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  1. It's not, the skillgain system itself is different. Specifically for meditation it makes gaining it on WU harder than WO because the bonus to skillgain from action time is capped at 10 seconds which means you get a lot less than the long ass 2 minute timer would give you WO.
  2. Fixed here - Everyone using this mod should update ASAP. This bug allows deleting ANY ITEM that the player can reach, regardless of permissions or anything else.
  3. Action mod updated to v0.9 New modifier @eq<number> - makes the action target an equipped item in the given slot. Slot numbers: left hand - 0 right hand - 1 head - 2 torso - 3 legs - 4 left arm - 5 right arm - 6 left hand - 7 right hand - 8 left foot - 9 right foot - 10 shield - 11 cape - 14 tabard - 15 right ring - 16 left ring - 17 left shoulder - 18 right shoulder - 19 back - 20 neck - 21 belt - 22 quiver - 23 face - 25 Examples: "act 568 @eq20" - opens your backpack "act 162 @eq2" - repairs your helmet New modifier: @nearby<number> - makes the action target items on the ground and creatures within given distance (in meters) of the player For example: "act 97 @nearby4" - chop anything that can be chopped within 4 meters of the player Note: like area modifier this queues all actions at once, you will need enough mind logic for them all to fit @wipeout and @KiwiBird - This should cover your requests and have a few more fun uses Download:
  4. They should give you a title... "The butcher of blavsquarestronholdiken"
  5. he was "stepped down" as retro put it, it's not his decision or reasons.
  6. I like that phrasing. In soviet wurm the party steps down you!
  7. Server Update – 22/11/2019 Halloween event is over, existing ominous gravestones will remain in game until cleared but new ones will no longer spawn. Fixed a bug with moving village tokens that caused them to become invisible when moved over a long distance. If you have a token that’s currently invisible you’ll need to move it again for it to become visible.
  8. The problem is that they don't trust their server code enough to just allow you to send any action, here's what keenan said on it back then
  9. usually most mods come with a mods folder in the zip, so you unzip them to wurmlauncher and it merges with the existing mods folder.
  10. modlauncher files and mods folder should go into Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server, not the later.
  11. Make sure you're on the latest version of the mod, if you're still seeing errors after that - post them.
  12. If something looks abandoned, not on deed and no signs of recent activity nearby - it's fair game. You can also use the help channel in game / discord (they are connected) for questions, usually either myself or someone else will be around to answer.
  13. The calculation is done every 8 minutes but the prices you see are for a (RL) month. 90c will last for almost a month of upkeep for a small deed, a bit less if you hire a guard. Also on otherlands you get 5s free towards founding your deed so if you do a small one it will last a few RL months just from that, and by the time that runs out if you keep playing - earning more coins won't be a problem.
  14. A few tips... Bag of holding spell works on altars and is pretty low difficulty so it's not too hard to get a nice cast that'll allow more stuff to fit. Lib priests on otherlands get a special ability called "Drain" that replaces the normal vessel spell, you use it by activating a gem and right clicking a monster, it'll damage the target to charge the gem with favor you can use later. Also drain life spell is significantly stronger than vanilla, both in the healing and damage it does.
  15. That's pretty much it. You'll need serverpacks mod to get a few pieces of custom art a to show correctly, and custommap mod for custom ingame maps to show up. Both come with the modlauncher. You might also want to grab some of my client mods for convenience/utility but they aren't specific to the server or required to play on it, just generic stuff -
  16. WO Steam Discussion

    What would be the point of any further clarification if a few years down the line they can go back on it and people will tell us "oh they promised it X years ago and can't be expected to uphold it". Trust is hard resource to earn, and they just dumped a bunch of it in the trash with this move.
  17. WO Steam Discussion

    It's not just bugs, Rolf clearly promised that money coming from WU will be used to develop both games and now they decided to break that promise after they have the money...
  18. WO Steam Discussion

    No, and i'd say it's probably worse. Asking players to invest time and money into an MMO and then starting by abandoning a different version of that game (and on the same platform) is not a good marketing strategy i think.
  19. WO Steam Discussion

    I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to try out a new version of wurm after they learn that CodeClub abandoned the previous version of the same game that's already on steam lol
  20. [Alpha] Custom NPC

    Yeah the mod is not fully working with recent versions, it's been on my back burner for a while and honestly with the uncertain future of WU i'm not sure i'll find the time or motivation to work on it more. If anyone feels like adopting it - you have my blessing, all the code is on github.
  21. Is there a haloweenish stump in wo?
  22. The last version is here i think It still works if you disable the 2 settings i mentioned earlier:
  23. It should work. Make sure you have the latest versions of everything. Also make sure you removed the # before that line in the config if there is/was one. If it still doesn't work try disabling your other mods maybe it's a conflict with one of them (though i'm not aware of anything like that with any of the publicly available mods)
  24. Trick or Treat Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land. Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them! Also a new spooky craftable helmet has been added Craftable from carved pumpkin + greathelm Provides same protection as a greathelm Keeps the material of the greathelm used to craft Improves using platesmithing Note: Client modlauncher + serverpacks mod is required to see the special halloween mobs.
  25. So you see no problem with alienating people and breaking promises after they already paid money for a product? How can people trust their "new" steam release when they are abandoning their "old" steam release that people already payed for? How can players of that new version trust CodeClub to not abandon them a few months down the line when they realize that steam isn't bringing them the money they wanted to see?