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  1. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    Entropia Universe(second favorite after wurm) Project gorgon Continent of the ninth(best combat sistem i ever played) Evony Hereos of Gaia
  2. [Bug] Journal : Paved with Stone

    you need someone to hold it for you,in wurm online planing a deed is a two man job.
  3. WTS Red Scale jacket,pieces

    Jacket has been sold.Pieces are still for sale
  4. WTS Red Scale jacket,pieces

    WTS 95ql Red dragon scale jacket with 98Aosp. Price is 1gold 0.16kg of Red dragon scale pieces. Price is 7.20silver
  5. Old fishing system back!

    I couldn't care less for fishing but what's with this hate against afk grinding,wurm has allways been afk grinding in some form or another.. be it tv watching,youtube or just playing on 10 characters at once..its how we manage to play for so long(some of us who like that afk grinding).. i you guys really watch those second go by while you grind? and if you want some more action just go hunting exploring or just play some of those game of the hour like overwatch and whatnot. As for fishing..even RL fishing is afk for the most part unless you are one who does it for sports.
  6. (CLOSE)WTS Smoke from sol

    All charges sold.
  7. (CLOSE)WTS Smoke from sol

    As the title say i'm looking to sale Smoke from sol full charges. I'm willing to sell it per charge if i feel like i can trust the person and i know them. Price is 150s per charge or 420s for the whole thing.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Breathe in...breathe out..
  9. Patch Notes 17/DEC/18 Gone Fishing

    This is a nice gift! Thank you great people.
  10. Celebration down!!

    I know I know there is another topic on this but i thought two of them would get us an answer. It's been down for the last 3-4 hours and we still don't know whats going on. An update would be nice.
  11. Cant log in

    still not working,i have been trying for the last 25 minutes
  12. Right now its tied up on the ql of the tool and your body strength,I for one can bash any wall in one to three hits with a 90ql tool and my 65 body strength skill.But that is not the case for everyone and I do agree with Malena,it should be changed to work as a house works or modify the dmg you do even with lower tools and skills atleast.