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  1. sounds similar indeed, rat was wrecking the cave bug, but no damages on the rat (thought it might have to do with the taming fs debuff) but might be the same kind of issue.
  2. So i made that nice underground pen for my champ aggroes. After moving the first two in I heard some fighting and arrived to save the cave bug that was next to the large rat pen. Both were trying to kill each others through the wall. Had no issues with the same type of pen on the surface. (Critters are now separated with an empty pen, not really efficient space wise)
  3. Was unable to put back freshly repaired horse shoes on a tamed horse with full permissions. Removed the saddle with a saddle sack and was able to place them back in without issues. Cannot reproduce the bug right now though on the same horse / same saddle-saddle sack combo.
  4. dragons can mine their way through, that is not a bug but a feature... the whole broken mine entrance though... that's a nasty one.
  5. obvious +1 for the above and the linked thread
  6. yah, i asked him not to cut trees, next to my deeds, he cut them, then plant deeds next to mine... and cut everything we replanted down again TWICE... please review the situation before saying anything. I would have give him the benefit of the doubt IF he tried to smooth things over... not only he refused to do so and avoided to answer the situation properly many times... but he smeared some shitty drama all over the forum and in his own alliance... being persuaded that i would screw him over ... which is NOT me NOR my intentions. The fact we had issues with Quasiwud allies right after on our hunt doesn't even bode well for him on that front. IF he can't trust me and as you said, i'm the organizer and IF he has no faith in the current system... WHY is he still interesting to join?! For that matter the group is now over 40 active members with potentially 10 more... we are now facing mostly administrative matters than anything else. At this point I no longuer give a damn. Theonis dug is own grave with that mess. Adding him back was being discussed... he screwed it up. We have added twice the amount of people since that thread went up (and we will probably have to refuse further addition for now on)... and yes, I will get on with Wurming, but don't take my overall kindness for weakness, I will not let people backstab me everytime they can. We have rules, we have GMs to enforce them when they apply to the game ones and we have rules within the hunting team... the management (which is not only me btw) will enforce those. On that point, I believe that thread as run its course and should probably be locked or even completely removed from existence like all those drama and BS smearing ones we curently have no the Deli subforum.
  7. From that chat log, you are kinda the one threatening the other... Once upon a time we had a freedom rule of conduct... not black and white rules but guidelines, like talk to people in your local, don't settle right next to them, don't be a jerk.... yadda yadda yadda... you got the drill. Yaga and his alliance have deeds all over the place, they built the infrastructures, all those roads, bridges, tunnels you see around and as such can be worried about anyone new coming to mess things up... which kinda go back to the first point. Being friendly is one thing, accepting all sort of ###### is not. Yaga's wording might have been bad, but you immediatly jumped the gun and went to the forum to spill more drama like oil on the fire. Treating volunteers who spend a lot of time to take care of abusive players is incredibly rude and disrespectful as well... Because yes, those guys, all of them, who keep the game working and answers all your newbie questions are not paid... and with the amount of ###### people like you are pulling, we are only loosing more and more of the good ones... and in all honestly you can quite easilly understand that the staff (and a lot of others players) are tired of that crap. And you know what that does... just push all that 'elitism' crap you are mentionning in your first post. At this point we have more newbie centers than actual new players in the game. We have more distrust toward new players than will to help them because of the incoming drama that usually follow. And tbh, nothing in that chat log or further explanation says you are being 'evicted' ... but heck, if you don't like the local mob boss, you can always settle somewhere else.
  8. All the buildings were gone when we placed the deed. Decayed happened quite fast on them since the owner(s) have been offline for such a long time. Everything have been replaced as soon as they completely decayed... and with the last ones gone, deeding and expanding was then possible. So basicly, Pragmatist returned to a deed that had the name of his previous one, the buildings of his previous one, but none of the access and perms of his previous one. Slight confusion time, surprise time for all of us and the return of both the landmark and the creator.
  9. Next step to archaeology, rebuild a whole town.
  10. If something is done from the safety of a war deed, or any highly protected areas, the policing will be hard. Clear rules will be a step in the right direction... hardcoded solutions, probably not seeing how the code usually 'works'. While i'm hyped for the freedom side, i'm waiting for more (and clear details) on the pvp side. Because the system was abused by a few doesn't means it's bad, rendering it useless instead of having clear rules (and the possibility to let the players enforce them themselves could be an option). But please, lets have the full details before it goes live and is exploited or nerfing badly any side of the game.
  11. aye, your seals and bears playing nicely in your video was great (no artic fox though, booooo!), lets just hope the devs will be inspired by it and add seasonal creatures... i know for sure someone would love mammoth in game. WU creativity never cease to amaze me and i hope to see more of your works (all of you) in the screenshot thread and hope the devs see what we are missing on our dear WO. Keep up the good work!
  12. Seen the video earlier and I must say one thing, I really do want those guys in WO. Great work as always @Malena those frozen landscape of yours looks way better than our winters.
  13. As you can see the first line is about your loyalties, you basicly tried to hide and change the subjects and ... yay... we had one of those MR members supporters of Quasiwud on our last hunt... suspicious, yes, highly. And you didn't see the side of our discord chat... not like it will matter now anyway. The exchange from your side of the group was bad, terribly bad and full of threats and insults. I might be the figure head but when everyone is pissed off about the behavior of some, something has to be changed... in those case, we have to try new things... yes the first one didn't worked well because of prices settings, now the system works smoothly. And if the server is rallying behind me, i'm probably doing something right. McM was living on one my deeds, gallifrey, quasiwud put a deed right next to ethernal spring and cut my trees to plant his oaks. And from that moment when he refused to see reason, I let the GMs handle the case, I have a lengthy ongoing PM with Enki since last may... he might or might not want to butt in... but i doubt he will. Wrong. Alliance group is only a fraction of the hunt team. Wrong again, I let the GMs be the middle man and try to find a common ground to make everyone happy... Creating a special rule for quasiwud allowing him to have protected forest out of his deed.... making the whole rule of deed it or loose it useless. And this is why Quasiwud call them his empire and keep saying he has 30g to do whatever he wants with the area. If your drunken mafia guys are fine with it... good for them... not for the rest of us. I often see Quasiwud logging in their toons for management purpose... you might be 50 but one is pulling the strings here. Agreed the timing was bad, but it was the only time where all the deeds in the way were gone. So yes, the canal had to be made at that time and we took lengthy ways to make sure it doesn't impact Quasi deed... which he then expanded. So not only we build it as far as we could from his deed in FREE lands but we also made it sure it wouldn't screw him in anyway... far from what he did to the rest of us... nor the insults and various accusations in local. 400+ slope rift in the middle of the land is not exactly looking great... nor the argument of a scenic view to sail around. When you are deep in a hole, you see ######... and you just prevent normal circulation around. You should probably since you are poorly referencing them. If you want to stay neutral, being in the same group and supporting griefing actions is not going well for your neutrality. Deed is still standing, so much for temporary, specially seeing Quasiwud call it an orange grove and your new deed entrance, i doubt it will be gone any day. Yes, your whole involvement in this might get me a bias toward you, hence why I was not going to be the only one to statute on your return in the team... which once again you have blown away. The deed is just here to grief, if you wanted to be as neutral as you have said, you would have took over or asked quasiwud to disband it. As for midgard, the deed was actually resized down, i'm not going to spend 20s to expand it by only 20 tiles forward. IF i wanted to screw with you, the only thing i would have to do would be to deed your tunnel or exit and collapse it... which would be against the rule... but hey, deed it or loose it like you said. One of the group requirement is not to take personnal actions against another, you know bad blood is bad for business... and trust... and everything... Your refusal to see that and take matters in your own hands is what makes it a group thing. And that's exactly what you are blaming me for the echo / nightmare canal with quasiwud deed. So hrm... which side are you on again? The forum is a ###### and we will be now moving to discord. Clerical error happened in the past, but i wanted you to clarify your position... which you didn't. And by the time you return was being mentionned in the team chat... your thread was already there. That thread and your late behavior would tend to make you fit in that category. The fact people learnt you were indeed in Quasiwud gaming clan has more to do than me telling them to ignore you.... I might be Odynn but i can't mind control people. One post by Jberg was removed... probably because it was actually the GM side, showing the scale of destruction created by Quasiwud and the impact on the map... but apparently the fact i have : is not enough to get the real truth out. So you can always ask Enki what he think of that goddamn mess. Except the oaks are now protected by a rule created specially for Quasiwud and when 200 or so of them got cut by Shadowronin, he went in aggro mode against McM who had nothing to do with it. Requiring of him to replant them or he would put another deed in the area. Once again... check where your loyalties lies. Arka grove is Arkas... nothing prevent to cut it down and replace it with others trees, it's not protected by the GMs in any way or form. The PPM desert pissed off some of the locals as well back then, some also left because of it, but the size of it as nothing to do with the oak mess. Oak is not usefull, it's slow to grow, it turn most of the area into grass land and screw the spawns. So maybe weak account like yours are happy to see a lack of mobs (you still have trolls, enjoy) the rest of us have lost our nearby hunting ground, which is one of our main concern. The GM set a precedent on that case... basicly allowing anyone who want to be a jerk to change permanently the face of a server... but as some people in your alliance mentionned it to you, because you can do it, doesn't means you have to do it. USE COMMON SENSE! If you had resolved that deed situation instead of fearing that i would screw you on purpose if you didn't, we wouldn't be there. You have shown your true colors, now deal with it.
  14. Nah, just made one post to tell you that it was still happening in a way and some infos on the latest developement. What you said remains the spirit of it and I thank you for your testimony. Hello my good sir, there is no such rule and you have been dragged into it by Theonis first post. You could have been pinned on a name and shame thread since months, but you are not worth the effort of doing so. Also you reap what you sew, in your case mostly discord, discontentment and accorns, I hope you like the last ones, I heard they make fine pig food.