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  1. I don't really care if its a joke but if its not,I hope it is a one time event or at least one time a year thing.
  2. Just take a look at the hood and the chest cloth both are dyed with the same paint.
  3. I do really hate the idea. BUT if its going to happen anyway.. at least make it one time thing! with the account trading gone I could understand it. More than once its just gonna create confusion and make people not trust each other. Wurm has always been unique to me by not allowing name change and being a part from the rest of the every day mmo who allow it just for the money grab.
  4. Its at the point where I just log out and go play something else sometimes.. We have been in this lag problem for over a month now.. how longer can we wait!
  5. It is just an example, and also the time it takes it should depend on your self,not forced by the game.We have to be able to work on goals whenever we want or have the time to do so no matter how hard or easy they are,not change our real life style for the wurm goals. the rift goal atm is not hard by the real meaning of the word HARD it just time set by the devs,you just go there on the time they want you too and spend the time they want you too.
  6. My two cents are,I don't care if it takes 1 year or 5 years,but make it be something I can work on my own time and terms and depending on my powers! don't make me go spend 5 hours on something that is on your terms and time. From my first day on the first rifts I said they are a bad idea,boring and waste of time. You could come up with some kind of choices.. go to 100 rifts or grind 5 skills to 99 or hunt 100k mobs..
  7. Downloaded the last pack,seems ok but I don't want to speak too soon. I will keep you updated if it happens again. Thank you!
  8. I understand all of it but it pisses me off that as soon as it was made public it has been fixed while others have been exploiting for months and selling. Also this fix is half the problem solved and still same people profit from it,you can't plant it anymore but those who had it planted before the fix can still harvest forever from it.
  9. there are a million bugs and some old for years and still waiting for a fix,you found out about this one this few hours ago and now it gets a fixed?
  10. Hellhorse keep getting unhitched from the hitching post. It stays put for a few days then i keep finding them facing backwards and unhitched.
  11. I tried what Vomusu said.. closing the window and starting again turns the update off and can log in.
  12. That's interesting..i will try it and see if it works for me.Thanks
  13. I did reboot because some of those ''updates'' think like i already have a char logged in even if i just turned the pc on.
  14. Since the last patch every time i wanna log in the game it updates it self and after i'm in the game for a few minutes and want to log in another character,again is doing the update and then i have to log off the first characters to log both it.. are these actually updates or is it stuck in a loop and its the same update every time ''not saving''(for a lack of better word). Its fine the first time but it gets to where i have to log out a 5-6 times a day just to log other characters.