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  1. My idea is to make it so you will get different looks for furniture and items that are for looks more then usefulness. For instance a bed's quality has no use, and there is no reason to improve it. You get just the same amount of sleep bonus in a 1ql. as a 100 ql. one, and you cant see the difference. What if we give reason to improve these items? The looks would change and the higher the quality the more elaborate it looks.
  2. Best thing I found was a crude axe with rune on it 10% better chance succeeding in improving the item. he he
  3. I have never seen them messages before. You would think the higher your skill the easer it should be to make and improve a item. It seems the opposite, the better my skills get the more I fail. Also I haven't made a rare or better bow in over a year.(since I left chaos). You need to succeed in order to get a chance in getting a rare, but with this fail rate... It should be skill that gets you a rare or better. Not chance. Skillful people always make better items then the lower skilled ones. You don't see a beginner making top of the line products by chance. Wogic!
  4. I can't understand this. It seems that I have too high of failing rate when I improve items. I'm imping bows. I have a 99.98 carpentry, 99.45 bowery. My tools are all over 90 ql. and rare/w high coc cast (90+).Also I have a 86 skill on my carving knife and a 87 skill on my mallet. The bows were 86 to 88 ql. I went one whole stamina bar, and with the coc cast I'm able to do 9 acts, and I failed and damaged all 9 times in a row. Now this is just one example. It seems I have to take 5 steps back to go 6 steps forward. Just saying it don't add up to me.
  5. Bug?

    I don't know what this is. It is not important or don't effect anything. I had my wagon being pulled by two bulls and two bison. my bison were both in the back and the bulls were in front. Now they changed places and there is one of each in front and back.
  6. I would like: trowel (95) mettle brush (97) also a chisel if you can make one.
  7. As you can see when I first examined this new born hell horse it was female. <Name>Quail</Name> <Father>hell horse</Father> <Mother>hell horse</Mother> <Traits> <Trait TraitId="2">It has fleeter movement than normal</Trait> <Trait TraitId="18">It has a certain spark in its eyes</Trait> </Traits> <NotInMoodUntil/> <PregnantUntil>01/01/0001 00:00:00</PregnantUntil> <GroomedOn/> <Gender>female</Gender> <CaredBy>Dropdeadfred</CaredBy> <InspectSkill IsEpic="False">59.2598</InspectSkill> <Age>Adolescent</Age> <CreatureColorId>Unknown</CreatureColorId> <Comments/> <Tags/> <BrandedFor/> <ServerName>Release</ServerName> <SmilexamineLastDate>09/27/2017 11:45:23</SmilexamineLastDate Now when I examine it is a male. Name>Quail</Name> <Father>hell horse</Father> <Mother>hell horse</Mother> <Traits> <Trait TraitId="2">It has fleeter movement than normal</Trait> <Trait TraitId="18">It has a certain spark in its eyes</Trait> </Traits> <NotInMoodUntil/> <PregnantUntil>01/01/0001 00:00:00</PregnantUntil> <GroomedOn/> <Gender>male</Gender> <CaredBy/> <InspectSkill IsEpic="False">60.0922</InspectSkill> <Age>Adolescent</Age> <CreatureColorId>Unknown</CreatureColorId> <Comments/> <Tags/> <BrandedFor/> <ServerName>Release</ServerName> <SmilexamineLastDate>10/13/2017 12:59:30</SmilexamineLastDate
  8. I suggest we be able to rename our tents.
  9. I can now mail long bows. I have a 99 bowery and will make or imp your bows to order. 90 ql. 1s. We can deal for better imps. I have made a 99 ql. bow once and its a lot of work, so I would need a while to do anything like that. Also I have a 94 fine carpentry and can make and or imp anything you need.
  10. I thought you need a higher ql. beehive in order to entice the 2nd queen to move. I guess it is just to move the whole hive. thanks for your help
  11. I have a beehive that has had the noisy tag on it. I have another one next to it with 2 sugars in it. The thing is they have been next to each other for at least 2 weeks. The noisy one is 89 ql. and the other one is 90 ql. Usually it only takes a day or two for the queen to move, but this one just wont move out.
  12. I don't see why we cant store empty ones inside and on the same tile. Beehives are in reality about the size of a barrel. I can see if they are active but if you just want to store empty ones it shouldn't' be such a problem.
  13. I also found that if I change the ownership and then pick it up it resets owner back to me.
  14. I made a bunch of beehives, and imped them to 90+ qi. for selling. 1) I cant drag and drop them from wagon to ship or back. 2) I cant drag to my Personal Merchant for sale. 3) I cant drag into a trading window. 4) No one can pick up one from the ground that I drop.
  15. while building a fence I found that when finishing with the last plank. It wont finish and my stamina keeps dropping. I had to walk away from the fence to get it to finish. This happened every section.
  16. I'm getting very long lag spikes. I'm getting one now as I'm posting this
  17. I had access to this other account and I log him in because he used to have all the writts to the village. I didnt know he was converted to another kingdom and was'nt used for the writt holder anymore. Then someone changed the password and logged him in with the new password. This kicked me off the account and now I cant log in my account. The spy prevention is saying someone was playing from that kingdom from my IP address. I went as far as restarting my PC 2xs now and it still says the same thing. Im in contact with the other account holder and says it has been logged off.
  18. I went to do that and it says if not an emergency to post it..
  19. I logged on and seen that I have water(2.50) in my inventory just floating and no container. If i tried to drink it it says " [10:14:51] You cannot use water while it is banked." I then checked my water skins and found one that looked empty but i could not fill it. I dropped the skin and the water stayed in my inventory. I then re-logged and the water was back in the water skin. I picked the water skin up and the water jumped back out and is floating in my inventory again.
  20. I'm not sure if this is where I'm suppose to post this. I found a small bug. when you imp. a mallet it shows the mallet instead of the tool you are using.