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  1. Considering this is a fictional game world - just going to throw this out there: Make all avatars one totally unrealistic shade, indiscriminate gender, and institute a new all-encompassing wurm-person-pronoun for everyone existing in the realm.
  2. 7/31/20: Thread pending update to include new servers. (Harmony, Defiance, Melody...) @Amata - That is a very thoughtful suggestion. I don't know that I could necessarily find and post all those metrics but perhaps there is some additional "practical" information or descriptions that could be incorporated. Ty!
  3. "A spectacular sparkling column marks treasure hidden by THE ONE UNICORN KING TO RULE THEM ALL" --- deciphered as --- "The vicious seals of Newspring Island finally turn to cannibalism." by: Votip, Velvetsun, Enki, Schiann, Felthanne, Crezena, Jair, Wucian, G-Flex, NeeNee
  4. Wow, big news. @BuddaThank you for all your time and effort. @SamoolCongrats!
  5. "A weary craftsman puts the finishing touches on his fantastic masterpiece" --- deciphered as --- "wet man spraying paint ???" by: Felthanne, Jacobacon, Bavlor, Crezena, Joelle, Allenkey, Clova, Nadroj, Silvirwolfe, Dracaa
  6. Well... Personally, if that is the case, I don't see myself fishing in the future. I'll just.. hit a dead horse one more time for good measure even though the answer is already out -- Please leave "old fashion" as an option even if it is less efficient.
  7. Ok so -- the new fishing system is 100% mandatory then? The old ways (even if less efficient) will be removed? I'll be frank here -- God rest Tich's soul -- I had dread of this more involved (knowing Tich) fishing update since the day it was announced. I tried to watch the twitch stream and had some impression the new system was more of an add-on which I found greatly relieving - and beneficial for all if it was a pick-and-choose. Can we PLEASE, please, please have this involved/mini-game fishing deal be an "interesting" add-on and keep the olden-ways alongside?
  8. "Enki makes his appearance at an impalong, all hell breaks loose" --- deciphered as --- "Avatar of Magranon conjures up a large rabbit shield against Vynora's sharknado attack. Villagers watch on as their village is laid to waste." by: Votip, Wera, Crezena, Explosiver, Madnath, Borneas, Ottawaville, Zenity, Clova, Enki
  9. "A confused fish watching a wurm-fisherman gather worms" --- deciphered as --- "..... fresh flowers can inspire serenity...." by: Pippadippa, Crezena, Stedtson, Fabricant, Seriphina, Pingpong, Clova, Lisabet, Cecci, Hughmongus 
  10. Greetings, Wurmians! You are hereby cordially invited to participate in... " Wurm Whispers " Tom foolery be afoot! Misunderstanding shall abound! Parchments have been unearthed... and now they go round and round.... Our ancestors, seem to have had very poor hieroglyphic skills... and weop caaiont quitea mke ouohytok waho lskau pfobnd opphasons say *ahem* sorry.. I mean... --and we can't quite make out what these found parchments say-- Darn quill... Indubitably, the secrets they contain must be *very* important. Therefore we staff have been frantically chasing down any and all clues to the deciphering of these scrolls, but it seems we need some help. Who among you will aide in the quest? For the next while - Be on the lookout for staff seeking assistance! (You may be asked either to draw a picture or to write a description of a picture) This adventure should be fun! For the betterment of all wurmkind - the "secrets" will be shared here as they are discovered As a preview of our ground breaking research - the very first parchment to be deciphered! "A mighty warrior slays a hoard of roosters while drinking wine" --- deciphered as --- "Beef, it's what's for dinner" by: Shrimpiie, Ostentatio, Retrograde, Telurius, Moogien, Dracaa, Crezena, Shamank, Oblivionreaver, Brentox Small print nobody reads.. or do they?: "Wurm Whispers" is like the games "Broken Picture Telephone"/"Drawception"/"Broken Picturephone". The staff person hosting each "round" will pass along alternating pictures and descriptions through a chain of 10 players (5 pictures, 5 descriptions) - until the final decipher is complete. Names will not be passed around with the "clues" (to maintain mystery and anonymity) but will be listed for everyone's enjoyment and folly on the end-product "reveals" (see example round above). If you are asked to draw a picture - it just needs to be a quick sketch on whatever program you might have (eg. paint) and you can upload without any account on imgur to pass the image back to the staffer-host:
  11. oooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooohhh?! HEDGES! HEDGES! HEDGES! Thank you @Saroman! So long I have waited! The water also looks very nice - Thank you too @Samool
  12. For some time now the hair under hats has been gone again. It continues to work fine on test.. just not on live. Please- pretty please.. can we stop having to be bald when we wear hats? Would have sworn there was another recent bug post about this (that I posted in no less) - but now I only seem to find very old ones that are no longer relevant or were prior to us getting the hair we used to have (and still have on test).
  13. Shoot, I've just noticed I also no longer see the "undo" and "redo" buttons. *Bump* to the issue of indentation options being missing as well. @Keenan
  14. Indentation options? (increase/decrease) like so, or so I don't see them anywhere either
  15. I ... may be blind? Where did "spoiler" go? I love me some spoilers... I need me spoilers.... *waits 57 seconds* Please bring them back?! @Keenan
  16. We must make sadder puppy dog eyes... How I long for the day other hedges will be updated to match the interesting/beautiful maple and lavender ones. +1
  17. Would it be possible to either: 1. slightly increase the range that a horse's inventory will remain open from or 2. slightly decrease the "max" distance a horse will fall behind the player when led I LOVE the addition of saddle bags.. but often I will be out foraging/botting/picking sprouts (or what have you) with my horse led behind me and as my inventory fills up during my "outing" I transfer the extra small goods to the horse for temporary safe keeping. The only problem.. is that the horse always manages to fall just a little too far away and therefore the inventory closes out and I have to right-click>look>equipment and re expand everything out..all over again It is a hassle Would be very nice QOL improvement !
  18. I think for sure a +1 at least to working on the issue of skilling for fish fillets. Some fish are quite large and yield a lot of fillets, but even if there was some sort of "max cap" to the # of fillet that would grant xp that would be nice
  19. Curious as well. Darn these are cute and I've wanted a saddlebag item ingame for ages... Also - Can you have more than one of these on a horse at a time? (Eg. a saddlebag *and* a saddlesack?)
  20. I only just noticed this and I simply *must* ask... Which one of you has a bichon frise dog? And is he always misbehaved and nippy? Retro? Budda? Other dev working on the new Valrei system? *wracks brain but doesn't remember any prior mentions of this*
  21. I have a new foal named "Cactuschaser" .. which I find quite amusing
  22. \o Thank you, Retro And thank you to everyone offering commiserations urgh.. congratulations! I totally only meant "congratulations" In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to the new adventure. *Infomercial music starts up* Hello! Do you enjoy being helpful? Do your eyes sparkle with delight at the thought of aiding others in discovering the wonders of Wurm?! Well, have I got a product for you! *pulls out a bottle labeled "Eau de CA"* For only 3 easy payments of... zero iron... mailed in with your completed application this could be yours! (Keep an eye out in GM Hall for future openings!)