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  1. Selling Hell horse with unbelievably fast rare speed trait. 5s Hell Horse Gender: Female Color: Ash Age: Aged It has a strong body Draft It can carry more than average Draft It looks unusually strong and healthy Misc It is easy on its gear Draft it has a slow metabolism Misc It is unbelievably fast Speed RARE Pickup at Zarkin Mists, Harmony Contact: Graymist
  2. Selected Purify at a Corrupted Otherworldly Monolith on Independence. [16:33:36] The Otherworldly Monolith feels slightly more stable now! [16:33:36] Corruption within the Otherworldly Monolith is tainting Magranon's influence! A modest wave of energy assails you! You slightly resist. [16:33:36] Malignant energies overrun you, causing (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!). I did get a Crushed Will debuff put on me for 5 minutes. Kodos
  3. Added roughly 40 dragon bloods to Merchant_Meria tortuga Kodos
  4. I would like to participate in the cast as well for the journal entry. I have 77 Faith. Let me know when it will be. NFI - Graymist SFI - Kodos
  5. Sermon groups

    Are there any sermon groups on NFI servers?
  6. Cherrywood chessboard https://imgur.com/N2DZ347 can't figure out how to actually insert the image
  7. What they should do is add an option that lets you select the map and then Investigate the ground, it would then give you a general direction/distance. I could make use of your archaeology skill since it seems to want to pull up old deeds all the time.
  8. Same thing happened with I killed a croc, mission progress on one of them but not the older kill 37 mission. Repeated on an alt as well. Its showing that I personally contributed to both, but did not move the progress bar on the older kill 37 mission.
  9. Kodos and Amberflame both found caskets today. Neither one of us are able to open ours as well. We received the ] [15:01:41] You carefully work to open it up without damaging what's inside... But nothing happens. We still have the casket and no map is reveals. Now if we try to open the casket we do not get any messages. Tried logged off and back and still nothing. Kodos
  10. I'd like to report the completion of our canal stretching from Turtle Bay deed up to the west side of Samling Fjord 17x,27y to 18x,15y. https://imgur.com/gallery/QitV0eQ Main construction completed by Kodos / Sathera / Ruriko / Amberflame
  11. Reminds me of when cave bugs roamed in mines in days gone by. Huge drop offs.