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  1. Constant Crashes

    According to the logs you get a crash in native code. It's the JVM itself that crashes, not Wurm Java code. That suggests a bug in the JVM, or an issue with native code that gets loaded by some library (a Java library that uses the Java native interface for example, but it might also be some third party utility DLL that gets loaded into all processes), or a hardware issue. You can try to use a different JVM. By default a Wurm install comes with its own JVM, you might be able to just replace those files, or figure out what command line to use to run Wurm with a system wide installed JVM. I think there are posts elsewhere on the forum from people who have done something like that. This may also make things worse so be sure you can roll back your changes. I don't know what native code Wurm itself loads. Probably parts of LWJGL. If you are sufficiently motivated you can track those down and see if you can swap them out for newer versions. To check for other DLLs you can use Process Explorer: and follow the steps in There will be loads of DLLs from Microsoft and Oracle and those are probably fine. Suspicious things would be DLLs associated with "tools" and "helpers" that came with drivers, or from third party software. They have their DLLs loaded into all running apps to do whatever they do, and if they screw something up they can corrupt the entire process's memory and cause crashes. To test for hardware issues you'd need the usual burn in tools. Prime95 and Furmark are good starts.
  2. A discard-like action on the heap would be nice.
  3. I can't hitch for example calves or foals to hitching posts. The game says something like "The adolescent calf is too weak.". This makes sense for hitching to wagons, but surely the weaker an animal is, the easier it is to hitch to a stationary post?
  4. Every once in a while I find that an animal on one of my hitching posts can't be interacted with (e.g. grooming, milking, unhitching). The event tab says "You are too far away to do that." even when I'm standing right on top of the animal, and other animals nearby can be interacted with. This can be fixed with Animals->Unhitch on the hitching post itself, and then rehitching the animals. I've noticed that on unhitching, the animal that was considered too far away will often be moved and/or rotated a bit. I'm not sure if that's relevant but perhaps the animal tried to walk around even though it was hitched, and somehow half-succeeded, getting itself bugged.
  5. I have a few fields with hitching posts where I keep animal breeding pairs, one pair per post. For ease of examining I keep the females of most species on the right side (the spot for the animal that's first to be hitched) and the males on the left side (the spot for the animal that's second to be hitched). I have noticed a few occasions now, always after a server restart, where some (but not all) pairs swapped spots, so the male ended up on the right and the female on the left. It seems like the hitching order is not preserved properly.
  6. Another option is to add a way to make something that functions as a low quality pelt. Perhaps make it so you can also do the polish imp action with a piece of cloth, with an appropriate effectiveness penalty? We'd still all want pelts but if someone is ever in a situation where they can't get one, they can at least do *something*.
  7. It was 0=png and 1=jpg but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Having the option to save as png is good for when you want to do post processing in an image editor and don't want any quality loss, so I'd certainly want that option to stay, but the default should really be jpg.
  8. April Events

    What time will this start (and end)? I'm guessing European time as that's where Wurm is based, but if not that could make a considerable difference.
  9. April Events

    It says you just have to log in at least once somewhere from 3 to 12 april. Note that it's not 3 april yet, you won't get them today.
  10. Yeah, winter is really pretty.
  11. Things don't get fixed in order of finding, and it was probably an easy fix.
  12. Some additional data for the experiment I posted about previously: I made some more pickaxes and repeated what I did with pickaxe B (mine 100 shards, then repair once) to see how much the quality loss would vary. The results: From 6.73 quality, with 6.90 damage, to 6.66 quality, losing 0.07. (pickaxe B from the other post) From 6.73 quality, with 6.90 damage, to 6.60 quality, losing 0.13. From 6.73 quality, with 6.90 damage, to 6.62 quality, losing 0.11. From 6.73 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.63 quality, losing 0.10. From 6.73 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.60 quality, losing 0.13. From 6.73 quality, with 6.90 damage, to 6.60 quality, losing 0.13. From 6.73 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.61 quality, losing 0.12. From 6.74 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.68 quality, losing 0.06. From 6.74 quality, with 6.89 damage, to 6.66 quality, losing 0.08. From 6.74 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.63 quality, losing 0.11. From 6.74 quality, with 6.92 damage, to 6.65 quality, losing 0.09. From 6.74 quality, with 6.89 damage, to 6.66 quality, losing 0.08. From 6.74 quality, with 6.91 damage, to 6.65 quality, losing 0.09. The average quality loss here is 0.10, varying between 0.06 and 0.13. Pickaxe A (mine 100 shards but repair after each single shard) lost 0.11 quality in total, so the quality loss between case A and case B is indeed pretty much the same.
  13. The general idea of it works though. Additional tuning could be used to try to get things to just the right spot. For example, what if imping a moonmetal tool with moonmetal is regular difficulty, but imping with steel/silver/gold/whatever is also possible but with an additional penalty to difficulty? You might pick moonmetal if you happen to have enough of it or the tool just eats up a tiny amount on an imp, or if you *really* need the quality, or if you can't get hold of a good enough blacksmith. On the other hand you can use a regular metal if you can't get hold of enough moonmetal, or if you don't mind it taking longer, or that the quality you can reach isn't quite as high.
  14. It would be nice if the material bonus would also apply to quality decay. It'd mean Seryll would lose quality half as fast for example. An issue is that moon metals are hard to get though, which makes imping them painful/costly. If it wasn't for that, it wouldn't matter so much that they lost quality over time. Drake hide gets around that by being impable with regular leather. It's still hard to imp but you don't have to worry you can't even get the materials to do so. What if moon metal tools could be imped with more regular materials? Not necessarily iron, but perhaps gold or silver. Or even electrum.
  15. Like Oblivionnreaver says, this is already possible with some additional tooling. I'm already using a (slightly different) way to do this, and I like it. That's why I suggested it. It's useful and should just be built in, so everyone can take advantage of it without needing to know about accessibility settings. It does not make the game easier in any way to push a button on your keyboard instead of pushing a button on your mouse, so none of that "where does it end" is relevant here. What it does is make things more *comfortable*, physically. It causes less strain on my body to keep my hand near the keyboard and occasionally hit a button than to keep my hand near the mouse and occasionally hit a button.