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  1. From the code point of view, cared for animals are immortal regarding to age... bugs, disease, miscarriage, axe falling from the sky are still possible cause of death. The trouble being that weird bugs still happens to them and you can still find your favorite pet dead on a pile of food, for no reasons. Not sure if ressurecting them is an option regarding to the code / abilities of the servers & engine. But GMs (or maybe arch+ only) are already able to summon creature for our enjoyment during events... It's just one step closer to have the rules changed and allow them to replace a pet dead to a bug.
  2. fatigue is hard to get through normal gameplay... but someone of us including myself are not normal and can pull crazy focused grind for a day or two... and that's enough to hit the fatigue cap... and yes, the trouble is that once you hit the fatigue cap, you can't do a thing and NOTHING can be done to help you. GMs can check if we are macroing like crazy... but cannot reset the fatigue timer, making that thing useless as a mean of catching / preventing macroers and only stop the real players from achieving what they want (which is one of the many options WO offers afterall). The only real use i can see of fatigue is the conversion of it to sleep bonus through the vynora wisdom spell. Something that can easilly be changed to a 30 minutes cooldown on the character and a complete removal of the outdated and annoying fatigue system. Normal players won't see a change, macroers probably already switch accounts and the rest of us trully dedicated players will finally be able to play in peace without a half broken system in the way.
  3. Name: Everyone: Adventure of Fo Creator: System Started: 07/12/17 02:54 Progress: 7.521739% Expires: 14/12/17 02:54 Difficulty: 7 / 7 Description: Fo commands you to create 46 small catapults. Rewards: 20m sleep bonus for each participant upon completion of this mission as well as 5 karma per item with 210m extra sleep bonus split between participants upon completion (30m max each) Name: Everyone: Magranon's dangerous horror Creator: System Started: 07/12/17 17:17 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 14/12/17 17:17 Difficulty: 5 / 7 Description: Magranon urges you to construct a spirit gate. This must be constructed on a 5x5 slabbed area, not inside a settlement, and on a flat surface. It must be built higher up than 100 steps. This must be built in the northwest. Rewards: 250 karma the person who completes this mission as well as 1250 karma split between nearby players with 300m extra sleep bonus split between nearby players upon completion (30m max each) And yes, Deliverance.
  4. As of today 12/12/2017 we have two missions that should have dissapeared hours (days at this point) ago. Name: Everyone: Magranon's dangerous horror Started: 07/12/17 17:17 Progress: 1.0% Expires: 14/12/17 17:17 Difficulty: 5 / 7 Name: Everyone: Adventure of Fo Started: 07/12/17 02:54 Progress: 7.521739% Expires: 14/12/17 02:54 Difficulty: 7 / 7 They are still bellow the 33% mark and are way past the 3 days and 12 hours expiration date for unfinished missions bellow 33%.
  5. +1 yes please!
  6. The newly added signs to the canal with GM Aion doing GMs things (not too spooky normally). A bit of history, the canal was protected for quite a long time by the Insanity Hills Deliverance Outpost, Ago and Spellcast used to live here and it was the Deliverance end of the boat bridge to Independence. When the deed disbanded last July, the canal lost its protection, lighting and one of the last sloped house on the server, the "Insane Dragon Inn". Archaeology reveals some snippets of this time : You can see signs of a single abandoned settlement here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, the settlement must have been called Insanity Hills Deliverance Outpost. You find a scrap of washed out parchment signed by the last mayor, Spellcast. It looks to have been abandoned roughly 53 months ago. You make a rough estimate that the settlement was inhabited for about 73 months. As a remembrance of that past and the work Ago put on the canal, I'm proud to present you the deed Ago's Legacy and the new Insane Dragon Inn marking the north entrance of the canal : The canal itself is named Insanity Hill Canal to keep the history alive, the GM signs display it as such : The "Insanity Hill Canal - Heritage site - Do not alter without consent of Wurm GM Team." has been firmly secured to the ground by Aion. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Logi'. This is a fantastic example of the item, with fascinating design details and perfect ideas for functionality. My thanks goes to the GM team for reviewing the heritage status (with a special mention to Enki who took the ticket and Aion who brought the good news) and the friends who helped on the canal : Velvetsun, Delightfuldee, MrCoolman, Rasu, Darmalus.
  7. And from your post on the second thread, you do not want those who won those affinities to use them on freedom... Sorry, but that's not how it works... any PvP incentive never brought new players to do PvP, the only things those do is let a large member of the community feeling left out. Freedom want to have access to the full game without being coerced into something they do not want to. The whole PvP argument of 'you should do it to gain access to it' is only dividing this community even more when we can coexist with each others. If you want people to play with you, you need to stop making them feel like second class citizens / members / premium players. Different mechanisms, different servers, different playstyle but the same content. Please.
  8. affinites used to be one of the many failed incentive to PvP. McLovin suggestion is to prevent the alt farming and make them an incentive to PvP again, this suggestion is an alternative for people who do not want to play any part in PvP, both goes hand in hand. If the alt farming is stopped and McLovin suggestion to prevent it and virtually cut the ties with the freedom accounts works, freedomers no longer have an option to change a bad affinity or gain/buy new ones, if this suggestion goes on alone, the same alt farming would happen on chaos if nothing is done to prevent it. Both suggestions are a first step in the good direction to have both freedom and PvP playstyle respected. If you want to stab people for fun, it's fine, it should be also fine to do the opposite and have access to the full game through different mechanisms.
  9. the fact people abuses a system to get the affinity they want is even more convenient, the point is to avoid abuses and through a decent difficulty make the system viable and no, the idea is to gain more affinities (and specially the ones you want) over time, right now the options are : to die on chaos and have a new affinity roll if you don't like yours, farm alts (which is abusing a mechanism), play by the 'rules' and kill others players on chaos (normal PVP, one affinity stolen from the defeated opponent, purely RNG)... or creating a new one, which is the purpose of that thread.
  10. well, the idea came from mclovin during an internal discussion, where we were talking about the mentality difference between PvE only freedom, Chaos affinities PvP incentive and the fact both side (and cluster if we take epic in account) need a way to get them / access the whole gameplay... by playing as we want... which is why it's a sandbox. Most of the points raised in that topic got raised during our discussion, those who know me probably know that i defend a freedom pve gameplay where you do not have to be forced into pvp. incentive might sounds great on the paper, but they never worked and are just bad for the game balance. What we are currently facing is an abused system for good or bad reasons and McLovin is right on that. Abuses on the long run will always be bad... even if we keep them to level the playfield... or because others abused them before ... or whatever. Now, if we prevent freedomers from jumping to chaos for a minutes to get an affinity of an alt... we are screwing a part of our community and this is not good as well. Not only they have to do something they are not interested in (affinity transfer do not work on freedom) but they are also taking an unnecessary risk that only shed another dark shadow on the whole pvp scene. Both suggestions goes hand in hand, remove the alt farming, allow the grind to develop affinities as you play and make the real affinity gained through pvp a reward and not just another abuse that allows a few to be stronger than others through shady tactics.
  11. hehe, well, that was a good idea, even if you defended the pvp side of it
  12. i see your point and as such +1 on that one.
  13. After a quite long internal discussion on how pvp and pve are differents and how pve could/should have a way to gain their affinities without farming them on chaos... a suggestion was proposed : Gaining affinities for the actions you do over time would be a nice alternative for pure freedomers who are not interested in PvP and a nice reward for the grinds and those unsuccessful rare rolls (like we can get rare bones while digging). and the related pvp side of the discussion :
  14. valrei mission items sacced along side other items doesn't count toward the mission goal
  15. Sorry mate, but it's already allowed by the rules.