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  1. Bridge Widening

    Is it possible to widen an existing 1 tile wide bridge into a 2 tile wide bridge. Without needing to tear down the old bridge!
  2. Might not be quite as bad as I imagined. Just tested what you could do on a protected tile where the slope was extreme (70+ slope up). You can lower it by digging. So you'd only be stuck with whatever paving someone added while the catseyes are in place.
  3. That floor board isn't even remotely valid as a road. Its got a 72 slope on the south side of it. Doesn't this new system even care about that? What about the griefing potential of someone messing up the terrain next to a highway, then paving over the messed up terrain to lock it in because they know the system will adopt the paving as it is added.
  4. Actually, I think I am returning to saying this is a bug. The floor board was added "after" the catseye was laid In my view, protection should only be given to paving that exists when the catseye was laid.
  5. Wait, what? How do you view protection "before" you plant a catseye?
  6. Actually you cannot see in advance. Look at the picture, the tile due south of the protected one is not showing any protection highlight.
  7. Simultaneous post with Alectrys
  8. You should have used more words to explain why you didn't think it was a bug because you could be right. I just re-read the highway document. The placement of the catseye had confused me into thinking it's only the 4 tiles around it that are protected. When in actual fact, the catseye is protecting the tile it is in the NW corner of and the 8 tiles that surround it. So yes, you are probably right, adding the floor board made it think I was adding to the highway, and as its in the 3x3 area that can be protected it did. This is a right pain if that is the case, as that means I cannot remove any of the marsh on the east side of the road. We need a better way to remove marsh that does not count as "paving"!
  9. It's filed here because it happening at all is a bug. It's not a request to come and fix it in game. It would be nice though if a future patch fixed it.
  10. Couldn't get the image to be inline to the post, sorry. It kept going red when I tried. Sorted it
  11. Recently completed a section of highway. Then went to clear some of the marsh next to it when this happened. Placed a floor board over some marsh next to a section of highway, and the floor board cannot now be removed. This was after the highway was finished. The floor board is 2 tiles from nearest catseye. The marsh tile was due east of the protected tile. The protected tile is paved only in the SW corner. When the floor board was laid, as expected, the east quarter side of the protected tile changed to floor board. The unexpected bit was the protection extending too, to cover the floor board tile I cannot remove the floor board. This is on Independence. It's in the perimerter of Calico Shores, on the south side
  12. On a PvP server, the new spell might help you find what freedom server the item has fled to. in some to be determined way
  13. Here is a random idea on how theft could be alleviated, without recourse to disconnecting the PvP and PvE servers. Have a non-trivial means to mark an item with an owner label. This can be either the name of a player or a deed. When transferring said item, either via merchant, player to player transfer, or mail, the sender can set an option to transfer ownership label to the receiver. Only the owner or member of the deed (with appropriate rights) can do this. The receiver is told what items he is getting that still have someone elses owner label, before he accepts, so can go ahead or not, if he is happy. Branding an animal for instance would count as giving that animal an owner label. On PvP servers this confers no benefits. On PvE servers a new spell when cast on another player (important, it must be castable on someone else) gives them a list of items on this freedom server, that are not in their possession or not on the deed that owns them, then lets them pick one from the list and have it teleport into their inventory, or if too large for inventory, simply tells them where it is or maybe teleports it next to them. The owner has the right to pick up or mount or whatever the item, no matter where it is. Only a lock can stop them getting to it, in which case they can ask a GM to intervene. Wouldn't something like this put the response to theft back in the player's hands, and potentially reduce GM workload?
  14. WSA: Rarity and cooking affinities poll.

    As you seem to be storing some calculated affinity number in the meal, why cannot you store a number calculated based on whether or not the cook is new system or old. If new system cook, store a number that does not account for rarities. If old system cook, store a number that does. The only people then affected are those buying meals from cooks on a different system.
  15. Cooking questions answered!

    Is this new cooking system designed only for very high level of skills? I'm only asking because with my lowly 28 HFC my temp affinities last only a minute or so. I was quite excited to discover a meal that gave mediation affinity only to then notice it wouldn't last as long as it took to meditate. Seems like wasted work if it doesn't really work for all skill levels of players.