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  1. I fully agree that there should be some way for us to lock individual door's within a building rather then the whole thing from the menu. I was thinking of rather then making a whole new options, just add key's to door locks.
  2. im on EST, and can be on anytime u are on.
  3. Saldog's Supplies Located at 19x 52y independence Delivery cost's 10c extra Carpentry (can go as high as 50ql atm) planks 100 - 1s shafts 200 - 1s floorboards 5 - 1s support beams 10 - 1s practice dolls (50ql) 20 - 1s
  4. Selling 6k dirt and more being dug up at 85c each 1k. at 19x 52y. or can meet at my coastal access at 17x. post here or msg me in-game: saldog.
  5. updated with more gems.
  6. 5 gems for sale atm, 20, 28, 17, 42, 42. all for 2s 50. just /tell saldog in-game on indi. or leave a post here.
  7. looking to buy a skiller hatchet, will start out at 1s for the job, will discuss if going to cost more in msg ether in-game or forums. ign - saldog
  8. Well, i replied to trenith with no reply back, so the dirt is still up for sale, and is now 3k+ dirt.
  9. Day 1 - placed 3 pumkin seeds and 6 marlin fillet's along the edge of my deed. will check if there are any animals in the vesinity b4 i log and first thing when i get on tmr. Day 2 A - made a walk around my deed and found a scorp to the N and a spider to the SW, mind u the fillet's are on the W edge on-deed. observing another scorp on the E side of my deed, off-deed, and have placed some fillet's on and off deed. but seems like he is moving past the deed. Will check back later to see if he is still in the area, got closer, or moved on. After a few hours passed, i went out for a stroll and found that the scorp did move on, but a spider took its place. It would seem that the lures are working as to getting them to an area u want, but they tend to get uninterested if the food is on deed. Day 2 B - Without doute, the lures are definatly working well, I'm getting mob corpse more then i have befor, and eveyday i come on, i have a new dead mob to butcher. I am getting spiders, scorps, mnt lions, and wild cats. It seems to be working for non-agro mobs also, as i have tamed a deer already that was just a few tile outside my deed, the first one i have seen around here since i moved to the area about 2 months ago. Day 3 - Nothing much this day, all i found was 2 dead spiders in the morning, and 1 black bear in the evening. it seems that it dose work on-deed for a while, but the mobs seem to catch on after awhile and start to stray away. I have also placed 4 more meat at the corners of my deed, and 4 barley more inside my deed. Will keep a look out for more corpses, and hopefully more deer.
  10. I am testing if placeing food (i.e. seed's, meat) on the ground rly dose lure mobs closer or not. if u would like to follow these results check bak every now and then, will post results of each day for a week to start, maybe more if needed.