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  1. Is it possible a moment of inspiration? Or do certain actions just do nothing. I was chopping down a bush when the message displayed and sound played and then....nothing.
  2. Please add Rivencleft 4652 -2915
  3. The pizza I was given had roacheroni but satisfied ever need in less than a second. Would recommend.
  4. My deed and none around me had a Spirit Castle to mail. He guided me from halfway across the world on Indi. Got my my 90+ QL tools with 70+ woa and coc for free. He even met me at the door and gave me a full meal and lead me back to FM where I could regain my bearings to get home. Goes above and beyond the call for a great price, give this man your custom.
  5. Building a small commemorative statue on the tile that he was slain on on my deed. May the big bastard RIP in peace.
  6. Thanks everyone for showing up to kill the bastard. Now he's no longer camping me in my house and knocking down walls I panicked a bit when we lured him onto my deed, Twilight Glade, and no one could attack. After being thrown off my horse by the kyklops and furious clicking in village permissions, I got it resolved. This was by far the largest amount of people I've seen in one place on Wurm, about 80 people, and luckily lag was to a minimum. I'm glad to have been a part of this historic event
  7. yep logged into independance, servers are up. edit: awww: [01:52:23] The server is shutting down in 600 seconds. Reason: Maintenance restart. Up to thirty minutes downtime.
  8. starting to see green across the board edit:according to yaga's tool looks green but still getting connection refused
  9. I understand you're frustrated but now the whining is starting to get repetative. No matter what we do, it will get fixed when it get fixed. It shouldn't be an excuse, but if you play this game for any amount of time you'll see these issues pop up. I can only hope they don't need to do a database rollback.
  10. I can definitely understand that sentiment. Lots of other MMOs to compete for precious time and this game while fun; headaches like this are a big negative.