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  1. rare bone bid accepted, will be mailed as soon as i'm back in game.
  2. Server downtime bump!
  3. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Sniper protection : 1 hour Timer: Nota : As usual, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group.
  4. What if i tell you the road will be underground?! Unless the crazy man have changed the plans again...
  5. suggested somewhere else a few time already... obvious +1 from me as well.
  6. Welp, max cast power is 99... so here goes the top options. I do like the idea of being able to remove some of an ore vein amount... not in such a drastic % or completely though. Was pondering making the suggestion and i stumbled on that one. I wouldn't change the way it's working on cave walls... no need to be more tedious. I'd go for more stable reinforcement remove since it's already possible on freedom but utterly random... and I wouldn't change a thing on the PvP servers. As for the whole 'nope, reinforced walls shouldn't be possible to remove on freedom without a deed'... well, the enclosure rule is long gone... so why something like that allowing undeeded permanent enclosure would remain.
  7. One error on the map colors. Harmony pass is mainly a cave canal connecting echo to nightmare lake, there is a walkway on the east part. The colors need to be inverted. It also seems that the info layer is off compared to the map... roads and deeds spots are not matching.
  8. Not a bad idea. Might want to increase a bit the amount (0.01 means killing 600 of them for a scale set...) depending on the frequency of them. A generic blood for them would also be a good idea. 'Strange blood' + source salt > Alchemic base. Alchemic base + <insert ingredients> --> different potions (including the ones we have currently no access to)
  9. Bunch of uniques left roaming on large servers. Trouble being they are LARGE servers and the roaming crews rather come to the smaller servers despite having active hunting groups to 'steal' the uniques. Hence my suggestion of having said uniques relocate themselves after a while in a hopefully more active spot. The whole tracking idea also makes sense to find them too. And no Jake, telling everyone to leave the game is not the option. Many of us already own WU but still play WO with our friends and the community WE enjoy. Having someone decide all uniques, land, ressources belong to him and his group is wrong and would never go well in a real sandbox (you know, the kiddy playgrounds with ... sand and authority figures keeping things in check). Chasing people away, bullying them on the forum, harrasing them in game will only get you so far. Uniques are a cesspool right now, they are not fun, they bring drama, tension and troubles. The whole you should organise yourself better is not the mentality of the freedom isles, it is not players versus players, it is not a matter of going to a server despite the people looking for the uniques themselves and reap the rewards leaving them nothing. Help them hunt the critter, slay it with them and share an enjoyable time... unless the only goal is to keep all the rewards to yourself which get us to the last point... the real money value and greed of some players.
  10. Or maybe remove uniques altogether since it will always boil to the same issue, some people can't understand that in a sandbox everyone should have a decent chance at things... which doesn't means go steal uniques on another server because <X random crew from a now gone kingdom> stole yours.
  11. Remove twitter broadcast would be a start, increasing the spawn frequency as well would help. And relocating them after <insert amounts of days> would fix the impossible to find ones on large servers.
  12. Asked so many times it should have been done already. +1
  13. Or just keep the ones that are missions target being impossible to deed over... Ain't like there are that many on a server. I understand that you want to prevent abuses and inconveniences but destroying hours of works done on those epic buildings for missions is silly.
  14. depends what you are trying to buy, some items are silver only.