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  1. Steam does takes 1/3 of the money and is also promoting the Game
  2. What's the point of being greedy, usually any extra earned money I got I usually wasted on having fun with new players or Friends ingame
  3. Trade Scams

    What the point of this tread?
  4. Can you COD enoofui 1 Chainmail set at 50ql 1 2handed sword at 42ql 1 Butchering knife at 42 ql
  5. Issue is that PVE especially is 99% auto-combat People aren't asking for twitch... They want to have some decisions in a fight...... GUI for combat doesn't look good and make things confusing; Also damage and healing is overly complex, with the wound system, and forcing players to look at their model in a middle of a fight. Which is somewhat fixed if you have a FO Priest or Life stealing weapons.
  6. To be fair just about everyone was a VYN follower since fast leveling is a huge perk
  7. Pretty sure a lot of people think its silly that Traders are only a good investment for 10 Silver of a month+ deeds. Especially since most player deeds are within 1S-4S.
  8. Personally I believe the number one issue for people leaving is current state of PVE; Since combat is to cumbersome and large portion of wurm doesn't even get involved with PVE especially how difficult it is to heal with cotton if you don't have a FO Priest, or Life transfer ;
  9. Pretty sure everyone believe's that Priest's in their current form is broken, as they need more utility abilities to be worth the cost in not being a crafter . Player God's was one huge mistake by Rolf mainly to address the above by random rng; In-general PVE and Unique's do need some attention as few people are attracted to that aspect of the game
  10. RMT has been hurting Wurm for years ...People trapping Dragons for years to make a killing selling their deed. People making small trader 1 X 1 house deeds all over to generate cash. People harassing other traders in chats. Hundreds of Zombie accounts that never die and get resold, which confuse's other people's Deed permission's.
  11. Have you tested Venom, Frostbrand, or Flaming aura . LT is only good if you are already damaged and can hit the target;
  12. Though it always looked funny in wurm since games that usually have good rendering usually use quite a few different models for each tree growth stage usually with speedtree and also smooth down terrain differences so it doesn't look checkerboard.
  13. I do agree that goes to far, the main travel issue is the boats and horses do take Very long time to move within a server and it creates a very Anti Social environment. But if people are very close it generates issues; For example Mining since it only 2 D can end up blocking mining locations for others in a very large area quickly. Plus Hunting becomes a serious issue since deeds block spawning. Plus a dozen other issues.....