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  1. Updated to version 1.01 The program should now work in the local culture of the system it is run on, I may have missed something so there could be a bug or two but I could not find these while testing (it appears to work fine now). Thanks to Zakerak for pointing this issue out to me, I would never have thought about it or checked for compatibility with other languages if he did not give me such useful information.
  2. I made a tool to calculate the base price and favor of various Items in Wurm. This has been developed and tested on windows 7 and uses .Net, there may still be a few bugs in the program but I cant seem the find them at the moment. quick glance of the features: Add, Merge, Ignore and remove Items on the fly.Calculates into both Favor and Base price, as well as showing god-specific bonuses.can Import and Export your table to .csv (which can be used in other applications like excel).Items are sorted by group, as to avoid too many items to scroll through.Create custom groups and add items to those groups with the configure items window.Use an items quality and base price to determine its constant for custom Items (no math necessary!). Pictures of the tool: As can be seen, it is somewhat configurable. Allowing you to add your own groups and items as well as learn the constant of an item (that is a value used in the get price of all items in wurm). It's main purpose is to simply select several items (a few stacks of cordage rope as an example) and it will perform the math for you on those items, and return the favor and base price (which makes this ultimately most useful to priests). It is capable of this the moment it is run, so no need to configure it. Some instructions are shown on the tool when it is first run to help you get used to how it works. Change log: 29/11/2013 - Version 1.01Attempt to fix usage with different cultures (for instance, using a comma instead of a full stop to show decimals) 28/11/2013 - Version 1.00Initial release Download link:
  3. This village was great and friendly when i lived there before. though i left at some point it was quite a nice place to live
  4. i got 2 forges and an oven (all 35ql) i want improved to 70ql for 3s. PM me ingame when you got the time in your schedule.
  5. oh...feels pointless to have made this thread now.
  6. every time the server restarts /fsleep will reset (back to using sleep bonus). maybe it should be made a clientside option so it isnt lost on a server restart? -edit was because i posted too soon
  7. sad i didnt know about that project before i went and misplaced the disc to morrowind somewhere.
  8. pasta which tasted like chicken...even though it wasnt meant to.
  9. Morrowind was such a good game when i used to play it, i didnt even play oblivion half as long as i must have played morrowind.
  10. CPU: Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo RAM: 8GB DDR2 GFX Card: ASUS EAH3870 Magic OS: Windows 7 64bit HDD Size(s): 1TB