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  1. Skill Points

    its over 10000 thousand
  2. Follow-up poll of the market poll. What will keep you playing wurm? After we find the results of this one, we can come up with some realistic sub-polls to see what people think needs to be done.
  3. So, seeings the results of this post, lets change all posts to How can we make wurm more enjoyable for new players, and create a fun end-game for everyone that keeps players in the game
  4. Decay is not going to fix any market problems in this game, everything is reimped so easily with so many high accounts. what we need is item durability, like in minecraft. In short: -> Remove enchant decay on items -> Put a maximum usage on items (lets say, 5k, 10k, and double, triple for rare supreme) actions before the said item gets destroyed. Pickaxes for example, destroyed after 10k actions Meditation rugs, 1k actions etc. This will create a market for: Tools that need to be remade Enchants that need to be recast What this means: Nobody wants this, everyone wants to make an item once and keep it forever and re-imp it once every 6 months. (killing the market) Wurm needs it. But is it really possible with all the old players being against this? - Boats: made once, never destroyed. How many boats do actually decay away? Boats needs to have durability, based on the amount of kilometers they're used. Big boats higher durability obviously, perhaps increasing QL To lose less durability per k/m but still an amount that makes it so they're replaced every once in a while.
  5. Yes, when they merged the skills that caused lots of freedomers to quit.
  6. Is it somehow possible to make it calculate how much dirt you need for a project?
  7. Grats! Fishing next! And then weaponsmithing!
  8. doesn't work for me either, never has. I think its a limitation in either java or idk what, maybe wurm.
  9. Easiest way to clear old PM messages? On this forum? Inbox full, howd you clear like the oldest 500 without selecting them seperately
  10. [11:10:55] A small chest that prevents non-food decay while having normal decay itself. It can not be repaired but picked up. It is made from birchwood. Ql: 40.0, Dam: 10.405943. Asking 17s.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the same, but i had something similar. I dropped 64 wemp plants but only picked up 63 from the ground. No, it was not on a tile next to it.
  12. Sorry, this can be closed. It was already sold. Also color doesnt matter as you can combine it
  13. Bug?

    At restart? or did you re-attach them?