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  1. Games Best and Worst Aspects

    I know I'm off topic but can't resist it. How is wurm worst at cost..if it was no cost it would have been pay to win and the cost is the lowest it can be,there are way worse game out there.. with one time buy plus monthly prem and higher prem cost and pay to win as a bonus. Wurm isn't perfect but it ain't worst at anything..
  2. Real cave living pls?

    I have been living in a underground town for 2-3 years now,I have not seen any tile collapse on its own..also to what is lacking is none of your points imo.. it is lacking better lighting(i have mine filled with lamps but it does not do the trick still), a way to keep live stock inside and the ability to reinforce ceiling too,for better looks,those are my only complains and what has made me looking for a outside place to move.
  3. [Bug] Wrong Imp Item Shown

    if it helps,the item updates itself once moved from inventory in container or reverse
  4. [Bug] Wrong Imp Item Shown

    It's sad to see that it hasn't gotten fixed yet..I feel like is an important bug and it ruins the grind. we are getting close to a year with no fix...
  5. This is very true..for the past two months my lady in red has been Project gorgon,I have played it before and now it was just a comeback... but wurm is still calling me back. It is one of the things I love wurm for.. you can go do other things and wurm is still there for you.. and it feels like you never left,same feelings and enjoyment.
  6. mulch/woodchip trail pavement option

    Yes please! It would be pretty awesome to see these in wurm,with the tall grass and trees in a dense forest.. pretty cool!
  7. What is going on?

    it's being rebuilt,there was a forum poll long ago about who to redesign it.. and the winning team forgot to plant some signs letting people know what's going on
  8. Make electrum indestructable

    you will once you get all your tool sets to 90+ ql with 90+ casts because you will never need to work on them ever again,also nothing is too hard in wurm..i know that for sure
  9. Make electrum indestructable

    -1..nothing should be indestructible in wurm..
  10. Coal mine

    -1..that's a bad reason, 99% of the game is time consuming but we still love wurm because of it.
  11. [Bug] Wrong Imp Item Shown

    Is anything getting done about this bug? it's really annoying and messes with my mood for grinding..
  12. It's been down for the last hour or so,can we get an update?
  13. [Bug] Wrong Imp Item Shown

    Same problemhere, I do plate smithing at 99+ and it happens exactly the same,did some blacksmithing to 90 the other day and it did not happen once.
  14. Wood type floors

    Would be nice if we could have some type of wood floors.It would make our house even more cooler and with personal touch.