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  1. Post says no private bids, so I'd think the current bid of 12s stands. -Rune
  2. Good to know! Thanks for the answer. -Rune
  3. What about the Challenge phrase and answer that's created at character registration? This is copied from the registration page: The Challenge Phrase can be used to reset your password if you forget your password so make sure that you remember the Challenge Phrase and Answer. I'd like to hear from a GM if the Challenge Q & A is enough to recover both email and password. I'd also like to know if they are changeable after the character registration has been completed. -Rune
  4. Deed Name: Angler's Haven Location: 58-59 AJ (The small bay) Size: 33 x 41 Thanks!
  5. Thanks Ago - your link was exactly what I needed. Running just fine now. -Rune
  6. I'd love to hear if anyone on a Mac can currently play Wurm. If so, what work-around are you using? At least I have a PC as well, so I'm still able to get my Wurm on! -Rune
  7. This is a comment within the error message - not an indicator of what the OP's current version of Java actually is. I'm experiencing the same issue this afternoon on my Macbook Pro. Wurm worked just fine this morning, but I'm getting this same error now. I've been running Java 1.6. I tried running Java 1.7 (even though Wurm previously didn't run on that version) and still had the same issue. I reverted back to Java 1.6 then ran Software Update, rebooted, and still no luck. For reference, this is the documentation I've been using to switch between Java versions: /> Any help would be appreciated. -Rune
  8. Closed

    All set - please close. -Runesire