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  1. Hedge Model Updates

    Yes yes.... this too!
  2. Forum update complete

    Shoot, I've just noticed I also no longer see the "undo" and "redo" buttons. *Bump* to the issue of indentation options being missing as well. @Keenan
  3. Forum update complete

    Indentation options? (increase/decrease) like so, or so I don't see them anywhere either
  4. Forum update complete

    I ... may be blind? Where did "spoiler" go? I love me some spoilers... I need me spoilers.... *waits 57 seconds* Please bring them back?! @Keenan
  5. Hedge Model Updates

    We must make sadder puppy dog eyes... How I long for the day other hedges will be updated to match the interesting/beautiful maple and lavender ones. +1
  6. Would it be possible to either: 1. slightly increase the range that a horse's inventory will remain open from or 2. slightly decrease the "max" distance a horse will fall behind the player when led I LOVE the addition of saddle bags.. but often I will be out foraging/botting/picking sprouts (or what have you) with my horse led behind me and as my inventory fills up during my "outing" I transfer the extra small goods to the horse for temporary safe keeping. The only problem.. is that the horse always manages to fall just a little too far away and therefore the inventory closes out and I have to right-click>look>equipment and re expand everything out..all over again It is a hassle Would be very nice QOL improvement !
  7. Update Fishing

    I think for sure a +1 at least to working on the issue of skilling for fish fillets. Some fish are quite large and yield a lot of fillets, but even if there was some sort of "max cap" to the # of fillet that would grant xp that would be nice
  8. 2017 Xmas Saddle Sacks and Saddle bags

    Curious as well. Darn these are cute and I've wanted a saddlebag item ingame for ages... Also - Can you have more than one of these on a horse at a time? (Eg. a saddlebag *and* a saddlesack?)
  9. Community Assistant (CA) Applications - [OPEN]

    Status: Open, seeking Freedom applicants.
  10. Valrei International. 042

    I only just noticed this and I simply *must* ask... Which one of you has a bichon frise dog? And is he always misbehaved and nippy? Retro? Budda? Other dev working on the new Valrei system? *wracks brain but doesn't remember any prior mentions of this*
  11. Whats your Best Horse name?

    I have a new foal named "Cactuschaser" .. which I find quite amusing
  12. Community Assistant (CA) Applications Status: Open, seeking Freedom applicants. *`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*`*` Looking to add to the CA team! Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and helping new players? Well, CA do just that via assisting others in "CA Help" and "GV Help"* channels! * "GV Help" is the help channel for the tutorial server (Golden Valley). CM (Chat Moderator) are drawn from CA staff, aid with support tickets and chat moderation, and may eventually qualify for GM (Game Master). CA are eligible to apply for promotion to CM after gaining experience as CA and showing appropriate fit. CA Applications may be made to the Lead Chat Moderator (LCM) in writing with the following details. Name of your main in-game Avatar and what server you primarily play on. Paste in your main character's in game time (/playtime). If applicable: In addition to PVE server of primary residence, do you spend time on Epic or Chaos - on main, or other account? If so please detail approximate frequency, which kingdom you belong to, and your general comfort level with pvp issues/questions. List your secondary character name(s) and server(s). List your forum name(s). Are you the original owner/creator of the listed account(s)? If no, provide the past history and ownership details to the best of your knowledge. What time period(s) do you play normally? (specify a range of time in CET time zone (wurm time) format, ie: 4pm - 8pm CET Tues to Thurs) What Time Zone do you live in? ie: PST, EST, UTC, etc. Have you previously applied for staff? Do you have a referral from an existing staff member? If yes, provide details and ensure you have their consent to be used. Why do you want to be a CA? Would you have any interest in eventual promotion to CM (work with support tickets and chat moderation)? Describe your experience relative to this application. Anything else relevant to the application. Additional information: Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance. Applications will undergo review by staff. Once complete, notification of acceptance/denial will be relayed by the LCM. All communications about this application are to be made through the LCM only. * Note that staff accounts may not be shared with other players under any circumstance. * Applicants should have an existing history of participation to queries in the CA Help channel as a non-staff player in order to demonstrate knowledge and fitness for the official role. Additionally, 30 days (or more) in game time on your main avatar is required. This is a volunteer role. Current staff listing can be found here. Please include the questions as well as the answers in the application submission. Thank you for your interest! Happy Wurming!
  13. Valrei International 027

    \o Thank you, Retro And thank you to everyone offering commiserations urgh.. congratulations! I totally only meant "congratulations" In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to the new adventure. *Infomercial music starts up* Hello! Do you enjoy being helpful? Do your eyes sparkle with delight at the thought of aiding others in discovering the wonders of Wurm?! Well, have I got a product for you! *pulls out a bottle labeled "Eau de CA"* For only 3 easy payments of... zero iron... mailed in with your completed application this could be yours! (Keep an eye out in GM Hall for future openings!)
  14. Kingdom Influences

    What if range maxed out at a "moderate" level that is not terribly hard to obtain - but of course max possible level above that level still contributes to how difficult it is to destroy/take over. I don't know that say 90 ql for max range (whatever that would be) is a bad thing - but maybe something like 50ql to reach the max range would be more encouragement for players not yet to a very high masonry skill to participate in land squabbles. More play, more fun for everyone?