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  1. I know that a GM can change the time of day as well as the weather at will. However that requires the GM to constantly be on or in singleplayer for they player to either give themselves GM power or log in/out of their character and the GM character on a regular basis. I was wondering if there would be a mod or even if there's already a way to hardset that it's "Always Day" or "Always Night" perhaps even "Always night with fog" if you want it to be extra spoooky. Perhaps even have it Cycle through the options at differents speeds (for example, only 30min of night at a time but always with fog on).
  2. So now I'm ready to deed the land that I've been working on. When I do that does it automatically become a part of the Kingdom I joined when I started? I joined HOTS so that I could make use of mycellium to keep me alive after combat in the begginning. However I was thinking about making my own kingdom so that I can increase immersion. Would that make me at war with the starter kingdoms? If so wouldn't that mean I could no longer use their traders and would have to use GM powers to establish my own so that I can make money in-game? Finally, is it one settlement per person? If so I'll just create alts and use them to found other towns. Edit: From just fooling around I manged to make a rare deed stake, how will this influence my settlement?
  3. It worked! I now have a happy little cottage, with a small farm, and a basic mine that I found sandstone and iron in. Thank you both for all your help!
  4. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Is this mod still being worked on? If so, what is the current status? I've been using it on my single-player server and love how it fills up an otherwise empty land
  5. Thank you again for your help so far. When I used to play WO I was told that dirt from higer slopes fall into dirt at lower slopes. Is that true? If so would I need to remove the dirt higher up the mountain and work my way down or would just working at the base eventually remove the dirt from the higher tiles as it funnels down?
  6. So I've managed to build a cart. I also adjusted the action timer but left the skill gain the same, I figured that if I made things happen faster (and therefore less monotonous) it also buffs skillgain. So now I'm researching various mods to put in. So far I've settled on a few that will make the world feel more alive (ie NPC mod, non-combat pets, and I'm searching for more) I've also found an area that I quite enjoy, it's a valley surrounded by a mountain that geographically can only be reached on water. I've run into an issue though. Prospecting tells me there's iron in the mountain but I can't remove the dirt at the base of the mountain to expose the rock face and digging down in the non-mountain (I guess just before the mountain) just lowers it to water level. How do I remove dirt from the face of the mountain? I keep being told I can't dig in rock but then the pick won't work because it still counts as dirt.
  7. Thank you for replying quickly! To get myself back in the swing of things I've been using the default adventure map and may stick with it because all my research so far shows it's the only map with an "end goal". When I start my project I plan to create an enormous map that I can hopefully make an archipelago with a handful off "continent" sized land masses and an abundance of small islands. I've been playing Catan quite a bit recently and that's what inspired me to begin playing Wurm again. I've only played WO so far so I'm a bit hesitant to use mods until I understand the differences between WO and WU. I definetley see the value in deciding how far to set the skill gain scaling as well as building a large cart to begin with so you can more quickly amass resources. What settings / mods would you suggest for what I'm trying to accomplish? I'm liking the one you mentioned to prevent crops from rotting but I want to stay as close to the base game as possible.
  8. I played Wurm Online for a year or so a while back and recently picked up Wurm Unlimited so that I could have a blank map all to myself and not have to spend hours looking for a suitable spot that wasn't already settled. So now I'm going solo-dolo without the help of a village. I'm looking for input as to where to focus during the beginning so I can make sure I have a firm base of operations. In WO I would normally make a bee-line to an established village and work in conjuction with them (farm the fields, gather iron, then collect from communal resources to build my house). However my goal is to stay solo as long as possible so that I have an established area and then open it up to the public. Please give me any suggestions on how you would personally go about this task. Current gameplan: 1) Find a wooded area near the shore 2) Place down tent and hunt nearby game to have a small food stash 3) Gather basic crops and create a small (4x4) field to have renewable food 4) Put all my efforts into building a rowboat 5) Pack-up and sail nomadically until I find the "Promised Land" (Area with all resources relatively near ie iron, wood, water, clay, tar) 6) Place tent again 7) Begin creating farmstead 8) Deed the land and expand deed to be large enough to support a village 9) Create basic communal workshop, dock, and farmland (Possibly designate lots of land for villagers) 10) Open world to the public My biggest concern is I know how to accomplish 1-7, even if it will be slow going especially trying to find an area that not only has resources but that could also support a village worth of resources. How large of an area should I be looking to deed? Is it worthwhile to build the communal buildings ahead of time and risk over-building or is it better to add things as the village grows? What should I be looking to build in order to support a community so far the villages I join have a mine, workshop, farm, and animal pen, but I've seen some that have communal housing and others that had the layouts of legitimate cities with shops, churches, jails, etc. Finally, my intent is to make it a water-side village and as such I'd rather not build a highway to my village but rather make it as close to exclusively accessible by water as I can, I know that will hamper my efforts greatly but maybe build a few boats at the starter towns and give directions?
  9. Right now it's sitting at a little above 20ql
  10. Selling a supreme metal torch on the Exodus server, I'm looking for 2 silver or your best offer. Will deliver within reason. Player name is same as forum name, Vanrian.