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  1. It can be a bit of a hassle but if you like and enjoy it,it will be worth it in the end and you will get used to the things as you go along. Go for it!
  2. says servers online but still can't log in on Cele
  3. I hated the trade chat since day one..but its still why not.give them colors too,like every other cool kid out there
  4. It has been suggested a few times i think but they like the idea of ruins and huge signs that someone used to live there. Which is too bad,i'd love to see terrain slowly go back to its form..or even a new form would be awesome too..anything really,just to make servers nice again. Traveling on smaller servers now days is depressing and while i understand their view..still,there are some hugely terraformed stuff.
  5. My wooden floor looked exactly the same a few days ago..i did not walk on it as i fear the worst with these things. It fixed itself tho.
  6. All solved! Thank you Pandy.
  7. this and also to get to second floor you need a 4 tiles long bridge atleast.
  8. Pretty sure its how many times you want.I used one once and still have the option to buy again.
  9. It was weird when i got it from the journal and i hoped they would fix it the added extra hour from marks..but i guess they forgot. +1 for sure
  10. Yes please! I didn't even know that any titles work other than armor smithing works.
  11. Yes,they do decay crazy fast,I lost 4(around 58ql),when I was done with fishing I dropped them in a storage unit..after 3-4 days I was at the forge doing some grind and noticed the message that the fishing nets went poof.