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  1. Want to see hordes of semi-naked noobs take on 3 dragons? Come join us on Avalon, the new naked-start server this Sunday! http://otherlands.boards.net/thread/165/tripple-drake-hunt-avalon-july Also, in completely unrelated news.... FIREKITTIES!
  2. Website: otherlands.bdew.net Server features 2 servers - Walden (Freedom) and Otherland (Horde of the summoned) Free travel between the servers via portals at the starter deeds or boats Skills and stats start at 20 (21 for ML and BC) 10x skills and action timers multiplier 2048x2048 custom map 30000 creatures, 30% aggressive CR modifier set to 3 Deeds cost silver and upkeep is ENABLED (but see below - you get free 5s for deeding) Fast animal pregnancies and farm growth Server is hosted in Germany on a physical server i rent Offsite backup to Google Cloud Storage every 6 hours New! Server forums - http://otherlands.boards.net/ Live map: Walden (Freedom) | Otherland (HotS) Custom starting inventory (30ql chain set + 2H sword, 20ql tools, sickle, butchering knife, 50ql toolbelt, 4 ropes + standard crap) Walking speed and weight limits increased a bit All mounts can carry more weight to account for increased weight limits on players, also weight traits are stronger Deed stakes give 5s towards founding new deeds + 3s to upkeep Disbanding a deed will not return any money Bounties for killing creatures and burrying corpses, paid directly to bank Priest restrictions and penalties removed Some WL spells usable by Libila priests All spells require a maximum of 90 favour Faith and Meditation gains are unlimited Increased stat gains (including above 31) Increased gains for some skills, notably: weapon smithing Crates are larger - 1000 items in large, 250 in small Rainbow unicorns - 16777216 color variations! Horses, Carts, Wagons are faster and can enter deeper water Aggresive creatures can be hitched to carts (while tamed), they will stay hitched if untamed, not attack players and won't be attacked by g All boats are faster and less affected by wind, can go over shallower water Added "Claim" action to treasure chests - removes the lock and awards the player with a bit of karma All animals will age quickly up to adolescent age (except chickens and a few other special creatures) Crops never turn to weeds New /seasons command to show next harvesting seasons Can harvest when mounted Warning for inbreeding Items from digging will pile on the ground or go into your cart (and into crates if you have them) Clay, tar, peat and moss produce 20kg when digged Items from dredging will be stored in ship cargo Lowered delay between path levels by factor of 10 No failing to relax when meditating Chance to get a rare bone when sacrificing rares Healing covers show power in their name Allow for transfer of all items between bulk containers Many actions that ignored the action speed multiplier were changed to correctly apply it Flatten, Level, Meditation, Praying, Sacrificing, Spells, Sowing, and multiple other misc actions Spyglasses and softcaps can be crafted by players Bag of Holding spell - can be cast on containers and vehicles to increase their capacity Animals can be exchanged into tokens for easy transportation, tokens can be loaded into ships (corbita and larger) and moved between servers) Speed enchants (WoA/BotD) on melee weapons are significantly more powerful Ore veins, and resource tiles (tar, peat, clay) can be removed by deed owners Treasure chests have a chance to spawn rift wood/stone/crystal for crafting runes Creature lairs/dens can be searched for treasure. Beware of the dwellers being not too happy about that Gems can be sold to token for a decent chunk of cash - 2c*ql for normal gems, 5c*ql for star gems (not limited by daily sell to token cap or kingdom coffers) Farwalker stones and twigs can be sold to token for 4.5s Forges, ovens, etc. produce ash while burning Salve of Frost and Potion of Acid actually work. Damage is in line with FA/FB of power ~80. They stack with normal enchants but not each other. Increased drake/dragon difficulty, rewarded hide/scale amounts scales better with number of players (more players = more loot for everyone) Vynora priests with over 60 faith will receive a 20% speed bonus when piloting boats and ships Players with >50 animal husbandry and taming skills can now lead and ride unicorns without taming and will not be aggroed by hell horses. More items that can be planted in planters: Nettles, sassafras, woad, cocoa bean, nutmeg, blueberry, lingonberry, raspberries, all mushrooms Enchanted grass is a spell available to all WL priests and can work in an area. Path of Love followers instead get a new ability on level 7 - Lovely Grove Ages or rejuvinates all trees and bushes in a 5x5 area to mature or old age, makes them grow sprouts and be harvestable regardless of season. New items: Light spear - can be used one handed with a shield. Faster and deals less damage than 2h versions. Can be made from either wood or metal staff + spear head. Circlet of protection - provides protection equivalent of a steel greathelm, while not looking like a bucket. Improves with JC. Silver lump + small anvil to start. Warhammer - 1 handed weapon with about the same damage as a longsword, uses warhammers skill. Made with large maul head + shaft. Cooking tweaks: High complexity food will now give higher nutrition gain Players with high Carbs value will receive a bonus to Mind skill gain and it's subskills Players with high Proteins value will receive a bonus to Body skill gain and it's subskills Examining food will now show more detailed CCFP and nutrition info Special and legacy items available on traders: Old presents from WO: Garden gnome, yule goat/reindeer, valentines, fireworks, picnic basket, etc. Yellow potions - gives temporary illusion Brown potion - gives 1 random affinity point Silver mirror - allows to change character looks Silver scalpel - allows to change character sex Bag of Keeping - tiny containers that stays with you after death HotA voucher - can be redeemed for HotA statue of choice Various tweaks required by the unique nature of the server badly interacting with rolfcode (mycelium decay on PVE servers, disabled BL spells, etc.) Rules Don't be a jerk. Despite BL theme, both servers are PVE server. Griefing and harassment are not allowed. Players are responsible for securing their crap. Everything not properly secured is considered free game. If you find a bug - report it, don't abuse it. All client mods are allowed as long as they aren't actively disruptive to the community or the server itself. See rule #1 Support the Server Want to support the server? Consider donating some money to it's upkeep! All leftovers will be used to buy beer to maintain my sanity after digging through rolfcode.
  3. New beta for Wurm Unlimited is out on steam! Changes - HERE Test server is currently up. To log into it you'll need to opt into the beta on steam then select it in the launcher. If you run into any issues please report them on the forum thread.
  4. Not really since the mod (and the client itself) doesn't know that. The numbers are sent by the server when you open a menu and then sent back by the client when you choose an action. The only exception is the numbers that already have a keybinding option in vanilla. Hm maybe, i'll consider adding something like that
  5. No Winter Removes the winter season entirely from the game. Fall textures and settings will be used instead. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/nowinter/releases Improved Compass Compass always display heading (even when moving) Compass mouse over will show exact coordinates, heading angle and height. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/compass/releases Better Tooltips Shows all ground tooltips regardless of active tool, skill level and/or distance Tiles always show type and if they are flat, in addition the following will be shown: Trees/bushes - age, sprout presence and harvestability Fields - type, stage, tended status Grass - flower type Anumals will show their sex, and for horses also color in the tooltip. Tile borders will always show slope Tile corners show their absolute height (above sea level) Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/tooltips/releases Custom Actions Allows keybinding pretty much any action See here for explanation Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/action/releases Max Toolbelt Shows a 10 slot toolbelt regardless of it's QL and existence. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/toolbelt/releases Time Lock Locks the time of day to a given time In console type "timelock 12" to make it always noon or "timelock 12:34" to make it 12:34 (= 1:34 pm) In console type "timelock off" to disable Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/timelock/releases Skill Gain Tracker Adds a new window that automatically tracks skill gain and shows Current skill Gain since beginning of session Expected gain per hour (calculated from average gain in a moving window of up to 5 minutes) Average gain tick (over last 5 minutes) Toggle the window using the options menu, or bind it to a key with bind <key> "toggle_gain_tracker" (quotes are mandatory) Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/skilltrack/releases Privacy Mod This mod hides you from the steam "players" page that shows all players on a server, even if you aren't friends in steam. This is somewhat experimental, and unless you really care about being incognito is not recommended for general use. See here for more details Download and sources: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/privacy/releases Installation Install Ago's Client Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder Disclaimer All mods are for use with Wurm Unlimited only. Attempting to use with Wurm Online will not work and possibly lead to a ban. All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!
  6. better dig version for 1.4 beta - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/betterdig/releases/download/v0.6-pre/betterdig-0.6-pre1.zip
  7. Action Timers Fix Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting Affected actions: All spells, Flatten, Level, Sow, Sacrifice, Pray, Meditation, Alchemy, Destroying, Rummaging, Breeding, Bow and fishing rod stringing/unstringing, Painting and removing paint Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/timerfix/releases Treasure Chest Claim Allows players to "claim" random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/chestclaim/releases Better Digging Changes dirt from digging/flattening/leveling to drop on the ground instead of going to the inventory of the player. Allows dirt from digging/flattening/leveling/dredging to go into a vehicle being dragged or ridden. If there are crates in it's cargo - it can automatically go into those. Uses dirt from the ground, a vehicle and even crates inside the vehicle when leveling. Allows overriding which actions can be performed from a mount or vehicle. Allows overriding amount of clay dug per action. Almost everything is configurable. Warning: This mod is probably incompatible with the other digging-like-mining mods, and should fully replace their functionality. Having multiple mods of this type will likely lead to crashes, dupes and/or weird ######. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/betterdig/releases Move To Center Adds 2 entries under Move menu that allow moving items to the center or corner of a tile. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movetocenter/releases Movement Tweaks Allows server admins to tweak many things related to movement of players, mounts and vehicles Speeds Weight limits for players Min/Max heights, depths and slopes Wind impact for boats Loading ranges Required skills Global speed modifier for creatures moving on their own (not as mounts or hitched) Animal hitching to boats (somewhat buggy, disabled by default) Extremely configurable - default settings match vanilla but everything is changeable from the config Example config (from my own server) here: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movemod/blob/master/altconfig/movemod.properties Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/movemod/releases Hitching Limits Allows control over what animals can be hitched to carts/wagons Change settings to allow older non-domestic animals to be hitched, including greenish/champions. Change settings to allow weaker animals to be hitched (Want to feel like Cinderella? get a mice rat-powered cart!) Everything is configurable. Default config matches vanilla settings. Example modified config here: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hitchlimits/blob/master/altconfig/hitchlimits.properties Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hitchlimits/releases No Build Limit Removes skill requirement on planning building from all players, allowing building of (almost) any size. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/nobuildlimit/releases Set Height Adds a new command (usable by GM with power level 5 only) Usage: #setheight <height> [radius] Will set height of tile to specified value (in dirts) Radius is optional, by default will change the tile you stand on; with radius 1 - will do 3x3; with radius 2 - 5x5 and so on. Will happily turn your server into a parking lot, mess up houses, mines, etc. Use with care. Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/setheight/releases HotS Fixes Allows mycelium on PVE server and fixes it's spreading Removes ore-cap on non-freedom PVE/home servers Allows casting of fungus and rite of death by BL priests on PVE servers Disables basshing houses without permission on HotS PVE servers Everything can be toggled from config Download and source code:https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hotsfixes/releases Fix Guards Fixes villages spawning infinite number of templars due to a database error To use, as a GM go to the village in question and type #fixguards You should see "Done" in event window when it's done, and some guards will either poof or will be assigned to the village correctly, after that no more extra guards should spawn Might cause a small lagspike if you have a lot of creatures on the server, as it checks all of them Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/fixguards/releases Bind To All Interfaces Makes the server bind all it's sockets (external, intraserver and RMI if enabled) to all available interfaces, regardless of specified IP. Useful for running the server inside VM's with no public IP, docker containers, etc. If the 2 lines above don't make any sense you probably don't need this mod Download and source code: https://github.com/bdew-wurm/bindmod/releases Installation Install Ago's Server Mod Loader Download zip file Extract zip file to your client folder All mods are open source and are licensed under LGPLv3 Want to support my modding? Consider throwing some money my way!
  8. I’ve added skill ranking pages for both Avalon and the main servers. Information in those pages will be updated every few hours.
  9. I was screwing around with client authentication today (trying to figure out why i couldn't log in to one specific server), and discovered something... Find your WurmLauncher folder (should be under steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited) Create a file named steam_appid.txt inside WurmLauncher folder Write "366220" in it (no quotes) Run WurmLauncher.exe (not from steam library!) ??? Alts, alts everywhere! steam_appid.txt file, with 366220 inside (wurm app id on steam) in WurmLauncher folder disables the relaunch-through-steam check in WurmLauncher.exe, and allows opening multiple clients easily. Yep, that simple Technical details: During startup wurm calls SteamAPI_RestartAppIfNecessary which checks if the client was launched through steam. If it wasn't (= was manually launched from the .exe) this function returns true, causing the client to terminate. A new copy is then launched by steam. For whatever reason, if you have a steam_appid.txt file this function will always return false, allowing the client to proceed without being launched through steam. Since the check for multiple running copies is in steam itself - it's never checked and you can run as many instances as you want. Server list stuff and authentication doesn't seem to be affected by this (as far as i can tell). Disclaimer: I have no idea what effects this might have or how legit Rolf or Valve would consider this. Use at your own risk. Added, from here: https://partner.steamgames.com/documentation/drm So it's seams to be meant for testing i guess. *shrug*
  10. If i'm understanding correctly what the problem is... just change suspend=n to suspend=y in the command line (-agentlib:jdwp... section). It will make the process suspend immediately on startup and wait for a debugger to attach. You will need to set breakpoints in the right places before attaching as it will un-suspend the process when you do. Edit, the above is about your debugger problem, as for JAMM i never used it, but looking at the error it fails to find or to load the jar file... Try: re-downloading it quoting just the path (-javaagent:"C:\....") escaping the slashes (-javaagent:C:\\....) flipping the slashes (-javaagent:C:/....) putting the jar file in the same folder as wu...
  11. Many ISPs still don't support native IPv6, or don't provide it to residential users, and the transitional solutions (teredo, etc.) do add some latency and aren't really suitable for gaming... So even if you could it probably wouldn't be a good idea unless you run both 4 and 6 at the same time (which just seems like extra pain for no gain). The IP is transferred in the protocol in a few places, and that assumes ipv4 everywhere so it'll need to be changed. Another question is whether steam server browser system supports IPv6... according to those docs, it doesn't look that way.
  12. Server update - 16/06/2017 Avalon is open! Dragons difficulty increased a bit Scale and hide drops scaling tweaked, bigger groups will get even more now, while small/solo will get significantly less New creature added: Firecat Server Update - 20/06/2017 Rite of Spring will now give sleep bonus to all followers of the same deity as the caster, including offline players. Fixed a bug that could be abused to load items on the edge of deeds without load permission. Animal token fixes: Redeeming tokens in caves will no longer teleport the animal to the surface. Animals redeemed on deed should be possible to lead by the owner, regardless of deed permissions. Naming of the tokens is less stupid. Meditation rugs can now be planted.
  13. Because people are different... some do, some don't, some do but hide it well until the most (in)appropriate time, some take a tiny shove to switch from one category to the other. If the internet have taught me anything is to hope for the best in people but always expect the worst. That way you can only be pleasantly surprised.
  14. The version i linked above is still working. Except some derpiness with fish that i couldn't find a way to fix.
  15. Here's a link to the original thread for that mod, try asking there.
  16. Yes, the spell list is randomly generated and not stored anywhere. You can't directly edit this but one could make a mod that would replace that logic by some preset list. (hint: Spell.deityCanHaveSpell)
  17. From WU code, all the following are affected: Mining rock/vein and moonmetal boulders Butchering a corpse Harvesting fields (as odynn said above, only those that use a scythe) Shearing wool Digging all resources Chopping trees Harvesting trees/bushes Picking flowers and sprouts Cutting grass
  18. We're launching a new map on June 16th (this friday), with a little twist! Read here for more details - http://otherlands.boards.net/thread/156/server-avalon-launching-june-16th
  19. hitchlimits doesn't use any ids, it just lets you change vanilla mechanics. All your errors you posted above are about missing files.
  20. Make sure you have the actual mod directory and jar in the right place.
  21. Server portals is @Xyp's - http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/144320-released-new-portals/ Hitchlimits is mine, last version is here - https://github.com/bdew-wurm/hitchlimits/releases - though it wasn't updated in a long while and should work with all recent versions of WU. If it doesn't post logs. Stablemaster is abandoned (the author, @tmarchukis MIA for about a year now), but i made an unofficial update with some fixes here - https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvka14govuwl8yc/StableMaster.zip?dl=0
  22. Life is overrated anyways
  23. is that tile border above first floor? if so it's a know issue, they need some special voodoo to work and i haven't figured that out yet.
  24. Make sure you have the right server ids in nearby servers (the place where you set what borders are connected)