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  1. That's the good point, we have a good amount of public slayings, some private events and some semi-privates. On Deliverance, our group is open to anyone (in good faith) that want to hunt the darn things and spend times on it, with a variant of the classic GDKP to reward all the members of the group who searched and not just a few randomly like it happens in so many groups. As Stanlee said, we kinda unionised and that was since years now and I'd recommend others people to do the same. Public fights are nice and all, but the rewards are low and unless you travel to all of them, you will never get the chance to make a set for yourself. I strongly believe that the way is for every server citizens to deal with their own uniques the way they see fit ( if possible in a friendly spirit and a way that help everyone achieve their goals).
  2. adding the wiki picture for quick reference. No idea who designed the 2H sword, they would be able to answer you, sadly Wurm is usually far from accurate when it comes to historical models (just look at the bows and their skins *inner cringe mode activated*). Most of the broadswords and greatswords are a bit similar to the model (depending on the era and smithing process). It is most likely not a Zweihander though seeing the lack of the typical second guard.
  3. always a +1 for more jewellery options... i mean, i have a fancy castle but i still looks like a peasant (in scale armour sure, but a peasant nonetheless!).
  4. G-Loot Partnership?

    remove RMT... add RM rewards... welp, what can i say except i missed that post the first time...
  5. the recruiting npc would be a no-go in the wurm book. the rest of the suggestions ain't that bad imho.
  6. Damn sad news indeed. I first encountered Waar when i was a CM and damn he was a pain... always dancing back and forth on the limit of the acceptable in the public chats. But the man behind the keyboard was someone else when you learned to knew him. It's with great sadness that i learn the loss of another friend and wurmian. Rest in peace Waarokku.
  7. That too. Not to mention the huge amount of RAM the new client is using. Something must be done either setting wise or optimisation wise.
  8. heh, for having glimmersteel barding one could ALMOST expect a speed boost from it. But yes, if the lore says it's lighter and more durable, make it so!
  9. the whole underground upgrades have been great (even if i hate the crazy amount in those marbles / slate / sandstones veins and the fact they are everywhere!)
  10. Astronomy and Geography can be tied together as long as you know the current time. Using dioptras to find out your location on the map would be akin to using a sextant at sea (or we can just be crazy and add a new item to be used on both sea and land...). +1 (maybe with some limits on the dead accuracy of 7. )
  11. If you want to keep going with Wurm but with the idea of a perma-death run... You can always make an alt and a new run, using your current deed and possesion as bonuses from the previous round. Rogue-lites allows it... most rogue type game have a similar feature... feel free to do the same... or just stick to the game with your current character and respawn already! PS. Each death takes a toll on your skills... which is the penality imposed to you by the game and devs... There is no easy mode in wurm
  12. +1... but i want brighter nights because it's pitch black on my laptop >_>
  13. Been there, did it... deeded the landmarks on the underground cave canals entrance. Traders used to pay for them... but hey... traders got nerfed by the same kind of thread. So I'm currently loosing money on those deeds that are deemed unneccessary by the staff... but the area outside of heritaged tunnels / canals are not protected... so meh. So yah... People who do free stuff are just dumb in this game... I stopped doing free stuff because you are just getting beaten like the dead horse those threads are. Gaining renown is useless when you can have a good name and reputation but being griefed to high hell and once again get no protection from the staff. The game needs many fixes... Uniques might be one of them, but imho they are not the highest ones on the priority list. (I am also part of a semi-private hunting group on deliverance welcoming any Delians aboard and opening up the humanoid kills for the Deli population... But for the rest of the free stuff... nope(TM) )
  14. are you considering the fact people used : SB / Food affinities / Affinities / PoK 11 for the faster grinders? 70 hours of grind is what it used to be on epic too... on freedom, you can queue up 8 actions and get a single tick... so not sure how you managed your new thing, but i don't see it being like 22 hours of pure grind... Or why you should consideer what I said : If we look into relatively grindy skills, like climbing, foraging, botanising, you have results... prayers... nope... and seeing you say that altars QL no longuer matters, not sure where you want to get the : or if the 1 out of 8 prayers giving a skill tick is normal... which i highly doubt... gotta remember that anything relying on wurm RNG is broken and have been since the start.