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  1. Right now its tied up on the ql of the tool and your body strength,I for one can bash any wall in one to three hits with a 90ql tool and my 65 body strength skill.But that is not the case for everyone and I do agree with Malena,it should be changed to work as a house works or modify the dmg you do even with lower tools and skills atleast.
  2. uuh,that looks very very nice! yes please
  3. Premium suggestions

    That makes no sense..I pay 10 bucks every month to recharge my sim card with 2000 national minutes but I use a total of 30minutes tops each month..should I go complain to them to give me 2000 minutes and have them till I use them all? You think of the poor guy playing 2 hours a weeks and he feels like he wastes his premium,but do you think of this game at doesn't run on air.
  4. Premium suggestions

    This topic again..really? what's 10 bucks now days..i'm from a poor country...but 10 bucks still mean nothing,maybe a pack of cigarettes or a coffee and a gum. I'm even surprised that wurm still runs and we get all these awesome updates with the low player base that we have. Making it free to play will mean more stuff in the shop, that will make it pay to win in some way like every other garbage out there.
  5. Valrei International. 069

    well..this kind of makes want to build 10,000 charcoal piles, how would that look!! hahaha
  6. New Animal Plus Use for Small Carts

    +1 would be cool to have donkeys
  7. Wurm is too expensive for devalued currencies!

    do you people take in to consideration that the premium and deed upkeep is the only think you pay? go play free to play games and you will spend way more than wurm also how can 8E be so expensive compared to games where its 15 or more..
  8. ESC to close windows

    i'm not talking of a key bind.. just pressing esc and close windows, one at the time without having to hover the mouse over them..otherwise whats the point..i could just move the mouse on the x and close is manualy
  9. ESC to close windows

    I have been playing wurm on a laptop for the last month,with no mouse..the one thing that would make it doable would be if we could press ESC to close windows like inventory containers etc. Would it be possible for us to get such a feature.
  10. -1 people with 10 accounts messed the creating more stuff and selling cheaper than the other guy and this competition brought prices to nothing focusing on one character and interact with other for other stuff you need is more fun i really miss the old days where you had to go to a market and check every merchant for things you want,now you sit on your 10 accounts and spam the trade chat
  11. Yay! I was wondering where you gone. Very glad to see you still around and can't wait to watch your streams.
  12. Can't get full 24K 100QL logs

    it has been like that since forever,i imagine it works as intended woodcutting allways had more rng than most
  13. what mining for 12 hours looks like

    I do that all the time with movies,it is the secret for a long and happy wurm life!
  14. [Fixed] Post Update Visual Bug On Tool Heads

    Played around with some more stuff and it seems it shows on every item that the character uses to do an action.
  15. Please allow painted barding

    +1 Saddles too!