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  1. whoops....ago, something wong with the patcher, it replaces it with only the patch files, client.jar only 26k.
  2. wowowowowowow! i fell off my chair! You're a champ!
  3. Nide work....we've been asking rolf for this for years and all it takes is just a few minutes to do. Seems to have a problem with the model not showing up. You changed the model name of the dae file but not the mapping.txt . Seeing as the texture file needs to be edited in a 3d proggy (and my blender refuses to open wurms dae files). I changed the model file back to the original name, also added the file for the unfinished version. changed this in graphics.jar/mappings.txt # --- Hitching Fence ---------------------------------------- model.structure.hitchingfence = structures/HitchingFence/Wooden_Fence.dae model.structure.hitchingfence.unfinished = structures/HitchingFence/Wooden_Fence_Unf.dae and renamed the files in graphics.jar/structures/HitchingFence to Wooden_Fence.dae and WoodenFence.jpg. found the unfinished fence version in graphics.jar/models/fences/models/Wooden_Fence_Unf.dae and just copied it over to graphics.jar/structures/HitchingFence. Still abit of work to do but its a damm good start
  4. This mod is so simply significant to better balance the skillgain and ty for making it a modloader. I set the server skillgains to 1.0 and simply adjust the individual skillgain value via the properties file. made a GM char and using the ebonywandmod(to test mining) so i can set/reset skills to test the skillgains. Am still in the process of adjusting but it works like a charm. Any way of doing the same for timing, woodcutting for instance is so way off the chart. Many thx, im a happy camper now
  5. wonderful job even without sound at least you have the decency to not put any cheesy annoying music! very good pace i could follow along with some pausing. I just wanted to add that this works with the inteliJ free community edition. Now a very special request if at all possible, would definitely benefit the community if you could do a video on how to produce mods to use with ago's modlauncher.
  6. Also from the surface if you check clay/tar tiles you can set the amount with the set data > dug resources. This sort of prevents the tiles from sinking when players dig into it, It says the max value you can set it is 32767, it needs periodic adjustment because that value goes down with every dig action. I have not yet come across anything that can set a veins quality tho.
  7. one nice outcome from this skill system is that you actually gain decent skill doing normal stuff like building walls, making mortar/bricks, building ships, etc. Which on WO you hardly get any once your skill lvl is high enough. No more of that nonsense grinding. I can concentrate on doing what needs to be done knowing well that i am rewarded with the proper skill gains.
  8. must have koalas, cant forget the koala. +1 will definitely give it a go .
  9. Combat Tweaks

    Devs: the changes have been changed...what more do you want! Wurm community: REVERT! Devs: wut....and waste all of 5 minutes of my time changing a few figures around? Never!
  10. Here's a thought, what if skill/timers were reversed. Lower skill having minimum timers, and as you progress the quality of your products increases but the timers get longer. This can then be offset by using enchanted tools to reduce the time and the quality of your output stays regular. It makes more sense to spend longer time to produce a higher quality product, thus increasing the perceived value of these items.
  11. Hey jessie, sry been trying to get hold of you but we are nvr on the same time. Could you pls send the 2 square sails i ordered by COD instead, tyvm.
  12. close

    awesome superfast service, made a square sail and sent COD within minutes! highly reccomended!
  13. Whetstone 92ql coc54 woa76 =1.5 silver Pelt 83ql coc46 woa80 =2.36 silver Hammer 64ql coc43 woa68 =1.41 silver COD to Herald pls TYVM