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  1. ok thanks i prolly wont make it then thanks for public though
  2. how far is it from shore im late and not sure i can make it in time
  3. 55s sold. Still have 60s on the new server left that i would trade for 90s on the old servers
  4. Sure i will trade you 2 new silver for 3 old silver (2:3) so that would be 9.24 s on the new server if you are ok with that PM me and we can sort out details.
  5. Never Night

    IMO it was a much more exciting experience when nights were actually scary. Miss the dark nights. PRE 2014 or w/e it was changed
  6. bump. I want to be able to sell food on my merchant. - maybe decrease decay so it slows down like larder so they can at least be up there for a week - add a vending machine and let merchant sell linked food tokens - let us customize merchants (set aside a portion for food) DO something
  7. 19s OBO pickup avaliable at or near harmony bay or can deliver.
  8. Bump 30s sold. Still have 55s more id like to sell.
  9. 80s sold still have 85s more id like to sell. Selling at 2:3 10s on southern freedom for 6.67 on northern freedom
  10. Would be nice to be able to sell food. Thought i was selling food on merchant but it all poofed.
  11. Dang thats a great deal for such high quality lumps
  12. 70 prayer is a stupid goal on the journal its also the last thing blocking my priest.
  13. PM with how much you want or message here. I have 85 silver for trade for silver on the old server Thanks