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  1. I'd limit the skill cap boost to 70... making it to 90 remove all incentive to pay for premium. while it might be interesting, what would be the outcome of such system on pvp and priests?
  2. Increased Macro Questions?

    yeah, the macro questions can be quite weird... the detection pattern is even more weird... i was macro checked twice... once when i grinded platesmithing then weaponsmithing to 90 (starting from almost nothing) in 3 months total... so yes, a macro check was totally waranted, i was pretty nuts by then... the other one was when i was slacking in front of a pile of book, wasting SB away and not making much of a dent in my fatigue. A buddy of mine got macro-checked on one of his afk alts... which are doing nothing but being afk watching what happens in local... no idea how it could have triggered the check nor the reason of it tbh So meh... lets have questions making actual sense, that can be answered by a non native english speaker (PLEASE NO ENKI RIDDLES!!!!) and do their intended purpose... catch the bad guys.
  3. Unique Loot Question

    seeing it's often done, i'd say most likely.
  4. The law and the spirit of the law... Because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it (or have to!)... and walk away freely from it. The case went on for the RoS ninja-ing, the uniques penning, stealing, drama-ing and other shady business, we can also mention the terraforming of large areas against people will up to their deed border. We used to have the freedom code of conduct and other guidelines that were quite useful and setting decent rules for all. We used to play nice(ish) without having hardcoded lines, we used to play without having borderline PvP behavior on the freedom servers. THE golden rule remains "Do not do to others that which angers you when they do it to you (Isocrates)" ... so how many who jumped back and forth on that grey line are willing to say : yes I want to have my evening wasted, my cash wasted, my fun wasted and ruined because someone else decided to. If the GMs says it's free game... which is apparently the case depending on the quotes from Enki some people like to spread out. Anyone will be allowed to mine all around a deed perimeter, cast AoE spells to get aggro from the unique and get it to mine straight toward you... and we are back to what I wrote above... Where do we draw the line?
  5. The new way of uniques!

    having a shot at a random wandering unique is nice... toying with them, penning them, preparing the kill with your buddies is nice... way more nice than the kill itself... removing the feature would be a loss for everyone... and when i say everyone, i want everyone to be able to enjoy that feeling! that being said, having OTHERS options to get hide / scales / tomes / recipes / ex-challenge items would be great... be it through rifts... new journal tasks... or whatever the devs can add. We had suggestions in the past about semi-unique mobs that could be taken down with alone (old timers perks) or with a small group and give limited but still valuable hide/scale/ magical ink or magical paper to create a one charge tome later on. Wurm is a sandbox, more options are good... locking people with poorly designed ones... or giving priviledges to a few is bad as well.
  6. The new way of uniques!

    Imho, Uniques need to spawn randomly, not on specific areas (easy to find with the code) allowing anyone with a heat map to easilly find them. Remove both Twitter and Event messages for a spawn... more chances to stumble on them then... more random, higher chances for the locals to find it, yadda yadda. Make the uniques relocate every weeks... will allow them to get out of caves or whatever. Potentially making a 'claim' system ongoing for a week preventing anyone but the group tagging in with the person who find it to attack the unique... (also making said unique less agressive). My main trouble however is with the random loot, randomness with loot is working really poorly in Wurm... also why our group use a GDKP system (shamelessly stolen from others MMo and a previous thread in the forum) to allow EVERYONE to get something from the kill. At this point anyway, the devs need to come with a better way to have unique and make it fun for everyone... removing the amount of drama tied to them, the greed, the silyness and ... well... you know the rest. To quote Trump : Make Uniques Great Again!
  7. Name Change with a Twist

    fixed for you.
  8. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    remember to keep at least ONE goal to finish on freedom if you want your gains on freedom!
  9. More Time Please

    tbh, the critter spawning is a mess... humanoids don't spawn that frequently, 4 out of 14... you need to be online when a slaying happens, you might have to travel to another server if there is a public one and it is within your schedule, you know work, sleep, free time doesn't always coexist properly... In the case of people having to kill a unique during the last 2/3 weeks which is their LAST goal, it's kinda a mess... and totally unfair to go : "welp, no, no winner title for you, f*** off."... people have been farming alts and made a shitload of cash through it, we are just asking for the mains to have a chance to actually complete them. Also, so far the new journal is trash >_>
  10. Global Death Tabs

    we do! nothing beats 3 champ drakespirit and a dozen nogumps!
  11. Unique spawn not reporting on Niarja or Twitter

    Green dragons are relatively new. We only had red dragons before and they were killed. That one spawned, triggered the event message but not the twitter feed one... Would have also been found either by you, us or any roaming crews if previously spawned... and iirc a cave collapse on you kills you... unless the dragons behave differently.
  12. Unique spawn not reporting on Niarja or Twitter

    it would appear the unique spawned on the 19th, server event was broadcasted (and found in logs) but never went to twitter / niarja.
  13. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    http://webbrar.co.uk/uniques/table.php?data=Q5ZY6VRMxl from my own logs... seems to have been a bit more hits... Dragon had extra fun mining around including exposing a few veins!
  14. Lunar Order Slaughterhouse- Green Dragon

    5 dragons types, 5 elements... time to go Supergreen!
  15. Cobwebs on logo?

    I believe that's the TL:DR; for : "We are currently weaving our advertisement... give us some time... spiders ain't THAT fast you know!"