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  1. New account: Blazer

  2. Great and fast services. Thank you.
  3. Dont think we need another server with that kind of players...Theres still some servers which are empty at some times...
  4. I have a problem on some tower guards.Theyre shown in red arrow.Some are fine, anothers not.
  5. Compass 70.03Ql 69Woa

    50c, selling loot eh?
  6. I noticed this, trying to sell my bricks for 2 weeks now :/
  7. From my expierience its arrow head.And acctualy wiki says the same.Check war arrow page, notes section.Same goes with hunting arrow. The quality level of the arrow head affects creation success.
  8. NOTE: No longer accepting people.Gonna bump when I need more Hello Wurmians! Copper Retreat is recruiting players. We accept everyone since I need a helpinh hand on deed. You will have your own place with a pen behind. Also if you earn my trust you will be given horses.I dont force anyone to work for me, but help would be very appreciated We are on NE of Celebration on Cherrywood Island. I'm from Europe and will accept any player from any time zone.But if you are from USA or different time zone, you could feel a bit lonely. I can pick players from North coast with my awesome rowboat Need only around 2 villagers since deed is small. Thank you and have a good day!
  9. Selling them for 2s.Pickup at Celebration NE, Cherywood island, Copper retreat deed( X47; Y6)
  10. Wanna sell those bricks for 2s. Can't deliver so pickup at Celebration north-east coast, Cherrywood Island, Copper Reatreat deed (x47, y6) Contact me on forums or Rokas/Rokce in game.
  11. Pristine is very nice with its wildlife, untouched terrains and etc.But many people leave to Realease.I think they should connect Pristine to the Freedom Isles or disconnect from Realese, because there to many abandomed deeds.
  12. Port Cyrus.

    I need someone from Port Cyrus to contact me.Or the deed is rotten?