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  1. Yay! I was wondering where you gone. Very glad to see you still around and can't wait to watch your streams.
  2. Can't get full 24K 100QL logs

    it has been like that since forever,i imagine it works as intended woodcutting allways had more rng than most
  3. what mining for 12 hours looks like

    I do that all the time with movies,it is the secret for a long and happy wurm life!
  4. [Fixed] Post Update Visual Bug On Tool Heads

    Played around with some more stuff and it seems it shows on every item that the character uses to do an action.
  5. Please allow painted barding

    +1 Saddles too!
  6. I think that anything that is dragon material can't be painted. On scale is the worst only a few metal parts can be dyed and those are very few.
  7. [Fixed] Cloth hood bug

    If i drop it on the ground its all black but when i equip it it only shows the dye around my head and not all of hood.
  8. [Fixed] Post Update Visual Bug On Tool Heads

    I noticed this bug too,for me it was mining and the stattue of a pries while he was casting.
  9. Painted caps don't show collor when equiped but they do show it when on the ground so far i noticed this on cloth hood,leather cap and studded leather cap
  10. Load into smelters

    Yes please!
  11. Animal Taming and skill gain with food types.

    You guys are missing the point of this thread. It is about testing and figuring out if different veggie/meats chopped or minced give more or less skill gains.Not types of creatures and differenet levels of stamina,we know about that.
  12. How do you refresh your Wurm experience?

    For me is a small break but not playing other games..i usually take 2 weeks and i watch stupid tv shows and then i come back and think of a new set of skills to grind..or a new crazy big project.. and that will keep me busy for most of the year. I do play other games sometimes if they are good but i never felt like there's nothing to do in wurm.
  13. Plans ?

    I worked on getting 90(HFC,gathering) and 70 on all the skills needed for making my own affinity pizza..and soon plan to start on shield/chain smithing to 90 and lockmaking Also working on getting some of the new Hellhorse collors..been trying for a few months and no luck yet,it is my side project =)
  14. It needs less threads like these..wurm allways has been a low population game and fits only a special few.The way i imagine wurm with 10k+players is total chaos and i wouldn't last a day. The dev team has been doing great great work.