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  1. Yeah, an anchor slot would be a really good idea.
  2. I'm not sure about the birds. I'm sure you can do it physically in real life but it would still look weird. For the other animals it makes plenty of sense though.
  3. Maybe it would be good if, for a start, there was a console command that could blacklist specific sounds by their internal ID or whatever. The sound engine would then just not play any sounds on the blacklist. This would let people customize away the sounds they hate the most without needing everything in the GUI. Then later, the sounds or sound combinations that get blacklisted the most could get their own GUI toggle for easy access. But anyone who has very specific wishes could still get what they want with a startup script. Also if new sounds are added that someone hates, they can filter it out immediately without having to wait for a toggle to be made.
  4. +1, I know someone who has a similar reaction to the eating sounds. Personally I don't mind them nearly as much but they are still kinda gross.
  5. I like the idea of domesticated cats and dogs but from a role playing perspective I would hate to brand them. How about... say, equipping them with a collar instead?
  6. +1, you should be able to move it without replacing the entire deed.
  7. You can already sail between every map on the same cluster (exception of Jackal of course). Do you mean you want to sail between the Freedom and Epic clusters?
  8. What then prevents people from deeding the entire server?
  9. I have a hitching post with cows and planted onions on the tile they stand on, they've been eating them.
  10. -1 because of exactly these reasons.
  11. Perhaps implement a way to convert any item into a decorative version. By applying some preservative to it, or perhaps with a (fairly easy) magic spell, or whatever makes sense. When this is done the item will no longer take damage (at least when on deed), won't form a pile when dropped, can't be imped anymore, and can't be used for anything whatsoever except being a decoration. This would be a one way conversion so it can't be used to store things you don't want damaged. This would make it possible to keep reasonable decay rates for things, yet use anything as decoration.
  12. Ekcin says it pretty well. Tweaking the decay rate of things is fine. Perhaps some things need to decay faster. But wiping things out completely every winter is a very crude broad brush kind of thing. It will create plenty of unhappiness and won't result in virgin land anyway because all the terraforming stays. So, -1 to that.
  13. Claiming you got a ban for "fixing or improving" a highway when in reality you got a ban for damaging a highway is twisting the facts though. That remains true even if the damaging was part of the larger improving process. It is the act of damaging that's the problem, and that bears the consequences. And claiming you got a ban for "fixing or improving" a highway sounds silly and makes it sound like the mods made a weird decision. After all, why would you get a ban for an improvement? But saying you got a ban for damaging a highway... that's entirely sensible.
  14. The games are different but what people look for is the attitude of the company behind it. If you abandon a product on Steam when the player base doesn't agree it's done and finished, they will get mad (justifiably so) and they will loudly let everyone know who gets near any of your other products.