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  1. Thats a cool feature and SHOULD NOT be removed. I was already mad they removed terraforming events like meteors etc. Thats a big part of what makes wurm great and immersive. Like IRL, sometimes you're unlucky and random ###### happens
  2. Cant find the “Volumetric Fog” option?
  3. Now Im just annoyed that I didnt ask for this years ago. Such a great improvement! My playtime will skyrocket!
  4. OMG THAAAAANKS! You can either use the regular control scheme (no change), rotate player with mount, or rotate mount towards the camera when moving
  5. YAYY! I really hope you dont run into any problems! Would be awesome!
  6. If you could steer the horse/boats with the mouse, aka the horse goes where you look, like you can on your feet - you could play and do everything only using the mouse! Which would be much easier for me and I wouldnt get tired as fast. Might be a specific and selfish request but it shouldn't be that hard to implement? And would make the game even more accessible for us crips.
  7. Might be the most forced, prejudiced and stupidest argument I've read in a long while.
  8. I dont get the negativity, we dont really know what features and ideas they have for this yet? It might turn out really cool, or not, who knows. But I am at least interested to find out more!
  9. And the whole WU mechanic change on epic when the transfer happened is yuck. I have WU on steam if I wanna play that.
  10. I grind on freedom and play on epic, which is bad for pvp, but why grind on epic when high skills gains slower and doesnt transfer. Stoopid.
  11. priest ran out of premium so shop will be closed until further notice
  12. Im sailing over later today, is it ignorant of me to ask for a room? I understand if I'm late and the hotel is full. Can imp almost anything so will be where the need is.
  13. permo - leatherworking, blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, shieldsmithing, carpentry etc aka where ever im needed whomee - vynora priest
  14. Played Wurm first time 2004-2006-ish. The forum started a village and it was loads of fun, with a bunch of drama, and I was amazed by the potential of the game. The deed fell apart and I left the game for a while - but started to play a bit later again with my friend Oruzai when they launched that you could pay for premium, Oruzai has the title on his Orez-account I think it is , but I never payed back then. Played sporadically for many years but didn't get hooked until multistory buildings and the new epic-cluster. I now live on release and the game is better then ever!