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  1. DannyUK , I totally agree with you. The rose bushes are like sticks with red dots. The rose vines... pretty much same thing, .. more sticks smaller dots.0 And the Oleander, what is that about? I can understand that they leave fewer wildflowers growing what are open fields. But there could be a whole new skill line of flower gardening. Making tiles what have flower mounds, or flower groups? Sunflowers could also make oil, flour for baking and maybe you could plant whole tiles with just Sunflowers and NO TREES could grow. Wouldn't mind if the flower boxes had more flowers in them either. OR.... if you make garden tiles off deed, they could make the wild areas prettier and again NO TREES could grow! I am not against trees .. I like trees, but I also like open spaces. The game seems very geared toward fighting and the equipment for it. I am okay with that, but it would be great if attention could be turned toward aesthetics.
  2. I am not for or against this, but It amused me because the chickens used to be very stationary, for a long time they seldom moved. Then it was changed, and it was amazing that they no longer were like chicken statues.
  3. I am back asking for the seemingly impossible again... for a while I felt it was hopeless, but I cannot help but try. Still looking for more options to decorate my world. Could you possibly give choices in the flower boxes? Instead of just the old wooden things, maybe they could be made from all the stone varieties, slate, marble etc.?? Stained glass would be great, or even the option of windowpanes on the windows. The option to dye, well ... anything. Window boxes with flowers. Arched garden gates with flowers. Garden tiles with flowers. Sunflowers Being able to plaster and paint interior walls. Fix ceilings so the roof meets interior walls. Same stupid stuff I have been asking about for years. .. and years. My interests do not run along the lines of cool dragon armor, nor do I care about bear hats, and snowmen heads. Just more options to "fancy" up my fake world. Okay that is about it, thank you all for your time.
  4. I am at 79 woodcutting with an awesome hatchet from Efevee... I can cut down most trees in 10 seconds......this doesn't change the fact that trees take much less time to cut than bushes. In real life trees take longer than bushes to cut through.. All I am asking is to make bush cutting take less of my time, and after all.. this is a suggestion area... this is my suggestion. It's not much to ask.
  5. I have this truly AWESOME .... AWESOME IDEA ...... make bushes MUCH easier to cut down, My reasoning..... in real life if you cut down a bush.... generally it takes a lot less time than cutting down a tree.. .but in WURM.... nope. Trees go down much more quickly, is it possible to make bushes easier to cut down. Bush cutting is very time consuming when you are trying to clear an area. As always... thank you for your thoughtful consideration.
  6. I do not care for the trade ins for rift points, the shoulder pads are not something i care about, but i do care about whitedotted flowers.. .i think it would make a great trade .. thank you also .. would still like to see new things like stained glass and flower gates and window boxes.. just sayin'
  7. HI.. this is a small one, I think, ..... would it be possible, please, to make it so you could paint the flower pots, and paint the flower boxes but ONLY the wood? Thank you
  8. Wurm allows you to change the land, build and make a fake life, with animals and farms, occasionally something tries to kill you, but that happens in rl too. I love the creative part of the game, I'm not really a fighter, only raised my fighting skill so i didn't have to run away all the time, but its not my favorite part of the game. It would be nice if there was more in game content, different wall, glass, flowers... more to work with, but still this game is unique. I stay in Wurm because i have created a fake world that is prettier and easier to deal with than the real world. Also, the people, most of them are very helpful and kind.
  9. If its not new then it must be one of the rarest of rare traits, my highest skill for years was AH, i have bred hundreds of horses. Never ever ever have i before seen plump .. never. not once ever ever, and i used to have a list of horse traits, it was not on that list. The OLD Traits , were malformed legs, weak feeble, strong legs, carries more, aggressive, strong body, hungry, lightning, unmotivated, fleeter than normal, strong body, certain spark in its eyes, unusually strong and healthy , tough bugger, cannot remember if there were more, but i believe that is the former complete list. But, the list you just posted seems to be the updated list of the new traits, I am not sure what you are saying, you said not too new, but it is from the breeding update, ( no idea of the date that came out). I have only recently tried breeding draft horses, since they made that a "thing", so new to me may not be new to you. Plump for output of meat on a horse, is a wasted trait to me, and like I said in original post, it just adds to the difficulty of breeding a horse.. and makes me unhappy. Which is probably already obvious.
  10. brand new horse this morning from other new horse, I have been playing and breeding horses in this game for about .. 8/9 years.. its new.
  11. Just want to say something about a new horse trait I saw this morning, ... It looks plump and ready to butcher. My question is ........WHY? What good was this? It is hard enough to breed in the traits you want, to get a fast horse, or a draft horse, and to get rid of bad traits. What was the point of this? Do people actually breed horses in this game for meat? Did you add this as a joke or just to make the whole process even more difficult? In my opinion, .. stupid idea. Okay that's about it, thanks.
  12. Fog can be toggled out? i must learn .. btw , if i had my way night would last maybe 3 minutes, and there would never be fog, .... just sayin'
  13. It's me Bobb, once more asking for the same old same old. Please, window flower boxes, floral Garden gate arches, garden tiles where you can plant flower gardens, better flower vines, MUCH better looking bushes, especially the very non rosy rose bush, (aka ... stick with red dots). Nicer flower boxes than the rustic wooden ones we have, and could they be more continuous, no space between each box, ... maybe they could be made of stone, or marble .... AAAAnnnd .... Sunflowers! Sunflowers could be both decorative and useful. Stained glass windows, decorative window panes, (or any window panes). OOOO OOOO .. and curtains would be nice .. I would very much appreciate a curtain or 2 .. yes.. curtains.. good idea Bobb. White plaster walls, maybe able to paint them! (where does she come up with these marvelous ideas?) Though I try to be a fierce fighter, (not at all successfully) , Wurm is not all about bash the goblin, stabbity stab the spider, kill the troll, ...... I have a feminine side too. Stuff!! I WANT STUFF!!!! Stuff to decorate with, stuff to enhance my Wurmy world...... as always with great respect.... please, please , please and thank you. Bobb
  14. I just gave up, crashed about 20 times in less than 30 minutes, I quit counting after 20. Then there is the old, slow down, your position on the server...... etc. Best part is when you reconnect, there is something trying to kill you. On the bright side, found a donkey!!!!
  15. Sid, you are awe inspiring to me. Would like to add there is no one who can come up with better names, nor titles than you can. I hope to still see you in my chat box now that you have climbed this mountain and that you don't just disappear.. btw, this is almost on the same level of crazy as Efevee..... almost, there is still room.
  16. I have asked for flower seeds before, but didn't explain, you have veggies that give you MORE than ONE seed, but when you pick and replant a flower, you get ONE flower. --simplification -- pick 1 flower, get 3 seeds stained glass for windows, and large arches. interior walls that you can plaster, and the ability to dye the plaster with color dying carpets window with panes window flower boxes sunflowers dogs with variety Fighting is not my reason for being in Wurm, it's 7 years .. still here, still asking.
  17. Please add, Glenlevit 1020, 1702 and Onyx Rest 1095, 1587
  18. I am not sure.. but just in case, you should know that you do not have to tame a horse to lead it, you can own it long before you can tame it, just take a rope and click .. lead.. its yours! But you likely know this by now
  19. Back again, still looking for any indication that the "decorative" aspects of the game you mentioned in the notes would include, the maple, and chestnut, they just do not look like real trees, reminds me a bit of the old croc, and calf models from way back. Also, the "rose bush", .. stick with green and red dots. That is not what they look like, Google .." rose bush " .. you will see what I'm saying. Oleander bush, there are many images of different types online, but not one of them looks like a cone. The lavender is nice. Gardening could be another whole skill line, making garden tiles. Sunflowers, could be decorative and useful. How about a choice of materials for the flower boxes, instead of wood, maybe marble, stone, slate, copper, or brass, and perhaps more flowers with growth, as they are it seems a bit heavy on "box" and dirt , but light on flowers, Gate arbors, and window boxes. Center hanging lamps. Stained glass, could be a whole skill line. Clear leaded windows. Maybe even the arched doors, you could fill those with leaded or stained glass. I will be back again in about a month, asking for the same things, but rewording it. Thanks for you time.
  20. I and some others are wondering if spawn problem on Harmony is being worked on, the only live wild animal or mob I have personally seen in 3 days is a dog. Just wondering?
  21. I totally agree that there are no wild horses, or bison to be found, I search almost every day. I thought that the spawn thing was going to change.
  22. My deed is Glengarry 795 , 935 ... as far as I can tell, my in game name is Rexthewonderdog.