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  1. Roughly 200k remaining!
  2. 9 Deeds/Traders, PM me if youre interested.
  3. Thanks! Much for sale sale!
  4. Valrei Scenario rewards are bugged - Normal fragments were given out, and i received a hand that dissapeared after relog. And only 8 rewards seem to have been given out instead of 9 https://gyazo.com/fa78b84c6a19cb766ca284dfada170d4
  5. WTS 0.43 Dragon Scale - 21s
  6. Bump! more for sale!
  7. All have been sold. Thanks alot.
  8. There was a mission for a Traitor mob and this is where it was killed
  9. Bump! Without this change we cant continue the valrei board.
  10. WTS Dirt 75c per 1k. Pickup only - You keep crates 300k+ available.
  11. Sent!
  12. Thanks for the business!
  13. WTS C70-80 Rakes 20c Each
  14. WTS 2300QL Sub 10QL gems 40s