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  1. Never Night

    IMO it was a much more exciting experience when nights were actually scary. Miss the dark nights. PRE 2014 or w/e it was changed
  2. bump. I want to be able to sell food on my merchant. - maybe decrease decay so it slows down like larder so they can at least be up there for a week - add a vending machine and let merchant sell linked food tokens - let us customize merchants (set aside a portion for food) DO something
  3. 19s OBO pickup avaliable at or near harmony bay or can deliver.
  4. Bump 30s sold. Still have 55s more id like to sell.
  5. 80s sold still have 85s more id like to sell. Selling at 2:3 10s on southern freedom for 6.67 on northern freedom
  6. Would be nice to be able to sell food. Thought i was selling food on merchant but it all poofed.
  7. Dang thats a great deal for such high quality lumps
  8. 70 prayer is a stupid goal on the journal its also the last thing blocking my priest.
  9. PM with how much you want or message here. I have 85 silver for trade for silver on the old server Thanks
  10. I had 3 Bison attached to hitching post in a mine. When i came to retrieve them only the venerable was visible. I did not know at the time that i had 3 hitched when i unhitched all it stated that 3 were unhitched. I searched above the mine immediately and no trace of them. Put in a support ticket and Pomona came and could not find any trace of the Bison not even in the hidden realm.
  11. Please Close

    Had a talk with them they seem very sincere about making it a nice highway bridge.
  12. Many people are frustrated with total priesting or having no access. I think there should be a hybrid option. I would prefer if you had a lil more customizability (is that a word) on priests. let me explain. I think you should be able to be Full Priest /Hybrid Priest/Priestless. Full Priest - same as current Hybrid priest - No access to enchanting spells, offensive spells. - Access to utility spells only - Can improve and function in thier realm of interest. (Ex. Magranon Hybrid would get access to light token, goat form, stamina, strongwall and any other small buff spells, They would be able to improve anything in the smithing spectrum) (Ex. Vynora Hybrid Would get access to Opulence, hand of vynora, (( wind of ages only since they are almost 90% enchant)) other small buffs. They would be able to improve anything in the Carpentry Spectrum) Ex. Fo Hybrid Would get access to morning fog, minor heal only and genesis. They would Get access to improve anything in the Tailoring Spectrum) Priestless - Same as current
  13. I think this could defintly be an idea if branded animals could "find" there way home after like a 24 hours time if you "send them home". Should have to create like a paddock area "designated return point"
  14. oh could u never claim at token? oops
  15. Why was the abiility to claim jackal rewards at token removed? Is there some deadline that i didnt know about to claim them? I was hoping more weapons would be added they seem rather low polycount compared to the monthly items.
  16. Sorcery staffs do not get the wood grain color they are made with.
  17. Would be nice to be able to mouse over a felled tree and tell the weight before u start chopping logs off. At higher level strength yes this does not matter but until ur like 30 str it would be nice to be able to mouse over a tree and see the age of it just as u could when it wasnt cut down. This way you wouldnt have to Chop> check if you can pick up>chop > check etc. you already knew it was overaged when u cut it down u should be able to "tell" by the size of the tree if you are experienced forester.
  18. Should that really be thier use when there is a weapon skin and they are a real weapon now? I mean low ql backpacks are great for grinding to.
  19. Then i suggest having the option of clicking upgrade on a troll club and making it a huge club then. and having regular troll clubs decay fast. or like grifo said but i think it would have to change item like using an upgrade like on fishing pole to change item decay properties. They do not decay at the same rate as other items in a chest. they have a decay rate similar to pelts or maybe even slightly faster.
  20. lol +1 for the 10000th time suggesed so often.:)
  21. As it is now Troll club has a higher decay rate than a normal wood item/weapon. That should be changed to be in line with any other weapon now. Your troll club should not decay insanely fast if you park it in a corner or chest in your house. Also the weight is insane. Maybe reduce it to 10kg it would still be heavy but not 3x the next heaviest weapon.
  22. the "faith" check should come after a succesful action not at the beginning of action ud think.
  23. - Would like the ability to "rest" in a bed. * Would slow down food and water loss considerably. * Adds an aspect of roleplaying. * If you need to go AFK for an hour and dont feel like logging out you can roll out your Bedroll or Rest in your bed.