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  1. We create items upon request: skillers, 70ql=8c, 80ql=20c, or 90ql=40c for all sorts of items, blacksmithing, carpentry, leather working etc. We cast woa and/or coc on the item with 88 channeling if you want: If you want your ordered item casted, or an item you send in, i will cast on it untill it has a minimum of 70 power for 15c, if you want both coc and woa the price is 30, if the casts are higher you still get it for 15c (30 if you ordered both coc and woa). But I dont take any orders of higher then 70. But lets say you buy a 80ql item with woa and coc you might get super lucky and get a 80ql 90+coc and 90+woa for ONLY 50c but you might also get 80ql 70/70. So buying this is a bit of a lottery, but even if you just get the minimum its still really cheap. I mean a 70 ql item with guaranteed 70 coc, for example, for 23c? But listen to this, you COULD get an 90ql item, of your choosing, with 100+ coc and 100+ woa for ONLY 70c! Are you intrigued? I am intrigued! Order by pm on forums with the type of item you want, ql and which spells, you will get a reply if the order is accepted. Delivery time: Maximum one week after I have accepted your order or you will get it for free.
  2. priest ran out of premium so shop will be closed until further notice
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Im sailing over later today, is it ignorant of me to ask for a room? I understand if I'm late and the hotel is full. Can imp almost anything so will be where the need is.
  4. permo - leatherworking, blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, shieldsmithing, carpentry etc aka where ever im needed whomee - vynora priest
  5. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    Played Wurm first time 2004-2006-ish. The forum started a village and it was loads of fun, with a bunch of drama, and I was amazed by the potential of the game. The deed fell apart and I left the game for a while - but started to play a bit later again with my friend Oruzai when they launched that you could pay for premium, Oruzai has the title on his Orez-account I think it is , but I never payed back then. Played sporadically for many years but didn't get hooked until multistory buildings and the new epic-cluster. I now live on release and the game is better then ever!
  6. Congrats on the April Fools

    what a boring person you would have to be if you get mad about a silly april fools joke. I think it was funny and it actually "got" me for a few seconds, thought my other tab had started auto-playing some weird stuff
  7. That's going to be 15c, ive finished it and ready to send.. But what is the account name? Viti? Please order by forum PM in the future as I'm more likely to notice that faster
  8. In the discord I'm in we where just talking about all the improvements and hard work the devs have put in lately. I was honestly a bit worried when Rolf left as lead designer but these last 2 years has been the most interesting and feature-rich advances I've seen, and I've been here since 2005 basically. My worries where unnecessary and I really am impressed about the patience you guys have with the community who can, at times, sound really negative - myself included. I'm really sorry that we don't show you guys more patience in return when bugs etc happens. It's quite obvious that you have both the game and the customers best in mind, and that you listen to input. I just wanted to say thanks and that I hope you guys have motivation and ideas for years to come!
  9. Blazer: [22:35:42] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Please pm me here on the forums in the future instead as that will give me a notification which leads to faster response time
  10. free 1c CoD shipping! I subtract the fee from any item with 1c CoD fee
  11. Please give us the option to remove the smoke from decorations that creates it. Either by just right clicking it or by creating some sort of chimney tool that disables it. In some design choices it really doesnt fit in and in my case im worrid of dying by carbon dioxide poisoning from the open fireplace below my bedroom - see attached picture.!As5aAn8C1hTQhR7uUpd7OcU9qSPw
  12. They need to somehow come up with a solution so grinding on Epic transfers over to freedom. I understand that it is hard maths, especially after the skilling changes now when the clusters differs even more, but to have it as it is now... It's just stupid. Playing on one cluster gives you skills on both while playing on the other only gives you skills on that? Why would anyone live on Epic when freedom gives access to both? I can see this work tho, if they turn epic to a server that is just there for specific pvp events with set times and planned out motivations to join. So that is another option, if they cant solve continuous transfers.
  13. Lowered prices on stock items as nobody was buying them