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  1. But anything involving a class system is one where there is always just one best option in wurm. Tanking is impossible, so a tank class is pointless. The only way it would be useful is if you could swap if you were being focused, and even then the weight of the extra armor would probably offset the bonuses. Archery is worthless against people, so any archer class is pointless.
  2. It really just seems like a massive buff to chain, and a huge nerf to plate. The block rate really doesn't make up for the swing speed nerf, especially if you are still limited on how often you can block. You really cant tank at all in wurm, all you would be doing by wearing plate with this system is nerfing your offensive ability and being the last person people will target. The new meta would be just be moonmetal chain/longsword since pierce would be by far the best damage type to deal.
  3. Wurm really isn't going for realism. Even if it was, plate armor isn't anywhere near as restrictive as it is normally depicted in games/movies.
  4. I can see so much drama coming from people destroying pillars that were being "farmed"/left alone to grow for better rewards.
  5. So you just want more GMS, but lacking most of the tools that can be used to show what actually happened, and instead rely entirely on testimony which is inherently unreliable and often biased. You also want to cheapen the system and introduce even more bias by having the only judges involved be people who are likely to know the parties in the case.. You want people to be punished not based on the rules, but on what people think the rules should be. Freedom already has a reputation for witchunting, a system like this would just make that into the norm, but with actual punishments being handed out. I assume you mean that they would not always be given the choice, otherwise you are just arguing semantics. Either way the system is more lenient, since the person can be given the choice to lessen their sentence.
  6. But that still wont make people swap out of plate. You have to wear heavy armor to be able to survive in combat. Being an archer or a mage is not possible with wurms combat system. Archery only works in PvE because you can stay out of range on horses and animals cant block, while killing mobs with just magic really isn't possible.
  7. But everyone is still running around in plate. Even if being in plate completely removed archery, people would still just use plate.
  8. You can set stats, you can spawn whatever gear, you can/could be whatever priest. I don't see how enchants would matter at all as far as artifacts go. The test server should be fine, the only problem is the inability to get the artifacts.
  9. Its better because you get almost no skill and mostly worthless items out of spamming creation for rares. Its in no way punishing people who are improving items, they are actually gaining skill and creating items of value. If you really saw it as a random bonus from playing(which is still is even if you are just spamming out items), why would you care about other people spamming creation for rares? You only care because it effects the "economy", which is always a terrible basis for any changes.
  10. So instead you want someone who lives in the area, and is probably going to have some connection to the people involved to go and gather "evidence"
  11. I really don't get why it was changed to Rainbox Maker of all things. A Rainbox just seems to be a brand/design of rain barrel.
  12. Rolf cant balance the current gods/spells. Throwing more into the mix is an awful plan.
  13. The point of the KOS mechanic is to keep those people off your deed. Giving people a list of places they are KOSd so they avoid them would help you, not hurt you.
  14. People can already do that with a deed.
  15. Just like vynora right? Vynora has had pretty much all of the enchants that are useful on a PvE. Pretty much everyone follows vynora because of bonus skillgain and RoS. Having new gods that might shake that up a bit is a good thing.