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  1. It's in O15. There is a camp in the southwestern corner of O15. Edit: there's another camp at the east side.
  2. Writing a program that plays for you is also possible, but still banned. All games I know of that have an anti macro policy also disallow keylocking because the point is that you're not allowed to automate gameplay. It's supposed to be you in command, and when you can walk away but keep sending actions to a game, you're not in command yourself. Why would it be bannable to send repeated keystrokes with software but okay to do exactly the same with hardware?
  3. And you need to be aware of what you're doing, so no napping or sitting on the keyboard.
  4. I know this makes sense from an implementation perspective, but defaulting to a T pose looks like a bug. With animations disabled I would expect a game to default to a generic standing pose and then just not move anything.
  5. I've been doing a fair amount of exploring lately just for fun, but including fighting and some archaeology and pathfinding and just generally checking out the area, my range in a 3 to 5 hour play session is about two to three grid squares on Xanadu. I can use a boat to start elsewhere, but that costs time too and eats into the exploring time. Currently, if I want to explore but don't want to make it a multi day trip, less than 10% of the server is within my reach. What I want out of a system like this thread discusses, is a way to pop over somewhere else on the server within 10 mins of starting my journey, then explore there for a few hours, then pop back home. With a mount both ways, otherwise there's not going to be much exploring unless I can find one on the other side, and that by itself can take a long time if the spawns suck.
  6. Add a half hour cooldown before you can use it again, and make it otherwise free. The cooldown is enough to prevent people popping all over the server and to make it a meaningful decision to go through.
  7. How about dividing the library into five or so batches and giving people only one at a time? It'd add some administrative overhead but it would limit how much trouble people could get themselves into by underestimating the job. It'd also allow up to five people to be working on their recipes, and if someone disappears it could only be with a fifth of the library.
  8. Yes, the website store at
  9. As a workaround, you can tame, put the gear on, then untame. The gear stays on but the animal behaves like a regular mount. I use this all the time at rifts on other servers. You have to tame the animal again to get the gear off (either that or kill it). Also, after getting my gear off and untaming, I have to hop on the untamed animal for a second or my boat will be really slow. I have no idea what's up with that. The whole aggro magnet thing is silly though. A tamed mount should behave exactly the same way a regular mount does, unless you explicitly tell it to attack.
  10. It happens to me all the time when crossing solo, too. It's *usually* safe though, just annoying. Except that one time I met a shark.
  11. When buying premium for the first time at a village token, it offers 30 days for 8 silver. The in-game window also says: "Note: Purchasing your first premium in-game will prevent you from purchasing the first-time premium bonus offers from the shop." However, the shop does not have any such first-time premium bonus offers. The offers in the shop are identical for the new toon and for my main. Are there supposed to be special offers in the shop, or should this message just be removed from the game?
  12. For some reason the locks don't seem to always transfer properly. Sometimes it works, other times it'll say something like "the lock has rusted away" when examining the tent. I always take an extra lock or two along when going to a different server, so I can replace it when the original lock bugs out. Yes. This can be lethal if it happens at just the wrong time, and is really annoying the rest of the time. You can set up an audio alert in Wurm Assistant on "You stop leading", but that can't distinguish between pathing issues and whenever you intentionally stop, so it's no real solution. But it can save you 19 minutes at least. The game should just properly move whatever you're leading though. I've made a number of crossings with a priest alt, and for whatever reason, my main always ends up in the water while my priest always stays in the boat. The only difference is that the alt is on very low graphics settings. I once got dumped in the water next to a shark and the shark did attack me. I think you really are in the water, only the boat doesn't realize that, which is why you first have to disembark.
  13. It would let you turn all trees into ghosts for example, which would give you a big edge when hunting.
  14. Note that whenever the game changes over to winter, and later back to non-winter, the launcher does its patching thing. This also happens when there's a new skin. Those events cause somewhere from one to three patching events per real life month, but they are purely graphics related, the client does *not* change version number for them.