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  1. You can ban the sales of account, but not stop them... Indeed, it's banned by plenty of games, but those sales still happens even on platforms supported and encouraged by CCAB. Currently those sales are done in the open and we know when they happens... which is probably better than having them done in the dark with all those cases of hacking, stealing and crap plaguing said games. The toxicity is there anyway with or without the account sales, anyone with money and ill will can destroy everything they want while staying within the rules... or others will plunder servers of their unique because of the value tied to them, the whole real money trade and inherent greed of the human being is what should be banned.
  2. Or just give some extra love to rakes... since they are already used for farming afterall. +1 for the idea anyway.
  3. welp, i've been asking for something like that for years for WO... glad to see a working concept on WU at least. nice job!
  4. Trouble is, anyone in support roles is then punished. Rifts are a mess, the poorly design mechanisms relying on score, RNG and even more RNG make them a real pita. Yes, something needs to be done for them, yes, they are far from community or team oriented events... Right now they are just a quick cash and ressources grab (when it's not to resell them). I have said it countless times, but the most fun i had was during the rift beta test on the test server... mechanisms and loot management were totally different than the current broken system.
  5. We have 4 seasons... why only a winter impalong afterall?! Then again, having something kind of official thread offering the different sites would be a plus... no point in dividing the community even further and reducing the potential amount of impers. Anyone can host/create an impalong, but being backed by the community is needed to make the event a success.
  6. Because it's how it have been done in the past and a community event is not decided by a lone person.
  7. I'd have liked to see a list of the proposed areas and having a vote on them. Not sure if we have *that* many new players around in need for an impalong... nor a decent area offered yet (both ongoing project having their flaws).
  8. my main issue with concrete is that you can't flat raise it (40 max slopes requirement), so yes, it's super easy when you are doing small fixes here and there... but as soon as you are working on a major project like a cave canal / underground highways which requires you to tweak the rock layer (you know raising it instead of surface mining trench everywhere), you will need thousands of concrete. Been there, done that, not fun at all to have piles to run for days while making lots of kindlings to keep the production running as well.
  9. the trouble is not getting decent ash, the trouble is having a ###### load of decent ash... i'd rather have the option to use mortar on a rockshard to make concrete than having to crank out a crazy amount of coalpiles anytime i need ash (or create thousands of kindlings and lighting them up).
  10. Alright, lost one of my champ dog after the restart... can something be done pretty please... he had food and everything >_> (specially since champ dogs/deers cannot be obtained anymore)
  11. what if i tell you the 'rift weapon bracelets' are kind of brass knuckles? alright they are not really working... so well... +1 for weaponless fighting reasons.
  12. rare bone bid accepted, will be mailed as soon as i'm back in game.
  13. Server downtime bump!
  14. You will bid on: Bid increment : Minimum increment of 1s on the bone Sniper protection : 1 hour Timer: Nota : As usual, auction income will be shared within the deliverance hunting group.