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  1. That would be useful for working out the shape of the terrain. If you get a map good enough to have global contour intervals, can there be a way to tell your current height above sea level (provided you're standing somewhere the map covers)? That sort of info is particularly useful when planning larger constructions like tunnels and roads, and also fun to have for people who like numbers and records.
  2. Well, roads themselves don't really rot, and neither does landscaping. And if you really get down to it, a tunnel is really just a road going through an underground landscaping project
  3. Suppose an off-deed reinforced wall would take 500 mining actions to break, and would give no resources while you're doing it. So about ten times as much effort as a regular wall, with no rewards other than getting to the other side. I figure that would be enough to deter random vandalism, while for someone who's attaching a side tunnel or something for a legit project wouldn't have all that much extra work. On deed would stay as is. Could have reinforced walls repair themselves over time instead. That would also mean you don't have to maintain regular tunnels against anyone who'd take a random swing at a wall.
  4. Does the number of servers itself matter? You could copypaste all southern islands that aren't Xanadu (including Chaos) into a single map the size of Xanadu and still have three small servers worth of extra ocean. Now you'd have two servers, and more travel difficulty, (and no PvP I guess,) but it wouldn't really make a difference otherwise.
  5. I reported the first two of those, and they really are two different towers. I do not know about the third one. The number is a basic hash of the internal object ID. There's no attempt to make them distinct.
  6. That would mean extra decay when there are server software or hardware issues. If you want guaranteed ticks, just put them on a time schedule, like once a real life week.
  7. I don't think you can fit a horse in a token, horses are big and tokens are small. It would help to dehydrate the horse but even then I don't think it would fit. Also I'm not sure the horse would still work after you rehydrate it.
  8. Karma Error

    I think the actual check is that you have more than 3000 karma, while it should be more-or-equal-to. So yes, a bug. But if you have even one more point it should work. Do you have any source crystals or source salt, or a way to get some? If you hammer a source crystal, you get source salt. If you eat a source salt, you get some more karma.
  9. I don't like the disappearing trick. If I could take them all home I'd at least have an overview of what I have available on different servers.
  10. Is there a technical or lore reason you have to be of a certain faith to build a colossus? It seems like a fairly random restriction.
  11. One way would be to make them craftable, then it doesn't matter if they become droppable. There would need to be something to balance out the fact that they were a loyalty reward, but I don't really like that spyglasses are gated the way they currently are. They are way too useful when exploring and everyone should be able to get one.
  12. Yeah that's fair. It should probably just treat Chaos separately from PvE.
  13. Mycelium is commercially available as food. It's just mushroom roots basically.
  14. They did! Turn off PVP crossings and you won't AFK sail into Chaos anymore: