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  1. Renny my good friend !!!!!


    YOUR DEED IS ABOUT TO FALL !!!! :(::::::

    1. Rhatz


      I have added some coins (all my savings) to his upkeep. Not very much though. I hope He'll be back soon.

      Best regards,


  2. Merry Christmas to all the team and to all the Lords and Ladies of Wurm... Hope you all have a great one. Oh and love this years gift.
  3. Christmas present

    Great Xmas gift last we have a gift we can use and is class ....and btw you can drop it on the ground and the model looks cool. If the Dev team keep on this track with Xmas gifts that we can use i can see me Preming up DEFO for next Xmas. And a Merry Xmas to all the Lords and Ladies of Wurm for 2016 Nice one guys you have outdone your self's this year.
  4. +1 to this again..... But i would be happy with taking Trophies (Head) from most kills and and placing them on a Large sign (without the pole) and then being able to mount them on my wall. Sort of like a Trophy room. Don't think it would be that hard to do ....model of the sign and the heads are already in the game. Now that would be class.
  5. In the 7+ years i have played Wurm i have never eaten Humanoid meat or Hell mob meats.... it just seems wrong if you RP. But for those that do i would just like to show you this.....
  6. That's the way things work now after the cooking update.... things like harvesting fruits, Bev making ect are all based on your skill. And the... "press a item that has a ql less than your skill the output ql seems to be higher than the input ql but less than your skill" might just be an average of your skill and the low QL of the item.
  7. santa gift 2017

    I'd like some thing that i can USE ..... Err i don't know a bout a Brass Sextant. Use it when sailing and it gives a ruff Grid Ref based on the in game map your on. "You start using the sextant and line it up with known landmarks and mountains working out your location to be D24"
  8. When these Shield stands were added to the game i made them ASAP thinking... "Yes at last i can store my shields in them". I was a bit bummed out when i found you can't and that there only for decoration. Please make them a container just for shields.
  9. Thats ME my friend .....been playing for over 7 years now, working on my skills and FS and have been to a lot these fights ......and hey would you like to take a shot at how many times i have landed a item or spell ??? ...thats right 0 When Sorcery hit the game i made it my goal to find,buy and make all of the staffs in the game.... and then i sat and waited for them to add in the new spells. BOOM ...i find out you can only get them from killing Uniques. So just think of how INSANELY FRUSTRATING that is. While i agree with you that this idea would push these fights underground more so that no one would get to go to them (apart from the hunting groups) i still back up what Lord Etherdrifter is saying here... i would like something to be done. It's INSANE the way it stands and we all know that these groups have most if not all of the spells now and are just hunting for these items purely for money which i think damages the game for others. So tac on something to this idea why not have the loot like Etherdrifter is saying (like Rifts) but only if you are in the fight and do damage. Noob players / low FS players cannot damage these monsters.... if they can land a hit at all that is. But still have the normal drop of blood and hide for player in local. ? AND to stop fights going underground have beams for each ....all different colours just like a rift. ? Everyone has a chance at tracking them down.... everyone has a chance at joining the fight. Sounds fair to me.
  10. Yep....don't know what they did ....but it's working now for me.
  11. Same here ....and experimental IS unchecked. Only ones i have checked is Graphics and Sound. Can't get into the game at all.
  12. Just spoke to my friend and he says he used a Lemon wood scrap ..... so looks like Lady Luvable is right on the money.
  13. Yep My friend made a FULL barrel of Fermenting Beer......and when it was done it had all turned into vinegar.
  14. There is no recipe as far as i know's made in-game after failing to make beer and other booze. I know a very good friend in-game that ended up with barrels FULL of the stuff.
  15. Greetings Lord Chakron... I love Niarja and use it all the time (Have it up in the background). 1 thing i would love to see added if possible.... the Rift data you have for "Rift Appeared" and "Rift Closed" mainly the time and date stamp.... would it also be possible to add a "Rift opening" time stamp ? The amount of times i have seen players trying to work out the open time (and get it wrong, thats me aswell by the way) i have lost count so it would be Awesome to also have an opening time for the Rift. I might be asking for something that can't be done but would like to ask about it just in case. Thanks again for a great wurm tool.... your doing a awesome job m8.