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  1. In my idea it would be two separate parts indeed. Either go for the helm, the mask, the mask and the helm or none at all \o/ There are also better design of Samurai era helmet and mask that would fit some scaly armors with extra fangs, the one i grabbed for the example was the best average one
  2. We have 3 club weilder in the humanoid unique club - the kyklop, the troll king and the forest giant... but only one have the right to oakenwood one! Make it fair and equal for all to weild oakenwood instead of the low class birchwood the common troll use! TL:DR; Oakenwood club for all uniques using them! Nota. Some extra love for the goblin leader gear would be nice too... have something a bit unique and not just iron with a blank creator.
  3. I've been asking for years for a scale helm... but not any scale helm... a Scale + face mask helm akin to the samurai ones. yah... maybe not the best example, but you get the idea. Protect both your head and face, mix and match the colors, get some style, yadda yadda. DO IT SAROMAN!
  4. My main concern / question regarding all impalongs (not just yours) is : are they still needed. We no longuer have the newbie population we used to have 5 or 6 years ago. Nowadays a new player asking for help in freedom chat will instantly get enchanted tools free of charge (the equivalent of an impalong... our community remains new player friendly - which is great). So, do we trully need IMPalongs hosted every month by different people, or just a brand new idea revolving more around the games and events - prolly sermons too, they are always needed - and less than the pure imping / casting that is slowly becoming irrelevant. As for your concerns the permission system is a mess, but that can be bypassed by either becoming friend with everyone or adding people to a team to avoid the thievery prevention system. Same goes for the deed rules, you might want to adjust those on the fly for event while keeping fixed ones for the buildings. Player corpses are protected, so no one can steal their content anyway even if you allow everything on your deed.
  5. Glad it worked well for you in the end. Sadly Inde got a mess of a dirt layer, penning them can be difficult if there is no rock nearby (dragons allow you some leeway to pull them farther from their spawn than others, but then they tend to run off).
  6. Seeing Steam/Valve, the devs being Half-Life, are currently Wurm Online major financial partner (just see the new player income through the steam launch and the royalties they get from it), it would be quite easy to ask them for the permission to get a nod to a character that is now part of the pop culture.
  7. Do Eet! +1 Split the titles at 50 for Gordon and 70 for Freeman, so you can get silly combos or the whole Gordon Freeman without potentially breaking any trademarks or whatever.
  8. I always asked for a "rarity gauge" to be filled while doing action and being able to turn the item you want into a rare / supreme / fantastic with different tolls on that 'rarity gauge', while the random rare on creating can be fun (and exploited then nerfed), the imping is a huge mess and usually a waste of time (when it should be the true way to get rare+... read the description of fantastic and wonder how the hell that sprout is perfectly crafted?!).
  9. hah, well, never really noticed that about Miller when I was going through the comics, but yah... indeed after some remembering, you ain't wrong... welp... ain't the first time I like someone overall work but they are d***s.
  10. Hard not to think about Alan E. Poe, Edgard R. Burroughs, Ray Bradbury and Bram Stoker as well. I'd also like to mention David Eddings, a lesser known modern fantasy writter than Tolkien but with way more enticing worlds and characters. Far from being Wurm related but the work of James S.A. Corey (The Expanse) or Richard Morgan (Altered Carbon) are quite interesting as well (far more than their TV adaptation). And obviously the many comics around, specially those made by Vertigo (Lucifer being a prime example) or any of Frank Miller work.
  11. I honestly wish we had some of the GM powered events again, the ones done by Spellcast were amazing. But yes, Wurm needs to follow the exemple of many others MMos where weekly/monthly events are a thing. Even if the game is a sandbox, some of our new (and old) players want a bit more directed content.
  12. just because we all need coffee and laughing in our lives!
  13. on the new client, not sure if a setting issue or what, appears a 'lil bit' broken on every arches
  14. Buoy dye error

    [16:58:31] You start to paint the buoy's barrel (using 40g of paint). [16:45:46] You start to dye the buoy's lamp (using 312g of dye). Seems like the barrel and the lamp dye amount are switched, dyeing the barrel also change the color of the lamp light.
  15. those are the price on the wurm shop. 1 month premium + 1silver is 9.49e which put the silver value at 1.5e for 1 (way overpriced compared to the normal 1.3 without any bulk discount) at the 1.5 euro per silver rate, the month premium +5 s bundle do cost 7.99 + 7.5 > 15.49 So visibly not a typo but something worth investigating.