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  1. WA Enchant. 2,5g or 220e - Paypal
  2. 2 coins sold, topic can be closed. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, sold. Topic can be closed.
  4. Sorry everyone, but i accepted a private buyout on this. Thanks for the offers.
  5. Lets not forget that EPIC was supposed to be wiped in the first place, so why are you all crying you're losing skills you were intended to lose anyway!
  6. WTS 2 Blue Scale Gloves 0.6kg Usually would be 30s! Now 2 gloves for 23s only!
  7. Sent! Thanks.
  8. I think all ya Epic fokes are forgetting that freedom DID NOT ASK FOR THIS. We could not care less if your cluster died and we'd be fine with a seperate cluster and just let Epic bleed out as it is. We are getting screwed over by the devs aswell because they are trying to fix YOUR cluster and they're hurting us in the process. The goal to make a challange like skiling server can be done with a new cluster just fine.
  9. WTS 0.18 Scale - 9s or 8.1 Euro
  10. WTS Red Drake Hide Set with Cap 20ql 80s or 72e
  11. Send me a PM if you still need. Can cover as much as you want.
  12. Topic can be closed. Thanks.
  13. WTS 100 Sleep Powders - 1g or 90e Willing to sell in smaller batches
  14. WTS Kyklops and Goblin Skull 2,5s Each