill get around to updating that soonish, been neglecting updating my mods for quite some time.
  20. For some reason the Rule Deer has a template ID of 0, which obviously isn't correct (0 is the templateid of inventory). I would recommend checking any mods that create a custom item named "yule reindee´╗┐r", as its template id assignment is incorrect, or non existent, or the mod in general is not working properly.
  21. Throwing any server side errors?
  22. Tile types are not stored in the database, they are stored in the actual, the only way to revert the tile types to fall back to a backup of that file from before you did that, or paint the tiles back in by hand.