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  1. I got an ideea..lets make weapon smithing very easy to grind! you know.. it will help new players and QoL or such things.. We are upset becouse the game gets easier and easier and there are less challanges for us..we should have some stuff that are not easy to get for everyone.If we work hard for it..we deserve to earn a silver or two from that skill also.
  2. /me counts his stacks of real life money he made by making plate sets and selling for top dollor you guys are crazy..don't get us confused with those buy stupid cheap sell stupid expensive traders or private uniques killings or killing on chaos and selling scale/drakes sets on freedom.. we are bare newbs imping for 3 hours infront of a forge for 2-3 silver(if we get lucky once a month selling our ######) to pay our upkeep.. mentioning the premium time would be dreams
  3. people set big goals so they can be the best at something, when that something gets very common or not usable.. the work we did feels waste of time.. I didn't say i quit over this but if changes like these keep happening people will..becouse all their hard work will feel like nothing and we can't make everything easier becouse of the new lazy people that may or may not play the game for a month or two..who likes wurm likes it for the fact that is hard and keeps you playing..its not for everyone. Something to think about,imagine a wurm with every skill as easy to grind as blacksmithing. Anyway i said my peace.
  4. Like i told my friends..they show us the middle finger with this iron plate armour that is 2% less better then steel! While you people say it makes the game better for new messes it up for us old players..all our goals we worked so hard for go down the drain,do they not care for keeping old players keep playing too? stuff like these make us upset,why would we do any more of these project if they become the new normal later on..
  5. What i don't understand..why do they have to remove the old models..why not have both..the old and the new and i am not talking just about the mine doors but other stuff they added and removed old models..
  6. I say don't do it.. they say pvp is dead..reading about this topic for months i say the pvp is real on the forums!! let them war on the forums!!
  7. Maybe it has to be a house on chaos and not built by you..?
  8. Sing me in! I am crazy fellow dwarf as your self and i'd love to attent. Things i can do- bs,lw,ws,pas
  9. I like the ideea..but it never every game i played that had this system it never work as it should,it gets stuck,you die,you get pissed and in wurm dying is no fun
  10. +1 for sure! Just yesterday i made me some of those new bsb's thingy and i moved my rock shards and marble and other stuff,took me 4 hours just to move them...such a pain!
  11. Since the unstable going stable i noticed this bug with mine doors from inside the cave,also the loor and walls near the door.
  12. iron lump, BOTD91: 95c whetstone, QL100 BOTD99: 1s 75c I will take this,cod to Jonydowy Thank you.