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  1. Please lets not do that, i mean one of the reasons i love cooking is because it's NOT imping. Not that there's anything wrong with imping but variety is the spice of life and more varied "mini-games" are, for me, much much better. As for immersion, i think perhaps one of the first steps to increase immersion is simply to look again at the recipes .... as someone pointed out to me a few days ago ... as a starter player you know some of the more complex recipes but you don't know the recipe for roasting vegetables .... (and lets please just remember there are systems that need revisiting more urgently than cooking). Frankly i think this is firmly in the realms of a mod for WU, where the recipes are re-written/revisted and any minor refinements to the existing mechanics could possibly be made and then let the dev team to see it, assess it and see if they wanna steal ... erm borrow anything from it?
  2. +1 to New stone varieties and Metal -1 to wooden statues .... heck lets just go full hog and ask for Topiary as a new skill while at it?
  3. +1 .. Technically Would prefer it without the Glow Lamp and if the crop were restricted to Mushrooms (p.s. make mushrooms growable .... colour dependent on ql of grow box perhaps?) Or maybe just use the pottery planters idea and you can plant mushrooms in the cave planter box and pick like herbs .... (but more frequently?)
  4. +1 Excellent Idea Could also create a forum contest for people to submit possible stories for a given combination of puppets, thus reduce the "dev cost" if they choose to create this.
  5. Don't knock it, +1 it!
  6. Got my solo server just right, but got a hit of altism and decided to quickly check out Mystic Highlands ..... day 4 of my addiction ... please send help i can't log off...... Good community, having loads of fun, had a brush with the GM staff, they were fair and polite and it was my fault (yes i had read the rules, i just assumed and didn't double check).
  7. +1, but i'd rather you could just hitch your animal to a tree.
  8. +1 certainly
  9. Thank you everyone, yes the Boatmod is working with!
  10. Thank you! I'll give that a try, that would be perfect however the Mod hasn't been updated in awhile so i'll have to see if it works with the current version of WU.
  11. I'm sure this has been requested a hundred times, but hey it's no my turn to submit a request for a mod. Essentially, to get round that animals (except those can swim) can't be transferred from island to island, perhaps someone could mod a "clone"? of the GM summon power that requires the player to build a shipping crate, hitch the animal to it, perhaps select the deed it's to be transferred to and then send. If anyone knows of an existing mod that does this (or similar) please let me know, although i've scoured the forums i have yet to find anything suitable.
  12. Most non-FPS's are boring to watch, that's why the presenter is so important. If your a good enough presenter/entertainer you can stream paint drying.
  13. Nothing designed internally by Paradox is worth playing until after the 1st patch
  14. Sold