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  1. Who stoped the party!!
  2. As Jaz said,I hope that most of that natural look of that area remains unchanged,I took one of my best screenshots there in winter time.It is a lovely place to explore.
  3. I noticed the light in caves is better now! I want to thank you all for this!!! and for the rest of the update and hard work ofcourse
  4. I'm out hunting atm and i notice that cows/bulls/deer/sheep that are near water..go in to the water swiming a bit and then taking dmg and die.
  5. Welcome to wurm online!
  6. Bump,let try some more!! I really wish one of thee methods will be added.
  7. Hi Jaz,I had/have this problem too on my deed,it is outisde on dirt tho,i have 5 tiles of 40 slopes each..i can only ride my horse/wagon on first 3 of them,after that it just stops can't go up anymore,adjacent tile too. I did not bother on making a ticket becouse i wasn't gonna use that route anyway..but if in tunnels don't work either..sounds like a problem
  8. Thank you for crate rack! ah.uhm..i noticed that nobody said it but i'll be the greedy one,can we have bsb racks too? please
  9. Did you guys just ignore the rules? or my english is that bad and it doesnt really say one submission per player? also if any prictures from WU wins ill be very very sad
  10. +1 quality of life
  11. Find the second picture
  12. I could look at it forever!
  13. I remember not long ago that the unstable client had some cool lighting inside it has become as the stable one..was this intended or what happend? Here is a comparison: Then Now
  14. whats this about puting everyone closer together on lagfest xanadu server.. I play on Celebration and i would never trade it for any other server.Like Lancelot said we will all quit(i will for sure),being on a low populated server has its benefits for people like me who enjoy the quiet and free drama zone,i don't like busy chat and crazy people being crazy.Also i'm close to people on every other server than i am to someone living at the edge of xanadu. New content is the way to go(not that i many things have been added that i lost track off half). Fix PVP for those who enjoy it and wurm is just fine! Freedomers who complain just lack imagination and will or maybe time to play.