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  1. Back to the Highlands for me, can't even remember why i left in the 1st place .... must have been a dumb idea i'd gotten cause once back i can't imagine leaving again. Great people, great 1x server and well run.
  2. So Stardew Valley then ..... yes Wurm O/U is a niche product, niche products still need to "advertise", just because it's not your friends "cup of tea" doesn't mean that advertising well be ineffective it just means we need to target that advertising to those people that this game will appeal to. Niche products arn't bad, not every product needs to be altered to suit the broadest possible market and they are quite the polar opposite of advertising in that Adverts arn't good, they do need to be targeted to a specific audience to be effective, we just need to work out the who and how.
  3. Exactly, it's a simple numbers game in the end we can keep changing Wurm to make PvP attractive to the 10 people who havn't tried it yet OR we can improve Wurm PvP to better attract the million plus other players out there to might take a risk on Wurm. There have been some very eloquent people describing what is good about Wurm PvP for them, and i understand and applaud their passion for it, so why not use the passion and eloquence to attract players entirely new to Wurm. And lets stop trying to make PvP seem more attractive to existing Wurmians and make PvP more appealing to capture a NEW generation of Wurmians.
  4. +1 in Theory, but to model it on cooking misses an opportunity to add in something a little different. Personally i would prefer a system which is essentially random ... so someone with ql 1 ingredients, alchemy 1 and ql 1 equipment will product a potion of random effect (with that effect (or effects) being 99% negative). Increased ql ingredients produces a better ql end product Higher Alchemy skill makes it so your more able to get the positive effect you require. Increased ql equipment reduces the chance of a negative effect. So in effect all ql 1 = deadly poisonous potion, very low quality product with a very slim chance of getting the desire result onto of the drawback all ql 50 = reasonable chance of getting the effect you want with a small chance of a negative effect, medium quality product all ql 99 = always getting what you want, with no drawback and a high quality product The list of effects can be as small as healing covers or as large as imagination and dev time allows. Chose the desired effect, warm up the flasks and cauldron and have at it.
  5. Yeah i can see that dramatic increase in numbers you talk about right there .... I'm going to say this for the last time .... can we talk about the real problems and not the cliches such as "it's all the fault of the PvE players that PvP is failing" please? If your happy to try and attract/guilt/force the 50% (made up figure) of the 450 (typical load across all servers) of Wurm players who havn't tried PvP that's nice, but wouldn't you rather attempt to attract even 0.001% of non-Wurm players out there?
  6. I'm very happy that your completely confident that i have never PvP'ed on Wurm .......obviously your wrong. But please re-read anything i have written and i hope in doing so you'd understand what i'm trying to do is move the discussion on from tinkering with a few variables and on to how the hell we increase PvP participation in Wurm in any significant and long lasting way. The only way to do this is to draw in players from outside Wurm and you can only do that after you have taken a realistic look at the current state of PvP in Wurm compared to it's competition! Don't get me wrong, i've been lurking on these forums for a long time and i understand why many people post knee-jerk responses to the same discussion, which appears every 6 to 9 months, they are completely understandable, but they arn't very helpful for trying to deal with the actual problem.
  7. Again, really lets not go round and round with the same old arguments, please if you actually want to improve the PvP situation on Wurm please please please just get past the old cliched tropes and lets talk about the real problem. When stacked up against the competition on the "digital game store shelf" this game has nothing to offer the new player looking for his 1st or next PvP experience compares to the vast majority of others produced in the last 10 years. And we know this because if it did they would be coming here anyway, Eve online for the 1st 6 years of it's existence was only available from their website, had about the same advertising budget than Wurm and their numbers grew every single year.
  8. No this is the misconception ..... I'm sorry but this isn't field of dreams, if you build they won't come .... the fact is there already here, a lot of them have tried it and the vast majority of them simply are not interested. You can't improve PvP numbers by preaching to the same people you've preached to the last 15 times, If you want to improve PvP numbers you have to attract from outside Wurm.
  9. Again lets make this clear .... i'm not disparaging Wurm i'm just trying to inject a bit of realism into a topic about increasing participation in PvP in this game. Yes you can enjoy more than one game, i split my time equally (currently) between Wurm and Elite Dangerous ... that's not the point. The Point is that there is a big pool of PvPers out there and they have a massive selection of PvP orientated games to play ...... the reality is that this game when compared to it's competition in both the broadest and most focused of terms is not comparable to any other PvP orientated game created in the last 10 years. I understand you may enjoy the PvP here and i don't deny that others may enjoy it here ... BUT YOU HAVE TO GET THEM HERE FIRST BEFORE THEY'LL KNOW.
  10. Sorry you said to name one not name one tailored to your own specific criteria that is biased towards Wurm which is the game you (rightly) enjoy playing. I said PvP experience and lets face it you cannot deny that the PvP experience enjoyed by over 3 millon players in PubG is superior in every way to the experience enjoyed by less than a 100 players in Wurm.
  11. 3 quick points about the above 1. improving PvP will not get other players to Chaos ... this has been tried and proven ineffective time and time again .... yes a slight short term increase can be achieved but anything meaningful and long term, nope. 2. Sorry but the main reason people don't go and try PvP on Chaos isn't the risk .... it's the plain and simple fact most players do not have the slightest interest in PvP 3. No other PvP game of the last decade is as bad as Wurm for PvP .... in fact i would suggest the only people who play on Chaos arn't PvP'ers because the PvP experience in a almost any game created in the last decade is far superior to the PvP experience here. So the only people who PvP on Wurm are Wurm players who are interested in PvP ... not PvP'ers who are interested in Wurm and that difference is very significant if you want to increase the PvP population.
  12. +1 more options would be very good, especially if we can define the texture of the floor for each side, not just the floor as one.
  13. Okay damn you text editor .... damn you all to heck! To paraphrase myself from 4 and 1/2 years ago .... (yes i'm that bored at work) A drag harness you put on an animal to allow you to drag items rather than using a rope seems, to me at least, a better option, plus more items for leatherworkers to make is always a good thing right?