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  1. even after the winter texture improvement i find wurm winter quite bland and painful to the eyes... though i wouldn't mind seeing it expended by a few days since it became more useful through the snow harvesting.
  2. traders had bad habits when placed up in multistorey buildings to warp down to the first floor... not sure if the restriction was due to that bug or if said bug still exist... still a +1 for more freedom... same goes for the underground token (or having a secondary token on the same tile underground)
  3. Bumpity Bump... Get them while they are still standing, open to offers.
  4. Rolf stated when he added the others option that the traders had a dedicated portion of the kingdom funds allocated to them, so logically with that portion and dedicated pool removed, all should go to the others options... unless they were secretely changed as well.
  5. suggested before, with the same picture i believe, still a +1, no idea if the new repair option should be tied to JSmithing or not lore wise.
  6. Trouble is : not a lot of the original creators are still around, so you will either have to had the unique name of each towers on the map... or replace the existing ones by new ones with the map coordinates... hoping the ingame map doesn't change or the player made use the same coordinates, no matter whoever will take over it. That's the idea of the big red 'map square sized' dot, the ingame map is inaccurate on old servers with all the terrain alteration. But giving fresh players a way to locate themselves more or less on it with the existing landmarks like lakes / mountains and said dot would do a lot. In the event of the steam release, it might be a hard sell for new players to be forced to go on the forum to look at maps too. Towers will be created quite fast, since it's one of the first (free) things you can do to get some protection... just like it happened on jackal for those who want to remember a fresh map release.
  7. I suggested a few times the option to ask the tower guards "where am I?" and get a big red dot on the ingame map. It would be helpful while not breaking the immersion (too much).
  8. bumpity bump - traders contract now ONLY cost 35s - settlements are around 3 to 5s to set up... Get your own for 1/5 of the price! (that's the 8s announced in the OP!) Still a few to choose from!
  9. Lil update here, with me dropping down midgard, I will take over Ago's Legacy and the stadium personally. Echoing Nightmare / Harmony Pass (and it's helper memorial) / Sleepless Nights -- Echo to Nightmare canal are running short on upkeep. Port Bonaventure have a new owner, thanks to@Oluffusfor buying it and keeping the landmark alive.
  10. still alive, still selling for silvers!
  11. bumpity bump... totally not riding the last of the RMT wave!
  12. not anymore. still plenty of land to grab... specially the Center for Dissease Creation. Please don't let that one disband! Updated the OP with a more accurate map of the available deeds (and their names)
  13. oh boy, it now fit in one pannel!!! still selling it though!
  14. well, one might want a yellow statue to give a orange glow... so obvious +1 just need to find a way to tie with the current dye mechanisms and spells or tools at our disposal.
  15. aye, but the upkeep won't last, 20 days left on them more or less.
  16. Bumpity Bump... days are ticking, some easy to develop deeds with plenty of land around to grab with a 20% discount on your future upkeep!
  17. Yish... please do that so that noob stop trying to destroy my gift with his unique sense of missclicking!
  18. Little red is now sold to Deth. Dragdim keep pending for @Theonis
  19. this is how lamps/torches/lightsources work. I guess the light runes just went with the flow. Having the option for a light color and a dye one on the object would be great.
  20. Deed was planned to be an underground harbour and memorial to all those who came and are now gone from Wurm... Latest project that was utterly killed by the changes.
  21. doable - comes with a deed holder too
  22. @Jaz is now the proud owner of : Chateau des lacs
  23. Big red squares marks the spots. More or less built, but feel free to scrap everything down to start a brand new deed with the 20% reduction to come. 8s each - Less than a settlement contract and even less than a trader one! Open to offers Offer will stand till all the deeds are sold and/or disband. Traders cannot be moved : as per the official infos bellow -
  24. GL bloods were already sold, sent the green dragon blood to you. supreme chain is gone... everything else is up for grab.