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  1. Not sure if a bug or a feature request, but for the love of Fo, can the Windowed (not resizable window) mode stop resizing itself whenever you click on its edges (like it used to be)... Not only does the UI bounces all around but it can also lead to game freeze
  2. why not the artifact ones?! assets are already in the game and we could finally enjoy their good (or not) looks on freedom!
  3. OR how to be the perfect example of the kind of abuses that lead to misconceptions...
  4. No, i'm doing it normally on a normal server, where you get around 1s75c to 3s on average, with 1s going back to the upkeep of the deed where your trader stand... if you have a min sized deed. Unless you own a trader, what you have are misconceptions given by all the traders haters without any REAL facts backing it. With an 18 month average to actually start making money from them... no, not really. Unlike people who farm uniques or rares+, traders give ###### money. They are not... and unless Rolf come here to state the original trader intent... no one REALLY know what they were intended to be. Only thing I know is that people keep beating the already dead horse based on what they used to be years ago before they got nerfed to the ground and a lot of others REALLY LUCRATIVE ways have been introduce with ZERO INITIAL INVESTEMENT!
  5. I hope you are prepared to fully reimburse the players who have invested coins in them if you intend to further nerf them into the ground... Unless you have a shitload of 1s deed upkeep deeds and an insane amount of traders, you are not making income with them.1s50 to 2s per traders per month is nothing compared to the amount of free coins the forage / botanise / kill / bury system offer. That system already give a lot of coins, new players are also more likely to create rares... If the system is broken its for the few that farm traders (and i'm not sure how many are left nowadays!), not those who are using them to lower their upkeeps.
  6. i made plenty of suggestion for the traders to be tied to the deed upkeep and only bring in a % of said upkeep (something like 80% to 120% for the randomness, ###### and giggles)... those were not listened to... I own traders, i'm not going to hide it... they bring in ###### money compared to forage / botanise that can be done for free and barely covers my deeds upkeeps. And without my traders i wouldn't keep the deed marking the entrance of some of deli cave canals or the (still unused) stadium. Traders ain't bad in themselves... any form of gameplay abuse related or not to traders is... the end.
  7. just make them cost a shitload of point and all of them being male... no breeding, limited amount... couldn't fit in cage, yadda yadda
  8. Well, I said moon metal because after a while and having whatever fantastic shoulderpad you want (if the rarity is added), you will have nothing else to buy with your point... which would be silly (why bother rifting then?!) Could be the challenge rewards... some specific new rift stuff... rare+ bones? Whatever float the devs boat and can fill in a needed slot.
  9. I never got a single recipe in all the rifts i did... so having another option even an expensive one would be nice. And random seemed more expensive than 400 points last i checked... but that's still 3 rifts worth... in 3 rifts you could have had a shoulder pad, a few rings and some weird stuff that might or might not work yet.
  10. The new rift system gave us some new shiny points to use... To get some of the loot you could get during ONE rift, you will need to do many rifts, namely the rift pauldrons and the like... So either the points gained are way too low... or the prices are way too high! But that's not all... We could get rare+ pauldrons and items... why not have them for higher prices now (once the basic ones are more inline with the old rifts rewards!). I'd also say : add the moon metal lumps and the ogres recipes to said table... RNG is bad... since you removed a part of it, might as well make everything accessible now.
  11. Dat raise even more question... including a "wait wat?!". We are talking about a WU like skill gain system, with faster actions... details pretty please?
  12. Seeing the current lack of infos on what might be an important feature... I kindly ask the dev(s) if we can have more details. Is it already set in stone? How will it work? Will a lower skill on jackal still benefit a higher one on freedom? Will the jackal skills will transfer to epic as well? So many questions (feel free to add yours) that'd love some answers
  13. Untill someone ruins the fun by completing or ninjaing whatever cool stuff was left to do around... which might or might not happen depending on the game design.
  14. Heh, might as well raise potential issue and see them fixed before the launch before seeing the same mess being repeated over like challenge was. But yes, we do need to know a lot more things specially on what we will be able to bring back from jackal, how the skill transfer to the land of wurm will work, what kind of rewards we can expect (skins... really?!), if they will be tradeable... etc etc.
  15. Apparently they will only reset once every 6 month... so depending on all the details we don't know yet... this might be bad (or worse).