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  1. The biggest thing I always hated about Wurm is it felt like it was wasting my time. I didn't really understand this feeling until I switched to WU and joined a server that didn't mind macroing at all. Now I just play the parts of Wurm that are enjoyable, the boring stuff I just bot away and man this game has become so much better. Although I seriously doubt you'll ever do this because I'm sure there will be a whole bunch of vets that come in here and say "I'd rather this game be just as hard as it's been for the last 40 years because I had to experience the terribleness so you need to as well." Back in the day we had skill decay, that was removed because it was bad so I don't see why macroing isn't allowed. ATITD allows macroing, and it's older then Wurm, so I figure it's just a matter of time before Enki finally is like "After 15 years of constantly reminding everyone that macroing isn't allowed I've finally decided it's a fruitless battle."
  2. Lulz....You underestimate the power of players finding a new thing to whine about. The only thing I know for certain is someone somewhere will have a problem with whatever changes you decide to do so just get used to hearing players whine.
  3. I mained a fo priest back in the 1.0 launch and am currently maining a fo priest again with a mag priest as an alt. I love how they removed some of the old restrictions we had which made priest maining quite difficult and now I can't imp things or pave basically, which sucks, but not as terrible as it used to be. For my fo priest, my biggest complaint is literally the same complaint I've had for years, why does LT require me to make another fo priest battery... This is my first experience with a mag priest so I've been testing out it's skills to try to figure out what it has that's so amazing. Light token is nice, Magranon's Fire is, uhh, convinient? SW is obviously amazing as well, and as stated previously mag priests can hit much goodererer but other then those few spells mag priests seem to be lacking in useful spells. Maybe I'm missing something idk, but I've been pretty underwhelmed with mag.
  4. I will gladly help add some highways out of our area, we're SE near O13.
  5. We're making the assumption the devs haven't already looked into this and fixing it breaks 20 other things so they decided the fix was worse then the initial problem.
  6. The irony of calling people rude then asking if they need a tissue from all of their whining...
  7. Maybe you guys should be offering 10s to new citizens if they join ya and maybe you'll get some new people.
  8. I'm hunting wabbits, be wery careful it's wabbit season.
  9. We're heading to Cadence to set up a hunting lodge to essentially terrorize the local flora and fauna and we're looking for a few more brave would to help fill out hunting parties and sermon groups. We are aiming to have permanent and temporary residences for guests so that we can offer a vacation destination with guided or semi-guided hunts. We are at 4 trait horses now and will hopefully be at 5 speed horses on site within a week so that we can provide a high quality vacation destination for players who live full time on the other servers. At the moment we have a couple no lifers and a small bunch of other guys who play semi-regularly. We have a few skills covered at the moment like AH, mining, AS and a few others but we are definitely looking for more people, New or veterans. if you would like to join our group full time we can offer you a permanent home or even just a spot in the alliance for your own deed if your prefer that as well. We currently have three priests at the moment so sermons will be a high priority for us so if you would also like to raise a priest we can definitely fit you into our sermon schedules.
  10. One way portals probably, so boat travel is still requires if your shipping stuff. We're already up to 4 speed horses so I'd love to get some animal carriers made too.
  11. Hey, when someone told me I could make plate out of iron I was like....Wait what??? The even reduced the restrictions on priests so now you can legit main one now without an alt. Obv your have to buy stuff but I'd assume it you mained a priest you'd make some money off selling services.
  12. Nothing was added to make creatures randomly vanish as you get close to them...that's just a hallucination. Don't worry it's normal, I sometimes see Wildcats hidden in the grasses only to get close and discover it was just a wood scrap.
  13. I think what he meant was rowboats are possible, but he recommends at least a sailboat because you can take beds, etc.
  14. Yes! At the moment I do this with ITS but it still requires people in game to log into IRC but it's still a pain. You can get village chat exported to Twitter but its only one way communication IIRC.