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  1. I don't know what happend or when but you can't Toggle categorys on the forum page anymore,i mean you can but it wont save,after you close the browser its gone and you have to do it every time you open the browser ,i know it may sound like its no big deal to some but i for one hate it..i used to have the forum page clean and for my taste. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. Ok cool,done
  3. Feel free to check my underground village Bunker Hill at L18,it is not finished 100% but it look ok for a visit I added you to the minedoors i hope your char name is Iberis too.
  4. bump,lowerd price
  5. +1 i really like this one!
  6. Did you zoom on it? i can read it just fine
  7. Solmark awesome guys! he has been very kind to me and my brother over the years and allways nice to chat with him. Baloo great women,she gifted me lots of stuff and allways cooks for me when she visits Celebration for rifts and slayings. Moogien very helpfull and nice,i allways bug her with things about the game that i don't know. Cerber allways nice,he helped me and my allies to build a very big bridge. Nomadikhan i hate him and his islands and he hates to join my underground village,but a great guy and leader of my alliance!
  8. Bump Make me an offer if my prices seem high for your taste.
  9. As the title says i want to sell two swords: Supreme longsword 80ql blank: 25silver. Supreme shortsword 80ql blank: 20silver.
  10. Exactly!
  11. Wurm is a sandbox..there is no end-game(yes you could call it endgame when you grind every skill over 90 which is very very hard and takes years but wurm is not just about can explore,build places,hunt stuff,breed animals,craft things) There could be added new skills or professions but in the end is all about what you want to do and like. There are so much stuff you can do in wurm,you just need to stop thinking at other games while you play wurm and compare.. wurm is different,special,unique why would we want it it to be like every other game outhere.
  12. +1 Yes please!
  13. +1 Yes please! atm the alliance is nothing more and a freedom chat,nobody has no control over it other than kicking a village out.
  14. Thanks @Jaz yes it is indeed on the last tile of the deed,sadly i can't expand..ill have to take the house down i guess.
  15. I don't have this bug but i have another interesting one, on my own deed my own house i try to bash a wall thats near a cave wall and i do 1 dmg with every action,every other wall goes down in a hit or two. some weird things going on with underground houses