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  1. Do admit the game need a resource sink for meat and other resources which this could be used on
  2. They tried this a few times, issue is that a lot of deeds have tons of animals which created massive amounts of noise pollution
  3. Don't forgot that Code Club increased Silver Euro cost by a lot 3+ years ago, and nerfed Traders
  4. Also just about every populated area of wurm has agreeable rules by the locals, since trees, tar, clay, and roads are usually needed by everyone.
  5. I use to live next door to Yaga, he is pretty cool if anyone deeds next to him. So don't understand the fuss if they want to maintain a tight Alliance.
  6. Valoria

    Yeah the server started off well and was one of the most popular for a decent period of time Kinda miss the map though
  7. Personally I never believe the religions were balanced on PVE Cluster even before Playgods as almost no one played Mag and Libila not able to transfer over, which created more grief then just resolving mycelium issue on Freedom;
  8. Believe the issue is that Wurm doesn't have much of a High tier economy, and mainly is dependent on "New Characters". Since traditionally Fine Carp, Shipbuilding and Blacksmithing were the main earners of the early economy. Which generates the hate on buying characters
  9. Personally I would limit the transfer to 70 and make a way for it not to be a One time thing for Freedom to Epic transfers. As a lot of peeps learn their ropes in Freedom, and it wouldn't take away Epic's harder skill ticking past 70
  10. Pretty sure the Devs tested out lakes with water source cubes believe the issue was it takes a lot of system resources since terraforming is happening 24/7 which means water would need to be recalculated 24/7 also
  11. new pc died

    Is your CPU fan running?
  12. Random Enkounters

    Isn't this how Overlord started?
  13. Valoria

    Pretty active server currently with low alt amounts
  14. One of the most annoying things in WO and WU currently is no ability for 2 mayors to directly trade deeds and either forces alts or a 3rd party into this situation Should be a decent Quality of Life fix with no shortcomings "You cannot trade the deed for x since you are already the mayor of y"