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  1. I agree with yaga and vote no. The idea itself is nice just to show wich nice stuff we made. But the potential of drama wich stuff counts as landmark is unforeseeable.
  2. No problem, tell me if i forgott an animal.
  3. I was see them, i can move them to the cammilla field, thats off deed if you like. Deed name "Mountain Village"
  4. There a still free sermon timeslots? (BL) And have you meditate rugs?
  5. Hmmm in this case it would be a bug that a "hight iron fence gate" can still be made with all the other stone types like roundstone/potery/marble/slate/... . Edit: Im wrong all type of hight fence gates dont work, so this can be closed becouse intended. (I must be blind ...)
  6. I was expand a house on deed. I build 2 "stone arch wall" as house wall. (Not inside the house) Right klick on tile border under "stone arch wall", "Fence" -> "Iron" -> dont show the option to build an "hight iron fence gate" For all other brick types the option exists. As example "pottery hight iron fence gate". Inside the building, not unter an "stone arch wall" is is possebil to start an "hight iron fence gate" Edit: Im a lib prist
  7. I think the umbrella rule is a good idea, but it should be extended at an soft way, more like a guideline and not as hard rules. (So GMs will still have space to work and players have an idea how to behave onself.) And inside the guideline should be "gray zone problems" added and made be clear, if they trigger oner or more of these: - they often apper (If the guidline is clear the GMs should solfe es with less stress and worktime.) - involve many player (The problem could be grow fast and makes a lot of trouble, maybe involve other players too than.) - making a toxic mood/spirit (Ever player with an taxic mood could be a player leaving the game, thats really bad for the game.) (As special note: The players are leaving are mostly not the player that start toxic actions, but they countinue with it ....) Any added entry should have an generell example and the reasons/design choises why it is a bad idea to do this. With these the players old or new can see the way why they exists and it could be talked in other threads about it, this cant be happen if nobody know why it it a bad idea. (Maybe a forum section with one thread for any guidline?) Not every players has the same ethics and can understand without a reason why a guidline was been made. In an other point GMs and his assistends could say: "Hey what you are make is not good, you can see an example in the guildine why it is and can we now talk about a solution.". And i think Mclavin is right, the most problems accour becouse PvE has player limitations that PvP dont have, but just for the PvE play itself is is good have these limitations. The only problem with it is that the game/GMs needs to solve the problems that come with them. Other theme: Not sure if something exists becouse im more rare at forum. It could be helpfull to have something similar for often ask questions. Like an FAQ about design choises like : "Why cant be an PvE Kingdom created?". Sry for all the gramma and syntax fails ...., plz ask if something is not clear.
  8. Oh thx, i was missing that. But for the ticket itself i forgott: I was gain valrei mission progress by doing it.
  9. Without valrei mission its not possibil. (Its indented as i know, but i dont like ;-3 ) At the misson "Magranon's gigantic tears": Sacrfice x Bisons in Mag domain with under 50% Bison HP It was/is possibil as lib prist to sacrifice a Bison in lib domain with 100% Bison HP.
  10. It looks like i cant recive the goal "Spend 1k Favor" from step 1 "Dedication" prist jornal. I got the step 2 "Aprobation" goal finished, that includes "Sacrefice 1k Items". Each item was worth 4-5 favor, i used all the favor to cast spells (mostly BotD). It total 4-5k favor used. In additional it could be interesting for the step 3 goal "Spend 100k Favor" Lib Prist on Deli 76 Faith Forum name = Ingame name Edit: All spells are cast in a Lib domain
  11. I was running through it and the end result looks very nice! Great work all