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  1. just because we all need coffee and laughing in our lives!
  2. on the new client, not sure if a setting issue or what, appears a 'lil bit' broken on every arches
  3. Buoy dye error

    [16:58:31] You start to paint the buoy's barrel (using 40g of paint). [16:45:46] You start to dye the buoy's lamp (using 312g of dye). Seems like the barrel and the lamp dye amount are switched, dyeing the barrel also change the color of the lamp light.
  4. those are the price on the wurm shop. 1 month premium + 1silver is 9.49e which put the silver value at 1.5e for 1 (way overpriced compared to the normal 1.3 without any bulk discount) at the 1.5 euro per silver rate, the month premium +5 s bundle do cost 7.99 + 7.5 > 15.49 So visibly not a typo but something worth investigating.
  5. for forgetting one eons ago near a friends deed on another server, i can only support it. Tents can take forever to decay (and iirc won't once deeded). So obvious +1
  6. mycelium dissapear on freedom since it's not within a libila based kingdom, have nothing to do with grass eating it away, it just wither on it's own. While the idea might not be that bad, it's begging to be abused and as such will be a big NO from me.
  7. +1 if they are too big, let us fold them! and stash them everywhere! (or well, just let us stash them without the folding step... )
  8. We had an option to gain some of the skills back from Jackal. Knowing it was using a different rule set for the skills a proper formula was needed to transfer it back. With that transfer rate in mind, why not for any event servers (heck, even Epic if the devs still care about it).
  9. oh, that's a neat one... i wish we had that kind of option on WO too.
  10. Between the journal requirement, the fact some peoples are ****s and the fact even more are ****s who only cares about themselves, something need to be done for sure. In the best of worlds a global casts could be 11 players (90 channeling, 10 links)... it used to be the same player doing all the casts on all the servers, now it's just ninjaed as soon as it become available, often before the locals have time to organise themselves or before the planned one is casted. So, yes, obvious +1 for a real fix to that issue.
  11. aye, it's for sure a mongol horse bow type, reinforced composite limbs and all that (which is historically accurate)... The second would be an american semi longbow.. fancy carbon limbs and the like... totally not accurate unless you feel like shooting arrows from the 21th century back in the one hundred year war period. Typical example of a semi longbow with the typical D shape of the longbow (or flatbow) once stringed but still with some added curves to give you extra strength. and here we have the beautiful yew english longbow with the 'past the ear' typical draw (perfect to nail knights to their horses!) PS. I do love the new skins! But for some of them I'd love having them replacing the old ones!
  12. Am I the only one bothered by the fact the longbow skin is more fitting for a medium bow (recurve type) and the medium bow skin is basicly a semi american longbow... which would then be accurate for the longbow? The amateur archer in me is screaming WHHHHHYYYYYYY?! Any others out there with me? ^ this is a recurve / composite type bow... not a longbow! ^ this is a longbow (with fancy limbs) ... not a medium bow
  13. iirc, WU got the option to plant the pole and do it alone, could be the same here for the small gaps (maybe up to 3-5 tiles). While logging an alt in and using it to hold the pole is a common trick for us old players... with the steam, release a bit of QoL update, for the new players would be nice.
  14. Come on... Why nobody went for "Steam powered" and "Wurm valve"?!
  15. I still think Challenge was a good idea that didn't get the polish and love it required. It was a short, fast paced wurm version with a competitive side that will always appeal to some players.