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  1. Bumping a good server with good CA, Devs, and Admins.
  2. +1 for this server mod. Arrows are not balanced at all for the server.
  3. Also to reboot the server.
  4. Hi all, I was swapping kingdoms on a pvp server from freedom to JK and I found out that you have to drop your deed before you can swap. No big deal, just drop the tower, drop my deed, waited for timer. And poof my deed and the tower was gone, well done me. The problem came when I got converted and wanted to redeed the same area. The perimeter of my deed refused to swap out of being controlled by freedom isles. With no towers around and no freedom guards left alive I couldn't understand why it was telling me another kingdom was too close, and it was because the game didn't remove the freedom isles focus zone in the perimeter of my deed. Please post here if you have any further questions relating to this problem.
  5. Xanadu Map

    Please add: "Please One Second I'll Be Right There" It's located on grid: M8 Thank you very much.
  6. Oh! They had magic in 1049, I never knew. Man, talk about needing to brush up on your history. I also enjoyed your +1-1=0, nice summary.
  7. I should be thanking you, I used a bunch of info from your 64bit thread for my client.