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  1. https://independence.yaga.host/#3258,2345 Road and overall topography seems to match.
  2. https://celebration.yaga.host/#789,1844 Looks like that spot, the road and the tiny stretch of sands seems to match as well as the diagonal roads and the ocean.
  3. Extremely wild guess, but have you checked that area? : the map dumps are sadly no longer accurate, so if we kinda trust the topography it would be the closest matching area on the map... knowing things can have been changed and new roads built.
  4. without a screenshot of the map and hint, that will be quite hard to help you out.
  5. Frogs

    Frogs, the most dangerous creature of wurm! 99FS needed at least!
  6. Obvious +1, those are options I've always supported! IF tokens cannot be located underground, I'd suggest a secondary token to be placed where needed underground (the primary one would still dictate the deeds option). Just see the secondary token as a remote interface to act on the primary token bank / deed settings / sell / etc.
  7. The randomness and RNG have always been a major trouble in Wurm... and yet the devs still highly rely on it despite the countless issues we are still facing. In the hand it's a major issue of luck... and a large amount of us are not THAT lucky. Another issue is the fact that Rolf said we should have one rare window per hours... but statistically, as proven by OR, we are closer to one every 2 hours or so... which also means that the game is either no longer working as intended by Rolf... or never was.
  8. So far, i only did two myself, but never seen or heard of anyone getting mobs on their challenging (or novice) ones.
  9. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#4336,4087 As you said, everything match. Finding the exact spot is a matter of trial and error now. Arrows from top to bottom: Highway. road going along the shore. Notice the sand at the crossing with the highway Larger paved area small road heading off that paved area and into the steppe Second large paved area Steppe The map doesn't appear to have any distorsion. So if you can line up that steppe/road area and then go north toward the cross, you could find it that way. Also, according to the map it will be inside a specific tree area (different shades of green). Which might help you to pinpoint it. #4338,4100 could be the clearing mentionned on the map close to the spot.
  10. And that's where the whole system is wrong. Yes, we could bruteforce them with alts, untill the devs decide it's an exploit and nerf it forward, making it even harder for players playing the game the "normal' way to have a chance at them. Might as well fix the system right now and get something decent for everyone, instead of pushing for more abuses. Traders got nuked into the ground because they were abused by a handful of players, leaving a large amount of us with nothing but loss. Rares were also nerfed into the ground because players abused the heck of the creation roll. Sorcery items were wiped from uniques because someone through treachery and cheating manage to get all of them within a few months, leaving the rest of us trying to get them through years now. And we have so many more issues like that... We shouldn't validate a system preaching for abuse but fix it instead and open it to a larger player base... and if possible make it less dependant on the RNG.
  11. THIS! This is the worst part, the way it's locked behind a first RNG wall that is the MoI... which we now know is utterly broken. And then another RNG wall that give you a measly chance of 20% to get a map... (took me 12 MoI to get my first one)... and then more RNG on the rewards. I hear that people are afraid that maps are going to be too common and we will be drowning in maps... Well... Some people are already drowning in maps. When I hear people got a dozen, I'm getting fairly jealous, because no matter what I try I get none. The system is not fair, it force us to do tasks we'd rather not do... for no rewards. I've been advocating moving out of the utter randomness for content since years now. It would be a good thing to start doing it and finally give everyone a decent shot at the complete game.
  12. That's a quite impressive job you did there and would fill in some of the accuracy need.
  13. https://xanadu.yaga.host/#4796,3192 -- it is highly likely to be around this spot, along the road.
  14. I strongly suggest using the map dump to solve those clues, as you can see it was fairly easy to find the spot with the topography and the nearby moss. Most of the times you don't need the deeds or any fluff informations from those maps.
  15. More options are always good, specially when those like woodcutting / butchering have been forgotten from the current list... not sure butchering provides MoI but that can always be changed. As for the others, it would be interesting to reward all kind of gameplay, the chances of having something from the current action is quite low (20%) and it would also appear that the whole rarity/MoI system is bugged, limiting even more the access to that content. I highly doubt the devs goal was for us to set up map farming accounts to get a chance to access the treasure maps, so tweaking things in a way or another is both needed and highly welcomed.