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  1. Location: M25 on Dodo Island Please park your alts at the designated alt spot to reduce lag during the fight.
  2. Location: M25 on Dodo Island (map: Signup: In order to be eligible for loot you must be signed up in this thread at least one hour before the fight. You must post your char name if it's different than your forum name. If you're signing up friends then you must list their names. Fighters: 70 fight skill, 70ql weapon, 40+ in the appropriate weaponskill, wearing appropriate armor. Must get credit on Twitter or be active in fight log. You may be requested to put on your 70 or 90 fight skill title. Bystanders: Everyone is welcome to show up for blood. If you want to swing at the goblin then make sure you read the rules below. Fight Rules: In order to allow as many people as possible to get credit for the kill the following rules apply: Fighters must back out after landing a hit. (It is recommended you use your mouse scroll wheel to watch your combat log for hits) Bystanders must back out after a swing, even if you don't hit. Swinging at the target is enough to get on the kill list and get the title. Alts are not allowed to swing at the goblin. We'll be doing a combat log parse after the fight. Blatant offenders will be removed from the loot raffle. Loot: All loot will be raffled among fighters with appropriate skills. Each person is limited to one raffle spot and at most one loot item. Valrei items are considered one item per charge. General Information: There will be a designated spot to park ships and alts, this spot will be in local of the fight. If you're new to unique fights then make sure you're prepared for the heavy lag during these events. Minimum graphics settings are highly recommended. Restarting the client often can help free up java heap space. Signup List:
  3. WTS white drake armor set: Price: 95s (I can only take silver, not euro/usd) Send me a PM here or in game.
  4. Will people be allowed to host commercial servers where they charge people to play?
  5. I can sell you a 88 CoC gland for 1s.
  6. Signup thread is now up: This is not a signup thread, just a heads up that it has been found and that we plan on doing a public fight on Sunday September 20th, probably at 9pm central EU / 3pm EST / noon PST. All loot will be rolled including the crown and tome charges (if they drop). A proper signup thread will follow in a few days, so no need to sign up here.
  7. Both priests have been sold now. Please close.
  8. Kensho has been sold. Corda is still up for sale.
  9. I am looking to sell two nacho battery priests with 70+ faith. Both have vteleport, mirror and a newbie tent with 10 damage. They do not have any premium time or referral. The priests can either be used for casting strongwall and genesis (since neither require channeling) or as starter/battery priests. Name: Kensho (the name means "awakening" in Buddhism) Sex: male Faith: 71.27 Prayer: 24.52 Channeling: 1.00 Affinity: Large Metal Shield Name: Corda Sex: male Faith: 72:03 Prayer: 24.21 Channeling: 1.87 Affinity: Long spear Corda briefly owned a deed on Pristine. I can provide skilldumps on request, but they don't have any other skills worth mentioning. Price: 20s for each priest. Both are currently located on Xanadu east coast and can /suicide to any starter town or village they're invited to on the server. I can provide a rowboat + transport to any Freedom PvE server for 1s (or free if both are purchased at the same time). Since I only have one rowboat on Xanadu I can only offer transport to one buyer. If purchase is made today I can also drop them off at Pristine or Release.
  10. I have two spare carts with bulls hitched at the market at Valley of the Damned (P14 on the south coast). If anyone needs then send me a pm.
  11. The King of Goobers!!! Sign me up! Will there be cows and puppet shows?
  12. I'll be there. The easiest coastal location is the south coast at P14 and it's a 45 minute cart ride with geared horses or close to 1.5 hour with ungeared mounts.
  13. If a group really wants private loot then none of those suggestions will change much. They can just chose to not invite anyone - that way they get all the drops and all the hide/scale. If it can't be penned then they would need to kill it pretty quick, but that wouldn't be more than a small inconvenience for a small group.
  14. Aside from all this, we've just had the number of different uniques increased from 8 to 14. I don't think anyone yet knows if this means we'll also see a similar 75% increase in spawns or if the total unique spawn rate will stay the same. It's to early to tell, but so far we've had four spawns in four days which is pretty unusual.
  15. I recommend considering why someone from Chaos would lobby for uniques to be impossible to pen on PvE servers.
  16. Uniques can bash walls of houses, but in most cases they don't do this unprovoked since they are tied to their spawn point. Occasionally the uniques spawn without being tied to their spawn and in these cases they can indeed wreck havoc on local deeds. If this happens then mentioning the location in freedom will usually get someone to come and contain the unique before a lot of damage is done.
  17. Unfortunately the opposite would happen. If people can't secure uniques when they find them they will just kill them right away instead. Organizing a public fight would be too risky. I certainly agree that it shouldn't be possible pen a unique indefinitely, but it's extremely rare that someone tries to do that. One solution to this could be to return uniques to their spawn point if they've been trapped for a certain amount of time (perhaps a week). Everyone certainly has a chance right now. If you look at you can see that there's currently 8 living uniques out there for everyone to find and kill, some of which have been roaming free for a long time. The recently killed goblin leader on Independence had been running around in the open woods for 5 months before it was found and killed.
  18. My main concern with the changes is how they will incentivize private fights even more than before. I don't know what the developer's thoughts on public fights are, but my personal opinion is that they are great community events and offer intersting social experiences for both new and veteran players. I think the changes all make sense by themselves, so I am not saying they are necessarily bad, just that it might be worth giving some thoughts to whether public events is something you like to see in the game. Having bigger drops on Freedom servers than on Chaos is going to incentivize Chaos players to come to Freedom to find (and probably also steal) uniques there. To avoid this Freedom players will want to kill their uniques quickly and without letting the public know they have been found. Not being able to pen uniques securely certainly makes sense, but it's going to make it very risky to announce the fight in advance. It will be much less risky to kill it privately and with very short notice. Having the main loot from dragons come from a limited pool will make it a lot less desirable to invite others to the fight. In the past the blood drops has been a lot more valuable than the hide/scale which meant that there wasn't a big downside to announce fights publicly. All in all I am happy to see you make improvements to uniques, but I hope that public fights will remain popular.
  19. Having increased drops on Freedom, but not on Chaos will probably mean Chaos will hunt the dragons on Freedoms a lot more now. Having dragons bash mine doors certainly make a lot of sense from a realism point of view, but I expect these changes to lead to less public events.