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  1. Status effect bar is nice for sure... but with every tome use two new icons appear... even when one is negated by the other... So please, if you have a +15% bonus and a 10% malus, can we just have a 5% bonus icon. Same goes for the poisonous wounds... spend a day fishing sharks and you will have 4 lines full of them... even after healing! And the last one from me but probably more bugs around : the armour limit / penalty that doesn't update properly... add armor, remove armor, switch armor types and enjoy the 3 different (or 4) icons!
  2. always a +1 from me for more options. Could be tied with those asked for hunting islands. Giving travelling a purpose and not having a snow filled tropical forest in winter
  3. Achievements difficulty.

    Part of the "heck if i know", some old pals who left the games leaved me their accounts and have the same achievements to get. 95 mining on freedom, 56K improve actions, logically way above the amount... but well... who knows exactly how much have been properly recorded so far.
  4. Achievements difficulty.

    Actions are any actions that takes more than 3 seconds. So basicly, if you are on epic, shoot yourself in the foot and pray that it slow you down enough... Is it stupid, yes, yes it is... miners are screwed by that still on freedom as well... with around 2.5seconds on average action...
  5. Green Dog Needs Some Work

    tbh, the remodel work need to be redone seeing people STILL spawn inside the canal, i've been trying to reach Enki or any high ranking officials to fix things for a while without success so far. Maybe a forum post will do the difference.
  6. Tough Bugger Censored

    try it on our delicious wurm irc, you will have the same result... some words are scanned for... if said word appear inside another one... boom automatic ban, kick, whatever the thing is coded to do. Wristwatch is as much like as Scunthorpe when it comes to automatic system... now you have the 'fun' game of finding the triggerng word(s).
  7. Red Dragon

    While 'I' personally support making them public, the rest of the group have voted against it mostly due to lag reasons and people doing stupid things. We do tend to open those fights to the rest of our alliances and friends, which is a decent middle ground between impossible lag and respect of the others. Also the lil crew involve 50 real players... at this point and seeing the wurm population, not exactly something I'd call little. And, I, sir, am a feminist... or even i should said humanist... everyone is born equal no matter their gender, nationality, skin color or IQ levels. If they are issues between the two of them, they can sort it like adults without the need of any of us playing the white knight and going on a holy crusade against absolutely everyone. As for Kochinac, i do not speak serbian, so I can't know what have been said exactly... if anyone have any knowledge, the whole log files is above... feel free to translate... The only thing I've seen is you insulting, griefing and threatening the rest of our group.
  8. Red Dragon

    Or when the man says that the whole griefing (for those who didn't notice the deed was called "cry me a river"), the personal attacks against me (i had nothing to do with any abuses) or most of the group members, the insults when said 'abuse' occured are all part of a pay back. Pat yourself on the back all you want for making that slaying public, with that line you have shown your true colors. I'm just sorry for all the good people present at this slaying who were played as pawned in that petty war of yours.
  9. Fixes to personal goals

    only reason i mentionned wine is the fact that around 50% of the accounts have it in their personal goals... which makes it crazy seeing you need around 10K grapes to do it. It is doable for sure... but turning whole servers into grape fields and hoping the system change won't happen before you have your goal done is the real difficulty.
  10. Red Dragon

    hah, this and only this prove how little you know about our server... Westhamer is a real player... who attended your so called hunt while i just boycotted it and fished away. i know, i know, you will say, look who responded, but man... the joke... just the joke. Rude to the extreme once again and without the understanding that maybe... just maybe someone genuinely like the way we do things? And for that matter, i'm almost sure both our pairs are big enough not to have all your insecurities...
  11. Fixes to personal goals

    doesn't work sadly. can also be another fix for the achievement tbh. any goals where you look at your char and think, ###### it, better off reroll a new char is basicly your " "rework your entire character" hard" when 100 000 actions is goal and 5K wine requiring 25K+ actions is diamond, something is off.
  12. Fixes to personal goals

    get naked and slap the opponent to death with the bow and extra kicks... no arrows involved in that one. this one is a devil of its own, code says it has to be a 99QL gem (okay, ty mining to 99 + 99QL veins - which doesn't exists), if it's changed to a star gem... it's doable but kinda requires a lot of luck... almost the same amount as the shark one. I'd personally like to see all those achievements with crazy RNG involved be removed... but this is apparently not going to happen... the least we can hope for is to see the difficulty being tweaked down to meet the achievements rarity.
  13. Fixes to personal goals

    While i appreciate the offer, my own personal issue is the shark. mostly because its all based on RNG, which means you can get it in 1 try or 1bilion. Others goals can be done with a bit of effort... not knowing the amount of effort already done and what is left to do is the trouble, hence the counters or making visible the invisible achievements keeping track of them. The amount of effort will be hard to meet if we lack means to do it before the whole system is scrapped down, seasons are limited, the space is limited and the amount of people with the same goals is greater than logical (RNG - TM). And while epic is quite the life saviour for a good amount of goals, some people refuse to set foot there... achievements have been made possible without the PvP requirement except one.
  14. Even if it's apparent personal goal won't see large changes, a few tweaks could make our life easier! Catch a 190kg fish - lower 190kg fish (95QL) to 180kg fish (90QL) - achievement remains hard enough to require a few thousands actions due to the RNG but become more doable. Kill 100 wild unicorns - Either allow bred unicorns or manually add enough unicorns spawners on the servers for them. Make 5K wine - allow any alcohols to complete that goal, be it beer, whiskey, blue / white / rice wine and others. 100K actions- maybe also lowering the timer to 2 seconds on the 100K actions instead of the current 3 seconds to take in account mining actions and a few fast others. Lockpick 5 door locks - Allow to lock pick your own house (or with manage perms) on freedom. Sea serpents - Fix the spawns... or like the unicorns, manually add a few from time to time. Feedback on all achievements requiring multiples actions - Actual counters (or visible achievements) on those who requires a bunch of actions.