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  1. 3/10 no mention of the tears that followed the destruction of Nifelheim.
  2. I'm not known as the greatest of all time e.g. G.O.A.T. for nothing. /thread
  3. Typical posteh, reading our emails! >.> #netneutralityinwurm
  4. !S KG53 miss piloting the heinkel of d00m with my bombadier JamesI. Building fort motormouth was a lot of fun too.
  5. Salvageschools, cabbageskols. Savagescholz is too tough for some.
  6. Oakland athletics is the correct answer. Thanks all.
  7. 'Master Butcher'

    I still regale noobs with the tale of entendu.
  8. World Cup 2014

    We're back to back world war champs, a world cup is no issue.
  9. World Cup 2014

    Its called soccer until England advances further than us.
  10. World Cup 2014

    Germany 0 - 1 USA in WC final. Bastian Schweinsteiger own goal @ '74 Heard it here first.
  11. Looking for sellswords and other people interested in blood and honor.
  12. On the one to Olloch scale this thread is two Ollochs.
  13. Me ole pappy often delivered profound, and life altering advice. The latest being: if you ain't got no money, then ya ain't getting no honey. Also, that I should never trust lemonade from someone of less of a high upbringing.