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  1. +1 for any reworks that prevent a bad misclick due to the quite frequent microlag.
  2. It was implemented when I was in the staff, so 5 years or so sounds about right. That being said Finn was the first person i heard of being sniped successfully, maybe it happened now because of the low population on our servers or the fact the system was not built for the current pop. In which case the tools need a rework and not a remove. And that, maybe just cut down GL-Freedom / Freedom since those are the main concerned chats, but leave local / alliance / Pms open.
  3. Well, plague doctor masks would be a fun addition in those trying times. Also please remember humour is a coping mechanism for some of us, so yeah, ###### is rough, some of us are highly in danger due to underlying medical issues, but having a good laugh is always good for the moral. #StayAtHome #StaySafeEveryone.
  4. April Events

    if the goal is to keep us busy during the covid pandemy and maybe attract back some old players, might i suggest a few free premium day coupon like you did in the past? (as well as a mailing list to all the tied email tied to wurm accounts).
  5. bit extreme but hey, why not, that would also solve the local lag during large slayings.
  6. more or less that, it's making some of us loose large amounts of money.
  7. The changes were supposed to level the playground, they weirdly had the opposite effect. And yes, the loot (and greed tied to it even after the RMT removal) will always be a trouble... But I've been seeing people ask for potions for a while and though "how can we get both to work"? Humanoids loot remains on the corpse... but the real loot of the dragons is spread within all the local radius... which is the issue... as for doing damages to the dragon we always have the issue of the priests or tank (i didn't landed a hit the last time i tanked one, but took 20+ for the team).
  8. To put it simply and encourage more public slayings for the bloods, limit the drop to a smaller area around the dragon, maybe 5 tiles or so, allowing bystanders to get the blood / potions without taking away the scale/hide.
  9. 3 deeds left - their value is around 50s and they will disband if no one takes them home... or make them their new home! or home away from home! Right now they are at the minimum size and at 1s upkeep, but can be expanded to fully use the 20% reduction. Key feature : The Continental : The less built of the remaining three, plenty of large flat lands around it, perfect for a farm / cattle ranch (no longer comes with the WickedJohn deed holder! sorry!) The Ridge : Built outpost with a good view on Echo lake, while located on a hilly ridge area the underground buildings and planter will still give you plenty of expansion room! Hammer Rest - Hilly areas as well, middle of a forest, comes with hives and random free trolls! Probably easier to teraform than The Ridge
  10. Careful what you wish for... That's the first thing i thought when i've seen the announced move... if not for the big red warning!
  11. while it makes sense and could have a bit of use... i don't feel like hauling thousands of slags chunks outta the forge when i smelt lumps >_> if it had some side use like another option to make mortar and/or concrete through a different recipe, why not though
  12. even after the winter texture improvement i find wurm winter quite bland and painful to the eyes... though i wouldn't mind seeing it expended by a few days since it became more useful through the snow harvesting.
  13. traders had bad habits when placed up in multistorey buildings to warp down to the first floor... not sure if the restriction was due to that bug or if said bug still exist... still a +1 for more freedom... same goes for the underground token (or having a secondary token on the same tile underground)
  14. Bumpity Bump... Get them while they are still standing, open to offers.