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  1. Archery: 84.27156 Short bow: 75.142044 Long bow: 45.963493 Mining: 77.680725 Digging: 75.90181 Locksmithing: 30.597446 Masonry: 31.682104 Meditating: 70.46529 Fighting: 74.37553 Defensive fighting: 57.93597 Normal fighting: 55.5238 Miscellaneous items: 61.484184 Shovel: 62.21311 Pickaxe: 81.16882 Shields: 65.67896 Small wooden shield: 51.027695 Large metal shield: 81.80597 Axes: 31.674307 Hatchet: 41.96277 Carving knife: 45.53963 Woodcutting: 45.74921 Medium maul: 71.36844 Carpentry: 51.89038 Fletching: 51.553974 Ship building: 33.421528 Mind: 31.438555 31.438555 0 Mind logic: 33.54375 Mind speed: 25.891285 Soul: 26.906677 Soul depth: 21.914425 Soul strength: 30.512003 Body: 39.27272 Body strength: 34.293594 Body stamina: 32.53166 Body control: 29.4733 Faith: 30.0 Favor: 30.0 Payment: Bitcoins only Minimum price: 0.07BTC
  2. seriously?

    Ubuntu is as easy as it gets. Very intuitive and not any harder to use/install then windows + there are "live usbs"
  3. seriously?

    Something is weird with your system, I get 160+ in caves, 80+ in open or underdeveloped areas and 40+ in huge deeds on high settings.
  5. seriously?

    Well 4 isnt enough, especially not with those settings, if you move around and play for a while you will experience the "mem leaks"-choppyness. I would instead make one client, with lower settings intended for multiple clients, with 2gig as you had before and one with high settings and 8 gigs as i recommended if you wanna play with high graphics. From my experience anything above 6 gigs seems to nullify the mem leaks and you wont even experience any choppyness even if you play for 10+ hours with traveling
  6. seriously?

    Why only -Xmx2048m? With 16 gigs of ram I would put that on -Xmx8192m atleast. Dont expect it to help with fps much but will help with "out of ram"-choppyness.
  7. Doesnt work for me either, restarded and all!As5aAn8C1hTQhBrhZB-P7VUqnQDO nvm lol had a accident keystroke v after url
  8. still instant crash
  9. happened many times. old bug
  10. Nice! Did you bring it with you from Epic?
  11. We need more Factional Fight!

  12. Good changes but still no fix for embark bug = game unplayable... It's been like this for months now, somebody e-mail me when fixed cause I cant be bothered reading these anymore.
  13. It's perfection. Game fixed. J/K. It's bad. Pretty idiotic to make it even more tedious. Just boost the skillgains and it's schwifty.