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  1. Come on... Why nobody went for "Steam powered" and "Wurm valve"?!
  2. I still think Challenge was a good idea that didn't get the polish and love it required. It was a short, fast paced wurm version with a competitive side that will always appeal to some players.
  3. It will always amaze me to see people dismiss the offer for some fun (do they actually know what the Random Enkounters are?) while others have not seen Enki (and might never be lucky to get in one of those ).
  4. Aye, bit of a shame we don't have the new "active" accounts AND the premmed ones counts. Or maybe get active IPs... cause when i log in 5 or 6 alts to check my upkeeps... there is only one player behind the screen ... and actually one premmed account.
  5. i must admit rifts are the worse, between the fact they only give points (no random rewards anymore or am i just plain unlucky?!), takes forever, are poorly balanced... heck, i could go forever on why the new rifts are worse than the old ones and those were already less fun than the test server ones. So yeah... +1... fixitfixitfixitfixit!
  6. I have suggested quite a few times a way to regenerate the landscape... not revert it to what it used to be but smooth slopes overtime as long as there are no paving /walls / deeds in their way. Wurm remains a living game and randomly reverting areas to what they used to be years ago wouldn't do it justice, though landscape regeneration (maybe at servers restart) would give new players the feeling of fresh land to explore while retaining some of the previous deeds and ruins aspects.
  7. yup, +1 and on any others weird types that doesn't seems to respawn either... not sure if it's running on the same code as forage / botanise... but archaeology should be able to work everywhere.
  8. Obvious +1 -- didn't even knew only the first title worked for them >_>
  9. Loyalty reward gift boxes... Random chance to get something from low value to impossibly high one at stupidly low odds. That's almost the textbook concept of lootboxes.
  10. +1 for any reworks that prevent a bad misclick due to the quite frequent microlag.
  11. It was implemented when I was in the staff, so 5 years or so sounds about right. That being said Finn was the first person i heard of being sniped successfully, maybe it happened now because of the low population on our servers or the fact the system was not built for the current pop. In which case the tools need a rework and not a remove. And that, maybe just cut down GL-Freedom / Freedom since those are the main concerned chats, but leave local / alliance / Pms open.
  12. Since liking it is not enough. Just do the thing!
  13. Well, plague doctor masks would be a fun addition in those trying times. Also please remember humour is a coping mechanism for some of us, so yeah, ###### is rough, some of us are highly in danger due to underlying medical issues, but having a good laugh is always good for the moral. #StayAtHome #StaySafeEveryone.
  14. April Events

    if the goal is to keep us busy during the covid pandemy and maybe attract back some old players, might i suggest a few free premium day coupon like you did in the past? (as well as a mailing list to all the tied email tied to wurm accounts).