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  1. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    Here is my suggestion: 1) Have missions assist in filling the pools. 2) if pool still is hasn't filled up in 3 months or 6 months have each prayer contribute a bit more, maybe 2 pts towards the 100k pool. This will help Mag and Libila priests the most assuming suggestion 1 doesn't provide much. 3) Change the journal entry to Benefit from Global spell 10 times. with actually being in the casting group completely completing the goal. This way if you aren't online when the spell is cast or its Ninja'd from you after you did all the hard work at least you can eventually complete the goal after praying for the rewards 10 times.
  2. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please remove Amberflame, she was able to join in on todays Ritual of the Sun on Xanadu. Please add Navaro, Fo - Holy Crop, 89 Faith, bad channeling - Kodos
  3. Ritual of the Sun

    I can sail my Mag priest over there tomorrow to join in on the fun. Amberflame 100 faith, not great channeling.
  4. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    Please Add: Sathera - Nahjo Holy Crop - 100 Faith 61 channeling Amberflame - Mag Ritual of the Sun - 100 Faith 38 Channeling They live on Indy but can sail over if you have room during a cast. - Kodos
  5. Global cast waiting list for Benediction

    How are you determining the "last odd percent"? As far as I know there is only a 0, 25 and 50% message when sermoning or is there another way to tell?
  6. Thanks Oblivionreaver, was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can add a spot for daily sermons and will let me figure out how long it will take if I switch religons.
  7. Could one of you guru's of WU code post what the formula is for faith gain when praying? I'm trying to make a spreadsheet to show how long it will take to max out faith but need the formula for the faith gain. Thanks, Kodos
  8. Please add some additional helms. I find most of the helms that are currently in the game to look ugly with the exception of drake cap's and Adventurer's Hat (that doesn't provide armor). Maybe cat or mountain lion helms? Just need something that looks good and provides some protection. Or make it so we can hide the helm slot and actually see what others look like. Running around with a bucket or bag over your head just doesn't cut it. Kodos
  9. [Fixed] Can't drink from container

    Can no longer drink from a Large Amphora either.
  10. Valrei International. 082

    Both Ruriko and I created colossus's before the patch and haven't received credit for them. Can we get a patch that fixes this too.
  11. Is there a tool/utility that will allow you to take an exported WO deed map and import it into a WU world map?
  12. I'll take 1 Billy Gruff Stew Recipe 25c, CoD to Kodos
  13. Could we get a sounding device to tell how deep the water is. This would help those people who want to make an island or those that want to find deep spots to further dredge to make fishing spots. Thanks
  14. Thanks! I'll let the Admin know of the patch.
  15. Is this correct or a bug? When tasting a meal I see one affinity to a meal and when I eat it I get a different one. When I eat the meal [14:43:31] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about butchering! When I taste the same meal [14:43:37] You think the meat meal might give you more of an insight about stealing! Thanks, Kodos