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  1. Rope tool to Dragonelle please
  2. Question answered thanks for the quick response!
  3. If the 81,04ql rare anvil, iron - 89botd // 4,75s is a large anvil cod to me please
  4. Awesome Service, All pre-loaded before I even arrived, so the turn around was quick. A godsend for those of us with carpal tunnel. It would take me a month on my own to turn 3k pans, let alone 10k. Thanks!
  5. Would you take 18s for all the rare horseshoes? Cod Dragonelle if so
  6. I have to check my gold supply but ill donate the other 2. Ill be by to pick up your 2 in about 30-45 mins Alectrys =)
  7. Fast and Friendly service on 2 courier casts. As advertised asked for 95 power casts and paid for 95 power casts. Actual casts were 99 and 100. Thanks VirusMD!
  8. Cod the rare steel staff to Dragonelle pls
  9. As per our previous discussion about Cateye highway re-routing here is a screen of the work: Red being the original and now removed route. Green being the connected and active re-route. light blue being planned additions to the catseye highway. All other catseye rules followed. Lamps named and appropriately spaced. still working on intersection spacing and waystones. Thanks a bunch for all your work!
  10. Ksss is back and fast and friendly as ever! Sometimes its good to take a break and come back fresh