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  1. Valrei International. 082

    Both Ruriko and I created colossus's before the patch and haven't received credit for them. Can we get a patch that fixes this too.
  2. Is there a tool/utility that will allow you to take an exported WO deed map and import it into a WU world map?
  3. I'll take 1 Billy Gruff Stew Recipe 25c, CoD to Kodos
  4. Could we get a sounding device to tell how deep the water is. This would help those people who want to make an island or those that want to find deep spots to further dredge to make fishing spots. Thanks
  5. Thanks! I'll let the Admin know of the patch.
  6. Is this correct or a bug? When tasting a meal I see one affinity to a meal and when I eat it I get a different one. When I eat the meal [14:43:31] You suddenly realise that you have more of an insight about butchering! When I taste the same meal [14:43:37] You think the meat meal might give you more of an insight about stealing! Thanks, Kodos
  7. No flowers on WU (SOLVED)+

    Thanks, I completely did not see that link. I had tried all the other links in the forum that no longer work. Our map that the admin made recently has no flowers on it, at least none that we have found so far. That's why we needed this patch to add them back in. Kodos
  8. No flowers on WU (SOLVED)+

    Does anyone have an updated link to flowerspawner.jar? We started playing on a new server and we would rather correct the missing flowers rather then redo the map. Thanks! Kodos
  9. Thanks I'll let the server admin know about that mod.
  10. Anyone aware of a fix for the issue with Adamantine and Glimmersteel nodes being limited to 50QL? When I analyze rock shards I see that the node is very good quality, but when I prospect the actual node it shows Normal (50QL.) I seem to recall this being an issue when WU was released but I can't recall how it was fixed. Thanks... Kodos
  11. Here is a suggestion: Can someone make an addon that when you mouse over an animal it will show you if the animal is pregnant and if so how many days it has. This could be tied to AH skill and only show if you have a certain amount. Thanks
  12. GM change affinity

    I haven't been able to get it to stick either. You will need to edit the wurmplayers.db file to add/change affinities
  13. I've been looking through the code but have been unable to find where walking or riding speed is determined. Anyone know which class the code is in? Thanks, Kodos
  14. My wife and I have both been unsuccessful in making dens. we have created the lair, set data1 to the critter type, data2=-1, auxdata set to 1 for fierce. After pushing the lair the graphic changes but the name still shows as birchwood lair. Is there something we are missing?