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  1. I say don't do it.. they say pvp is dead..reading about this topic for months i say the pvp is real on the forums!! let them war on the forums!!
  2. Maybe it has to be a house on chaos and not built by you..?
  3. Sing me in! I am crazy fellow dwarf as your self and i'd love to attent. Things i can do- bs,lw,ws,pas
  4. I like the ideea..but it never every game i played that had this system it never work as it should,it gets stuck,you die,you get pissed and in wurm dying is no fun
  5. +1 for sure! Just yesterday i made me some of those new bsb's thingy and i moved my rock shards and marble and other stuff,took me 4 hours just to move them...such a pain!
  6. Since the unstable going stable i noticed this bug with mine doors from inside the cave,also the loor and walls near the door.
  7. iron lump, BOTD91: 95c whetstone, QL100 BOTD99: 1s 75c I will take this,cod to Jonydowy Thank you.
  8. +1 i like the ideea Could also add for a cool collection of ''mangled'' items
  9. The bridge is done! Thanks goes to Cormax,Almerian,Sweetsusie,Jaz,Annyil and Angelklaine for helping out with materials or building it. All is left now is to wait on the catapult bug to be fixed and bash the wooden bridge (unless any GM feels bashy and takes it down for me xD) I wanted to leave it as a relic at first,but now looking at both of them looks a bit weird.
  10. +1 for sure!
  11. Hi Angel,we are pretty much set with materials,but if you'd like you can come help building the second section,we will plan it in about 11 hours from now.
  12. I just bought custom enchants,fast,cheap and very high casts! I do recomand Master for you custom needs.