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  1. They don't need to be able to put up a house in five minutes either. There's a middle ground. But actually making a house, even if tiny, is a great achievement that'll make people want to come back and play more. That's as opposed to getting too frustrated at the requirements and giving up. For abandoned structures there are better solutions, like upping the decay on shacks under certain conditions or allowing easier destruction of garbage. Like if someone logs in new, makes a shack, then doesn't come back for the rest of the week, they probably gave up.
  2. Why would they make five houses? They'll make one and then start working on their garden instead, or on whatever else looks interesting.
  3. A combination of that, and travel time I think. The missions appear to refer to regions 1/9th of the server, for Xanadu that's about 120 square kilometers. I think it would help if missions did not require you to go to one specific location. Something like "travel halfway across the server and find a needle in a haystack" is not appealing. It is okay if some searching or traveling is required but the things or places you need to find should be available all over the server, so people who log in and see the mission can go out and have a good chance at making a meaningful contribution to the mission in that same play session, instead of figuring they'd need to plan a multiday expedition.
  4. Retro did say that "We will also be adjusting costs of trader items to compensate for the inability to drain back funds from purchases". Since a trader is bought from another trader, hopefully that means the trader contract itself will get cheaper. You can get back 25% of the purchase price right now so that would make it cost 37.5 silver. From there it's a matter of how long you expect to be paying for the deed. Many people play for years and if you are okay with a 3 year payback time you'd need to be saving just over a silver per month, so it's worth it to invest for a ~5 silver deed. If you intend to play longer it can be worth it for even smaller deeds. Still, I would prefer if it paid for itself on an average deed after no longer than a year or so. Maybe just make traders 12.5 silver?
  5. I've watched this thread since the beginning as well and dissenting opinions are still there. I mean, just look at the first page. First two posts are "ouch", a bit lower someone responds with nothing but the word "worthless", someone calls it "dumbing down", and there's someone calling the rite changes a "foolish change", with the last post summarizing with "blah". All of that is still there, and that's just the first page of this thread. (Lots of positive reactions too, of course.) What got deleted is the reactions of people that went rude and personal, like the one calling someone a neckbeard. And honestly we're better off without those.
  6. Will a trader reduce upkeep no matter whether it's being traded with?
  7. Money laundering in online games really does happen, but beyond that, the financial regulators of various countries require a lot of extra bookkeeping and rule compliance if they think your service can be used to move "real" money around between people and places. The most common way to avoid being classified like this is to not allow your virtual currencies to be cashed out. If you can't cash out then it's a one way street and you're fine. Wurm was probably too small to register on the radar of the regulators but Steam definitely isn't, and if a game is on Steam then Steam is involved in the financial side. And they really don't want to get stuck with the extra rules and regulations, so they ban this. Here's an article with more details:
  8. We still need silver for deed upkeep and we can still use it to pay for premium so if someone is willing to part with silver there will be people willing to part with bricks.
  9. Listing Stadia is funny. That'll get shut down the moment Google gets bored with it.
  10. If you buy at least 50 silver at once you can get it for one euro per silver at the official shop now. If you buy one year of premium at once it's E5.60 per month. It's E7.99 for a single month.
  11. Seems like some really good changes, I'm happy with it.
  12. No automation is okay with me, that fits the game. But a message when it starts going down would be quite welcome, as would be the ability to see how long a fire will last.
  13. I made some hitching posts today and it seems there is still no "Place" option. It's no fun having to shuffle them around the hard way.
  14. Yes, very much this. I was grappling with this issue a while ago trying to build some nice interiors and it was a pain. By default all walls should extend to the ceiling.