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  1. [01:24:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  2. I ask 25s for it. Will COD (I'm in xanadu, so 20c for any other server). I priced this item looking to other sales/auctions in freedom, which seems to go for around 25-30s. If I am wrong please tell me. Otherwise first to post gets the bone. Thanks for reading, regards!! Elvidur
  3. Needle, Iron - 80.27ql - 73 Circle of Cunning - 0.58s - Added (5/25/2015) Scissors, Iron - 80.38ql - 74 Circle of Cunning - 0.60s - Added (3/17/2015) Please COD these 2 items to Elvidur. Thanks!
  4. Is there any solution to this yet? I suffer the same problem and the game it's beginning to becaome unplayable. I don't know a lot about computers, but Wurm is the only game Im having this problem with.
  5. Please CoD one to Elvidur. Thanks for the gift, love you
  6. Sold, please close the thread
  7. I have 12 powders, but I'm in Pristine and cannot leave it for now. Could meet you at Blossom, but since they're not 15 you might not be interested. Tell me if you want them Regards Elvidur
  8. *Note: I will only provide services in Pristine server. Masonry Services: Stone imping: (Including forges, ovens, mailboxes, guard towers...) - 50ql = 20c - 60ql = 30c - 70ql = 40c House Building: 2c per wall (Customer supplies bricks + mortar) High QL Shards/Bricks service: specially useful for offdeed enclosures and gatehouses, all bricks and shards are guaranteed to be ql50+. - Shards: 500 = 1s - Bricks: 500 = 2s Will build the walls myself at the standar price of 2c per house wall or tall stone wall, and 1c per low wall. *Note: I will make high ql materials on order, so it may take 1-2 days to finish, but they'd be ready ASAP. Paving Services: Slabs ( I Supply materials ) - Stone slab: 2c per tile - Marble slab: 2c per tile Floors (If you supply the materials, the price per tile is 2c, if not, check the prices below) - Stone brick floor: 7c per tile - Stone Slab floor: 7c per tile - Pottery brick floor: 7c per tile - Marble slab floor: 7c per tile - Slate slab floor: 1s per tile I will keep this post updated with new services when they're available. Prices may be negotiable and discounts may be applied depending on order size. Best regards, and have a happy Wurm time. Elvidur
  9. 100 Fighting - Magranon's Chosen 100 Masonry - Stonehearted 50 Mind logic - Philosopher 50 Polearms - Spearman Will think out more later, great thing to know we're having some new titles. +1 to have more lore related titles.
  10. Those are the main reasons I had to close up my deed with gates, and I keep having trouble to let some individuals in without a gatehouse, let alone working permissions... +1 to this, we need a proper way to manage our settlements.
  11. I still think the main issue with sandwiches if the ridiculously low weight they have... Until that is changed there's no use in improving them imho. However, as a person who likes bakery in game, would like to see something like this implemented in the future, so here's my +1
  12. Meditation skill was showing nice, and meditation/day count only updated when I restarted the program as well, so it may a problem with logs not being recognized by the program. Maybe I need some update or something? :/ Thanks for the help, I hope we can manage a solution
  13. It starts the first timer of 30 minutes correctly (Currently at around 25 meditation skill). The problem is when I meditate the second time, the timer just stay at "ready" status, instead of resetting to 30 minutes waiting.
  14. IDK if I'm missing something here. Today I downloaded your program and it seems awesome. But when I set meditation timer it shows the popup just nice the first time, but then the timer doesn't reset, it gets stuck at "ready" status.. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your hard work! Elvidur
  15. Please add The Winter Oak Farmstead in X22 Y14. Mailbox and merchant here. ">http://href='http://imgur.com/xbgf3aD'> The deed is where the square is, directly in that crossroad. Also Zero dissapeared long ago, so you can delete it from the map. Thx for the hard work! Elvidur