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  1. The new fishing is alot more fun than the old one. It is an experience similar to real fishing. If people want to afk fish just make it a toggle. You can switch to afk fishing and get no gains and no larger fish. Only thing i dont like about fishing and archeology and rift is that they force content in journals.
  2. Its that time of the year. We need a rustic/wilderness graphics items expansion. - Log cabin walls (20 logs, 10 clay) - Pine bark paving (mulch) - Rustic bench ( like one log cut in half stacked on 2 parrallel logs) for chilling aorund campfire. - Bear Fur Cloak
  3. As title states... Please allow us to paint cave ceilings. no need to reinforce just make it so any mining action removes paint. Will open up ability to create even more bright underground buildings.
  4. Would be nice if Thatching be came a more diverse skill. Possible Recipes. - Straw Hat - Straw Basket -Lobster trap -Fish Trap Would be nice.
  5. Its too late to remove moonmetals. Many of the elite unique hunting teams that will profit off having unobtainable weapons. The cats out of the bag about using moonmetals. Making them unobtainable now would only give the groups who purchased much of them a huge advantage. I mean might as well remove iron and steel later on and make everyone use tin weapons.
  6. Not only the referral some people are getting the 2s bonus also... its all over the place
  7. As it is now if you buy a starter packet through steam ( 2 months and 5s ) you get a referral. If you buy that same packet off of wurmonline.com you do not. Sending in a ticket for this results in a "we havent given referrals since march since premium is lower priced"... This does not change the fact that people who bought from wurmonline.com are being cheated currently. So what will you do to fix this or is this just another situation where loyal customers will just have to eat the loss or rather lack of a gain. If people knew this was how it would be and a benefit for steam players it would be understandable... but it is just an unintended advantage that should be dealt with by given all people who bought the starter package a referral. From that point when it is fixed on steam you could make it moving forward that no one gets referrals. This should be dealt with more fairly...
  8. yeah i feel like the craftable one shoudl be broken down into a "Patchwork Bedroll" and a "Fine Bedroll" once who gives people who dont have a house>loom>bear/wolf> etc etc gives them somethign to start with
  9. once you have a herd of 40 sheep do you really need a bedroll you probabaly have a nice cozy home and max sleep bonus or a cabin with a bed somewhere. thats the points its basically decorative cause no real use as its intended purpose. It should Either be made easier and add less sleep bonus. or add a rustic version made form more raw materials.
  10. It takes about 3x the amount of materials a tent makes atm...
  11. Currently the material requirement for sleeping bag is so insane that it is only ever useful as a decoration. it takes like over 200 materials to make one. early game its too difficult to aquire that much wool easier to make a bed. late game you probablay already have a place to sleep or max sleep bonus or a place to go home. - Sleeping bag should be an alternative before you can make a bed. (this is how it is in most games and makes sense) - another option would be to add a "primitive bedroll" that gives low sleep bonus like 30% but is easy to make like 20-30 items. (does not require loom , spinning wheel fleet of sheep)
  12. So i dont understand. Will you not open up the steam download early so that people can create a character early on the steam client and join the rush? Or will only the veterans that know create a character an dbe standing at the portal when steam people start downloading?
  13. Can we create a ccharacter normally here and then pick the steam server destination?