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  1. Been there, did it... deeded the landmarks on the underground cave canals entrance. Traders used to pay for them... but hey... traders got nerfed by the same kind of thread. So I'm currently loosing money on those deeds that are deemed unneccessary by the staff... but the area outside of heritaged tunnels / canals are not protected... so meh. So yah... People who do free stuff are just dumb in this game... I stopped doing free stuff because you are just getting beaten like the dead horse those threads are. Gaining renown is useless when you can have a good name and reputation but being griefed to high hell and once again get no protection from the staff. The game needs many fixes... Uniques might be one of them, but imho they are not the highest ones on the priority list. (I am also part of a semi-private hunting group on deliverance welcoming any Delians aboard and opening up the humanoid kills for the Deli population... But for the rest of the free stuff... nope(TM) )
  2. are you considering the fact people used : SB / Food affinities / Affinities / PoK 11 for the faster grinders? 70 hours of grind is what it used to be on epic too... on freedom, you can queue up 8 actions and get a single tick... so not sure how you managed your new thing, but i don't see it being like 22 hours of pure grind... Or why you should consideer what I said : If we look into relatively grindy skills, like climbing, foraging, botanising, you have results... prayers... nope... and seeing you say that altars QL no longuer matters, not sure where you want to get the : or if the 1 out of 8 prayers giving a skill tick is normal... which i highly doubt... gotta remember that anything relying on wurm RNG is broken and have been since the start.
  3. i tried it and didn't feel it being THAT amazing compared to the epic shortcut if we are only looking into unlocking the benediction journal task. Prayer skill ticks seems utterly random and that's probably something you want to fix before nerfing it down... (or why the epic consistency with the skill tick is better than the freedom randomness which allows to finish the task faster).
  4. Seems like a double nerf then, only the underground source springs/fountains were giving high amounts, the above ground was nerfed years ago to the 0.02 stupidly low amount... and it was suggested back then to make them ramdomly respawn... BUT with the old source amount.
  5. That ^ It might help new players BUT it's against everything wurm was up until now... i mean, we have suggested countless times that the guards give you a hint about where you are on the map and it wasn't even looked into... but now we have high density sat maps?! The community maps on the forum are usually up to date and gives you a way better lay of the land than the ingame map ones that are utterly INCORRECT nowadays (see lakes filled in, new islands made out of thin air... yadda yadda). So yah... feels like a NO THANKS for me... but heh, tie it to the newbie buff IF you think it will IMPROVE player retention. Else seems like a huge waste of time compared to the amount of bugs left around or others improvements that can be made.
  6. i know this is not what you are asking for, but why not permanently pen them underground? if the locations are known (and griefers don't free them), you wouldn't have troubles with them anymore and in the event of having enough players to slay them... actually kill the buggers.
  7. Dat. I never seen anyone get incredible results at 70 skills (unless you mean on epic with the curve). But this nerf is huge for the old cluster and seems to have shifted high end content originally created to reduce the grind to a new player slight boost to appeal to the NFI cluster. Something along the lines of @Stanleeproposal wouldn't be bad. The most annoying part is the fact this change was done without asking our opinion... don't we still have a /vote option in the client?
  8. welp, about as bad as i expected it reading the latest news... or whatever they are now called... instead of nerfing things down or making them OP for a while, can't things be discussed and a middle ground found? Because yah, you just killed the imbue and runes interest... so no point in doing public unique kills anymore (gob leader / forest giant)... or attending the giant mess that are rifts since you updated them.
  9. @OgareWhat you do is what you do, as long as the client is warned before hand, I do not have to voice an opinion about the way you manage your business. I was just saying how I was managing my own business after I was quoted on a mess of a deal and wished the worse when it came to customers. Reputation is key in wurm, i've built mine for years and was not going to go down with someone who scammed someone else of a rare (and refused to pay what they agreed to pay).
  10. that... so many times... I do have a fantastic sprout... i often look at that beautiful color and decide to leave it in my magic chest to keep a fantastic i made/got and not waste it stupidly on a fruit press
  11. "Choppity Chop" -- can be used for all weapons that doesn't go "Stabbity Stab" "Cute Cuttlery" -- can be used for all knife base weapons going from the carving knife to the two handed sword "Congrats on to the next one" -- because congrats and a true wurmian never stops!
  12. Out of the previous context. When i'm crafting something from scratch, if it turn rares I might keep it. BUT from the moment I offered specific on the item like the detail of the enchants to the customer (classic with weapons and the like) the item belong to them... if rarity occurs during the final imp, it's still theirs. Same goes for a simple imping job (knowing some items do have rarity increase runes attached to them ... or rare lumps are mailed to actually turn the item rare)... it's obvious the rare should go to the customer. Yah, that's the keypoint in the lengthy headache you can read above, service was changed and accepted, then the agreement was broken, the rarity here is a second matter (and relatively moot point seeing that we kinda all agreed in this thread that the OWNER of the item should keep it).
  13. No technically this thread is about how you deal with items when they turn rare. What is happening here is a beautiful case of a playerA trying to help a playerB... who then get a rare out of it... agrees to go higher QL wise for a slightly higher price while managing to waste PlayerA time and keep the rare away from the original owner. Here is the full chat logs on what not to do / expect on any transactions : The true owner of the item is PlayerC - the rare should have went back to him... but PlayerB wanted it all for herself... While myself as PlayerA tried to be helpful and kind, i got the recieving end of the shaft and have lost my cool for sure... Double checking stuff on trade chat ended up with the answers from PlayerD. So when it comes to rare... send the damn thing to the owner... the real one... the end. And stop wasting the crafters time by lowballing prices and begging for freebies.
  14. Something that is worth remembering is that some items are enchanted, you can't swap something with enchants or even worse a specific signature. Imagine that it was a gift from a departed friend or an item created by Enki (or any others GMs) and you now ends up with a random item with none of your added sentimental value. Basicly, if you are imping something, send it back, rared up or not. (Yah, i'm just double posting for the extra points and the totally unrelated subject.)
  15. Or in fact what you forget to mention is that you wanted something in bronze (dioptra) improved to 95QL and turned rare... the dioptra was not even yours but was lent to you by a neighboor for which you asked a replacement (because you wanted to keep the rare). The fact was that the cost of the work was first undervalued (because bronze at 95+QL is a pita to make), the imp was insanely hard for a way too low price... my bad on that one... and when you were offered 1/ to stop the work and send it at 93QL for the agreed price you asked for the whole 95 QL, 2/ when you were offered a brand new 90QL dioptra free of charge (with the full intent to mail the rare dioptra to it's REAL owner) you refused and throw a fit. TL:DR; the extra money was not for the rarity but for the added difficulty of the job (at that point many hours went in already, bronze stocks went out, and the item was only 93QL) but instead you wanted to screw someone else out of their rare item and the crafter out of their time and efforts. As for the rest of my customers, usually when things go rare, i just warn my customer and tell them... "you are f***ing lucky... i just turned you <insert random item> <insert rarity level>" some are happy and offers a tip, some just say wow... only a "Platyna" asked for a new similar item to swap it out with the one someone lent them.